Yoga- The remedy to treat cellulite in your body in 2021

Yoga- The remedy to treat cellulite in your body in 2021

Yoga is the only way to get rid of issues with cellulite. Talking about cellulite, one must know what it is and how to reduce it using Yoga. But why we have to get rid of it also one question that must arise in many minds.
Our body has been tough for us all maintaining a perfect body is the toughest, but to make it easy and be confident in the body you have is important, we have yoga at our home and in our life which we can use to solve all our health-related problems easily. Staying fit is not only important to be confident in your skin but also is important for one to be able and comfortable in any attire or suit you wear.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a term used for lumpy, dimpled flesh on the thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen. It’s most common in adolescent and adult women. Although it is not a serious medical condition, the cellulite or jiggy skin on your body might embarrass you. Many cellulite treatments, including massages or cellulite creams, advertise remarkable results but it doesn’t affect so much. A healthy diet and Yoga is the easiest way to reduce cellulite from your body.


Yoga can be helpful with just about any and everything and cellulite is no exception. Although once cellulite appears in your life, it is most likely there to stay for good but you can easily decrease or manage it.

Some great Yoga asana that we’d be elaborating below can help reduce extra fat cells in the body which in turn decreases the appearance of cellulite. Yoga falls into the “exercise of any kind” category and can be practiced daily to manage those stubborn fat cells.

As we age, it becomes more difficult for our bodies to get rid of excessive fat, unfortunately, we will not have our teenage bodies forever!

Many different styles of yoga can help with the decrease in the appearance of cellulite in various ways.

Here, we provide you with some good yoga postures that would help you get rid of cellulite.

Cellulite drops down the flow of blood and lymphatic fluids in the body. Yoga helps in a better healthy lifestyle due to the feeling of wanting to do better for your health which in turn will improvise your eating habits.

Putting in you some good eating habits that include fresh fruits and leafy green vegetables which offer life-changing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that change your body from the inside out.

Yoga helps each and everyone to feel more at peace with the world and yourself which in turn gives one space to have a healthier lifestyle and not reach for unhealthy options or fall into old unhealthy habits.

Of course, this aspect of yoga takes time and practice is what yoga is so you will forever be evolving and finding more about yourself than prior practices.

HOT Yoga for Cellulite Treatment

One of the best yoga that can help you get rid of cellulite is Hot Yoga. Yes, you heard it right.
Hot yoga can be a great way of getting rid of cellulite, it is one of the most intense but effective methods to have a body transformation. It can help one to tone their skin and also get rid of any excess water weight in your body.
One must have heard of yoga before, it is a physical exercise focused on breathing and flexibility.

5 Best Yoga Poses for reducing Cellulite and getting rid of it

I’m sure if you have good practice of these yoga poses you can resolve your cellulite stuck on your body in no time.

Make sure to spend a good amount of time like 30 minutes a  day on yoga exercises that will surely help you keep your stomach healthy and lead to a healthy body and mind.

1. Eagle Pose

1. Start by bending your knees then crossing your right thigh high above your left thigh.

2. If you can, double wrap the leg so the foot hooks behind the left calf. If this is too challenging, let the foot stay outside or even tap the toes on the floor.

3. Wrap your left arm under your right arm and then press the palms together. Sit even deeper and squeeze your thighs as you gaze down the tip of your nose.

4. Hold for 5 to 8 breaths, then repeat on the other side.

This pose is also great for concentration and focus, which can help you make better health choices.

2. Warrior Pose

1.Virabhadrasana II pronounced as veer-ah-bah-drahs-anna gets its name from the Sanskrit word ‘Vira’ which means a warrior or a courageous man hence it is also named as Warrior Pose in English.

2.It is an excellent asana for strength building in the body and is also performed as part of a series of 12 asanas called the Suryanamaskar (or Sun Salutation).

Apart from improving the digestive system and stimulating the digestive organs, there are many other benefits of Virabhadrasana Type II.

3. Shoulder Stand Pose

1. Start lying down on your back. Use your lower abdominals to lift your hips over your head into the plow pose.
2. Put your hands under your back and hike your shoulders up toward your ears to come off the back of your neck. Bend your elbows and place your hands on your lower back.
3. Lift your legs to the ceiling and engage your thighs actively to lengthen up out of your lower back. Keep pressing firmly into the elbows.
4.If you feel your neck compressed, at all comedown or use padding under your shoulders.
5. Hold for 8 to 10 breaths (or longer if you can) before coming back down through plow and lowering to the floor.

4. Incline Plank

1. Start seated with your legs out in front of you and bring your hands about 10 inches behind you with your fingers facing forward.

