Yoga has been amazing for women in various stages in their life, from stressful personal life to stressful family life. Whether you want to do yoga to relieve stress or stay fit at home in 2021, Yoga is the solution to all.
It is observed that some women like a safe space to practice with just women. And there is no safe place than working out for women at their home using Yoga.

Women must inherit the yogistic lifestyle in their life for a healthy life. Fitness is necessary for a quality life. Bad health can surely reduce the smile and happiness in your life and multiply health and family issues. After all, if a woman is sick, the whole family collapses since anyhow the woman of the house is the one who’s the pillar of the house.

Woman’s health issues can surely be quite depressing when health issues gradually started troubling life. Problems like back pain, regular migraine issues, etc. are just an example of the home-makers or working women who work day and night to give themselves and their family a better life and a better lifestyle, and to make your pillars strong, a woman must adopt a yogistic lifestyle.

Women are often seen to live to eat instead of eating to live. That’s one thing that creates a disaster, especially in a woman’s life. Often ladies are observed to be much moodier as compared to the boys resulting in excessive eating and ending up eating junk food out of stress.

Food is important for one’s survival and one must take care of food requirements. Often women are found so busy in their daily work and job work that they forget to take care of their physical workout and end up losing their fitness. This, later on, creates problems like back pain, headaches, gluten-fat, etc. Ending up with such a pack and hectic schedule, the only and the most preferred rescue to stay fit is maintaining a diet to eat for survival and not live to eat. Also, one must prefer a regular practice of yoga along with a properly balanced diet.

Hear the SOUL of your body  keep yourselves happy

Hearing out your mind and soul of your body is a must to do the thing that one often ignores and neglects the most in their life. Listen to what your soul says and be body positive. Hearing your biological rhythm to have food is important. Try to understand your body and its diet. Eat in small proportions. Once you manage and balance your exercise routine.

After maintaining a good routine, you will surely experience the good factors and make sure to comprehend that it’s a slow process and it will take you time to maintain yourself and win back your health but you must stay in a routine with a good diet and yogistic lifestyle.
Here is the list of 6 amazing yoga poses you can try at home and keep yourselves fit and healthy.

6 yoga poses helpful for women to stay fit at home

1.Chaturanga Dandasana Yoga

Begin with a plank, put your shoulders  in front of your hands and press the balls of your feet, pushing the soles of your feet back, as if there is a wall behind you.

2.Jalandhara Bandha Yoga

Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position. Place your hands on the knees with your palms facing upwards. Inhale so your lungs are almost full, and then retain your breath. Drop your chin down and relax your shoulders away from your ears. Hold as long as you feel comfortable.

3.Ardha Pincha Mayurasana Yoga

From Table position, lower the forearms to the floor, tuck the toes under, and lift the hips towards the ceiling. Press the forearms, fingers, and palms into the floor, and press the hips up and back. Bend the knees and lower the hips back to starting pose and release, or come all the way down to the child pose

4.Urdhva Mukha Svanasana Yoga

Lie flat on the ground with your belly towards the floor. Your feet must face downwards, and your arms must be placed beside your body. Hold the pose for a few seconds. Exhale and release.

5.Bharadvajasana Yoga

Begin in Staff Pose, seated with both legs extended and elongate through the spine. While exhaling, start to twist the torso to the left. Hook the back of the right hand around the front of the left knee. Finally, if the bind is accessible, wrap the left arm around the back and grasp the right bicep with the left hand. Gaze to the left.

6. Ardha Matsyendrasana Yoga

Sit erect with your legs stretched out. Make sure that your feet are placed together and your spine is erect. Now, bend your left leg such that the heel of the left foot lies next to the right hip. You could also keep the left leg stretched out if you like. Then, place the right leg next to the left knee by taking it over the knee.

Not only this, Yoga works like wonders to give various solutions to problems easily by Yoga being a fabulous practice for mental relaxation and concentration in women also has wonderful benefits like:

• Great flexibility and balance of body
• Accurate BMI
• Less bad weight gain
• Shoot down in neck and back pain
• Excellent for people with asthma symptoms
• Cures or reduces blood pressure
•  Cures or reduces blood sugars
• Improved lipid (blood fat) profiles
• Cures or reduces cancer-related fatigue
•Confidence and fresh look with a better body image
• Sharper focus and concentration + general health awareness in 2021

After knowing such great wonders and advantages of yoga and ways of staying fit at home in 2021, are you still thinking to opt for Yoga or not, then you’re doing wrong to yourself. YOGA IS THE BEST WAY TO CURE ANY PROBLEMS IN 2021, LET IT SINK IN!!

Conclusion :

All the people especially women who are the caretakers and leaders of the ruling world must give themselves a checklist that they’re suffering and maintain fit to keep the wholesome family fit and healthy. Stay healthy and mentally strong at every stage of life. You need to take good care of yourself and especially your health. Whatsoever stress you have to spare some time out and relax with the help of Yoga and meditation.

Are yoga dresses much important than exercising comfortably for women?

No one in the field of Yoga would ask you to not wear certain type of clothes when exercising. Instead, it is about wearing the clothes that your body feels comfortable in. It is quite relevant to comprehend and accept your body. Confidence is one major thing that people lack these days in themselves because of the damaged bodies they’re carrying with a poor BMI(Body Mass Index).

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