2. Press firmly into your hands and feet and lift your hips into an inverted plank pose.

3. Hold there for 5 to 8 breaths then lower down and repeat one more time.

5. Pile Squat pose

1. Stand and form a traditional squat but turn your toes on each side to face the adjacent wall (right toes to face the right wall and left toes to face the left wall) and move down into the move still maintaining the traditional squat.

2. As you move up contract your inner thighs, squeeze your bottom inward, and make sure to push your pelvis out when you arrive at the top of the position.

3. This move helps with the reduced visibility of cellulite by targeting both your inner and outer thighs.

Yoga is the rescue to health-related problems, just stay focused fellas, you got it!!”

5 amazing benefits of replacing other drinks with water in 2021

5 amazing benefits of replacing other drinks with water in 2021


There are numerous benefits of drinking water. In the situation, especially in the Covid times, where according to the updated situation the current covid cases on April 21, 2021, the cases in India have touched 1,58,80,534, keeping your body healthy is a must for survival.

Drinking water has a lot of benefits and advantages such as improvising your body’s energy levels, relieving stomach issues, headaches, and many more. Drinking water is amazing to keep your body healthy psychologically, mentally, and physically.

In this blog, we would elaborate on what happens when we replace drinks such as caffeinated or soft drinks with drinking water.

Drinking filtered or clean water or even drinking warm water can do wonders for weight loss and is the most followed method. Drinking warm lemon water in the morning also improves your immunity and can help you fight covid infections as well.
Considering drinking water as a natural remedy can guide you to lose weight, the best part is that water has zero calories, involving no sugar or fat as opposed to drinks like sweetened beverages and alcoholic drinks that are full of the bid amount of calories.
Replacing the intake of these sugary and bad drinks with clean purified water can work like a charm to boost your metabolism. In return, this will help you in losing weight at a faster rate.
Drinking water to lose weight is the best tried and tested method. Additionally, since dehydration makes you all low and weak, fat and sick, consuming enough amount of water will work like a miracle and keep the adverse effect far away from you.

Throw out bad toxins from your body

Drinking drinks with excessive bad toxins or too many soft drinks can result in urine infections or diseases resulting in kidney damages.

Kidneys as an organ in our body work upon eliminating toxins and waste from the body, its inability to work on the provided function due to increased level of sugar consumption can result in the accumulation of metabolic waste which can cause a lot of serious health problems.

Water, being a natural drink can help your kidneys to function well. By drinking an ample amount of water, your kidneys are able to function at their maximum working on flush out bad toxins from the blood and urine through the bladder, thus keeping your body and all systems in your body clean from the inside out.

Improvise muscle flexibility

Talking about the building flexibility of your body and maintaining bones, Calcium is one of the necessary minerals that is required in your body. Consuming large amounts of soda or carbonated drinks can cause major damage leading to weak bones and muscles.
To prevent your body from major damage, it is important that you were completely cut off on soft drinks and energy drinks and replace them with water, especially they can lead to damaging your digestive system and immune system which can cause easy catch of covid infection.
Keeping yourself well-hydrated, will improve your muscles endurance and body flexibility, which will help you achieve smooth and better performance in all that you do all day.

Focus and concentration levels shoot up

Sugary drinks or carbonated drinks can result in damage to your memory and focus levels. Excessive consumption of soft beverages can result in dehydration and imbalance in certain brain chemicals, which can cause a disaster like
1. Depression
2. poor memory
3. brain fatigue, and, lack of mental clarity, etc.
Switch yourself to water will effectively fight the ill effects of these beverages.

Boosting Metabolic Rate

Metabolism rate can be defined as the rate at which your body is able to convert food into energy.

Drinking excessive or big amounts of carbonated or soft drinks results in dehydration, which shoot-up the risk of metabolic disorders further causing weight gain, sugar cravings, lethargy, joint and muscle pains, etc.
By switching these drinks with water, you are easily feasible to hydrate your body, boosting metabolic rate, ensuring a speedy burning of calories. Adding on to this, water makes sure to regulate and manage blood sugar levels keeping lethargy, fatigue, and bad sugar cravings away from you which promotes a good healthy body.


Until now, you must have got an idea and briefing about why drinking water and replacing your soft and caffeine drinks with water is beneficial and a better thing to do in 2021. Consuming enough water (3-4 liters a day) makes sure that cells and organs within your body are working and functioning optimally all the time. Stay safe and healthy!!


1. How long do water filters last?

Ans. Water filters can last as long as 6 months.6 months. Water filters work  wonders and are able to easily cut off  eliminating bad tastes and odors, chlorine, and other organic contaminants to get out significantly improved drinking water.

2. Is drinking water harmful?

Ans. Drinking water has tiny amounts of bacteria. Major of the bacteria are common ones and they in general are not harmful.

Chlorine is added to drinking water to get off bacterial growth while the water streams through pipelines.

3. How much water does a drinking water plant need?

Ans. A drinking water plant needs almost 2000 LPH packaged drinking water plant needs.

Total space it acquires: 5000 Sq. Ft built-up area with 3000 Sq. Ft of covered area

Raw water is approximately 3000 LPH of raw water of which 70 % will be used and 30 % will be rejected.

Best Food for Height Increase (100% Working)

Best Food for Height Increase (100% Working)


Children reaching their optimum height is one of the biggest concerns that parents tend to have. Every parent wants to make sure that their children’s height increase is growing well. Many times, parents don’t realize how this can affect or impact their child’s confidence. You can actually help your child grow tall without putting them under this pressure. The key for the child to grow tall is to make sure they eat properly. Having a good diet is the only thing that can help your child grow. There are foods available that can increase the height of your child.

Dairy Products

Having a good number of vitamins is essential for the growth of your child’s height. Dairy products like milk, cottage cheese, yogurts and curds are high in minerals, and calcium. They consist of Vitamin A, B, D and E. Milk is rich in protein. It makes your bones stronger and increases the cell growth in the body. This makes the height of your child’s body increase. In order to make sure that your child’s height increases properly you must add as much dairy products as possible into your diet.


You should also increase the consumption of eggs into your child’s diet. Whether the eggs are fried, scrambled or even boiled you must increase the egg consumption into your diet. Eggs are essential to growth of your height. The white in the egg consists of protein. Just eating the whites of your egg helps in the formation of body cells. The best parts about eggs is that you can make them in any form. Instead of giving your child junk food as a snack, you can make them have boiled eggs. The more eggs your child eat the more he/she will be able to grow.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are perhaps the most underrated food items. Not many people understand how important it is to consumer nuts and seeds into the diet. Nuts and seeds consist of a rich variety of minerals and vitamins. They also have amino acids and healthy fats. These components are vital for growth. You can prepare a lot of snacks with nuts and seeds. You can add nuts and seeds in to baked cookies as well, for your child to have. You can even give nuts and seeds in breakfast by adding them in cereals.


When it comes to making natural changes in your body then you must focus on what you eat. A healthy lifestyle is only developed by a healthy diet. It is important to make sure that you are following a diet which is rich in minerals, proteins, vitamins and calcium so that your height can increase. You must make sure to develop a healthy diet in order to make sure that the development of your child can boost easily. Although height is a matter of genetics, if you include all these components into your and your child’s height then you are good to go.

No one can Live without water! -Importance of water to Human health

No one can Live without water! -Importance of water to Human health

Water is the true essence of our life. For a human body to survive sufficient water is the most essential need. Are you thirsty? I pardon myself ARE YOU THIRSTY? Or are you one of those who doesn’t feel thirsty more often and dehydrate yourself? Whatever may be the case just grab a bottle of water and chug it my friend and then we shall continue with this article. Cheers! 

The first gateway to an attractive and healthy body is to drink a sufficient amount of water! 

Well, come along, you are probably reading this article with your back leaning on the sofa with a bottle of water somewhere around you and wondering how water can be a secret to anyone’s well-being. Yes, we are all in the same boat. After all, drinking water requires no effort at all. It is very facile, isn’t it? It is simply something our body forces us to consume anyway.  

Well, all of us at some point in time have dreamt about six-packs, isn’t it? I’m sure you must’ve spent thousands of dollars on gym memberships with no apparent result. Or have tried extremely hard to avoid your favorite dish that you wanted so badly. Well, what if I tell you, you can achieve all your fitness goals just by DRINKING A SUFFICIENT AMOUNT OF WATER? 

Let’s Unravel the secret behind Drinking water! 


Yes, you read that right mate. In fact, you and I wouldn’t be writing or reading this article if water didn’t exist in this world. For your body to operate at its maximum efficiency, it’s vital that you stay well hydrated and drink at regular intervals. Drinking a sufficient amount of water will prevent any type of disease and improve your overall health. Water is essential for every cell, tissue, and organ to work properly.

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water” -W.H. AUDEN

What are the benefits of Drinking water?

Well, here is a challenge for you!

Get off your bed and go for a jog, for at least 15 minutes I bet once your back home the first thing you would do is DRINK WATER. It is very tough to resist this temptation, isn’t it?   

Most of us probably don’t realize just how important water is for our bodies. Without water, none of us are going to survive in this world. We might consume all our favorite types of cuisine, but the one thing that remains constant throughout all our meals is water. Water is absolutely implacable.    

Let’s shed a light on some of the benefits of drinking water:  

Water protects your tissue and Joints : In order to move your body freely, you need to keep your joints, muscles and spinal cord well lubricated. Wate helps to nourish your joints and can help you stay physically healthy.  

It helps to get rid of waste products : If these waste products are not removed, your cells can stop working and it might lead to serious problems for your body. It has an effect on your kidneys as well. Dehydration will lead to problems in throwing the waste products out of your body.   

It helps to digest your food : Water helps your body to break down what you eat and eases the process of digestion. Drinking plenty of water before, during, and after your meal helps in effectively digesting the food that you eat.  

It prevents Illness : Staying hydrated helps to prevent serious illness to your body. It keeps the body relaxed and improves your mood. It helps to absorb the necessary nutrients in your food and hence boosts your energy levels.  

Water will boost your metabolism and your energy : Just a glass of water can boost your energy and make you feel much better than before, it can rejuvenate your body if you feel tired and boost your metabolism. Drinking a sufficient amount of water is a must. Drinking water can also help you to shed some kilos. 

I am not just making this up! According to UCHealth water makes up 60 percent of our total body weight, and startling 90 percent of brain weight. Without water, both you and I are not going to survive in this world.

How much Water should you drink in a Day? 

Before I begin let’s divert our attention towards something engrossing. By now you must’ve surely got an idea how important water is for our bodies. So, without wasting much of your time click here to find out the most efficient way to stay hydrated. 

In order to ensure optimal health, it’s vital that you drink enough water every day. There are some people who feel thirsty on a regular basis and some do not feel thirsty reliably. 

The NHS (National health service) recommends that a good guide for water intake is 6-8 250 mL glasses of water per day. This might sound like an alarming amount of water to consume but for our body to function properly it’s vital that we drink a sufficient amount of water.

Ayurvedic tips for Drinking Water 

Ayurveda advises certain ways for drinking water that can help to achieve optimal hydration. 

Most of us get tempted to drink cold water after a workout. Trust me this is a huge mistake that all of us make. Coldwater is an enemy for your body. Ayurveda expert Dr. Vasant Lad goes so far as to call cold water a poison to the digestive system. If your water is warm that’s even better. Boiling water stimulates digestion. Ayurveda also recommends a practice called Ushapan, which is simply drinking one whole liter of water early in the morning. It is also recommended to sip water slowly and in a seated position.  

Because I care! Here is something which can definitely solve all your problems and will help you in living a healthy life. 


Yes, Yoga is the solution for all your problems. Yoga enhances flexibility, yoga supports mental health as well, it is said to be a holistic solution to weight loss also, there are numerous other benefits of yoga that help us to keep ourselves healthy. 


1.Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

This pose is the starting position for all other asanas. This pose involves major groups of muscles and improves focus and concentration.  

2.Vrikshasana (Tree pose) 

This pose gives you a sense of grounding. It improves your balance and strengthens your legs and back.  

3.Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

It stretches the legs and torso, mobilizes the hips and promotes deep breathing. 

Drink plenty of water, eat lots of hydrating fruits and vegetables and stay away from alcohol and other types of dehydrating foods. 

Cheers with a glass of water!


Does food really help you grow taller?

Does food really help you grow taller?

Let’s clear this myth or a reality together by looking into some facts about height. Two growth periods are important for determining adult height: growth occurring from conception to 2 years of age, and growth occurring during adolescence before the onset of puberty. Growth trajectories are similar across countries during the first few months of an infant’s life, lag behind during the post-weaning period in low- and middle-income countries, and are again similar after the age of 2 years. So adult height represents the balance between nutritional intake losses over time particularly during the growth period.


Now coming to Nutrition what you wanted to actually know about. Nutrition is the most important external factor affecting linear growth. Growth retardation is often a response to a  limited supply of nutrition at the cellular level. Now you might be thinking about when actually is the right time to choose the best nutritive foods for your height. Then you must know it starts with your mother when you were in her womb! Yes, but it’s never too late to start good nutrition and gain your maximum potential. Now talk about some maternal  supplementation that can actually let you grow taller; These are : 

  • Iodine
  • Iron
  • Folate
  • Calcium

But here is some good news as well if your mother hasn’t supplemented her food with these micronutrients. That good vibe is: Nutrition affects growth more in the postnatal period than in a prenatal period” Foods that help you grow taller. Protein and protein  Repeat it many times as protein is the most essential single nutrient, followed by minerals and vitamin A and D. Protein:  Protein enhances your IGF levels which in turn is helpful in linear growth. There are tons of protein food ideas for you. Just look around your kitchen and find the one you even crave for.


Milk consumption is particularly increased consumption of cow’s milk is associated with linear growth. And here is the summary of foods that will actually help you grow taller before you hit puberty :

  • Eggs
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Beans
  • Broccoli
  • Almonds
  • Leafy greens
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Flaxseeds
  • Quinoa
  • Berries

Keep in mind that the substantial truth about height and foods lies in mindful eating, healthy eating, and a balanced diet with correct portions. So, go grab some food and enjoy.