In the current scenario, you must have surely heard from several people talking about having anxiety issues or anxiety. One must have heard several suicidal cases in the newspapers, news channels, etc. What is this anxiety? Why are people so tired of their life that they’re haunted by thoughts going on inside their mind that leads them to end their lives?

A person can get away with any disease until he or she has the spirit to fight it. Where does that happy feeling fade away and how can one get that smile back in themselves? There’s a simple answer to it, which is Yoga. Induce a happy mood in yourself. That feeling of happiness, acceptance, the fresh mood that you have you can get that all back in you by practicing Yoga.

This blog would give you an outline of what anixety is and how is Yoga useful to you to overcome anxiety using Yoga.

Anxiety can be elaborated as a trait that depicts a sad or unpleasant state of mind. One often has strange nervous behavior with somatic complaints, etc. An unpleasant feeling or degraded state of mind. An emotional physically depicted by biting teeth or shaking hands.

Several people are seen as all absurd and blur-around people and hardly share their state of mind with anyone. The symptoms can be observed as certain mental traits or maybe disorder observed by medications or substances.

Looking for the reason to Anxiety issues

Look for the reasons you suffer anxiety. Is it due to some person,feeling,etc. Are you feeling low and disturbed due to some past experiences? Or some incident that haunted you in your childhood?

Anxiety can be an issue which can be dangerous upto a level to take away your life from you causing major diseases. If you see symptoms like losing control over your body,mind due to some emotional stress, immediately talk to someone you trust the most. It’s a virus that can gradually kill or destroy you.

Often, people think of anxiety as a type of stressful atmosphere. It can be experienced on an occasional scene based on the unpleasant aura or a person who affects your mental state a lot. Never let a person be important in your life above you, I repeat, never. One must see people with an anxiety issue are asked to describe anxiety attacks as a feeling that they might die or kill.

Yoga can be considered as one of the best therapies to make your way out of anxiety. Yoga provides you with tools to analyze your thought process, feelings, and actions in the right direction. It will not only help consciously but subconsciously through meditation to calm your mind and body.

Yoga shown to improvise anxiety scientifically 

According to several doctors and researchers, anxiety disorders are common and are affecting several people all over the world. Anxiety is a disease that must be resolved until it starts killing you as a person. While most people feel awkward and strange from time to time, it can make you feel excessively disturbed and interferes with day-to-day life growth.

Medications, including antidepressants and sometimes benzodiazepines, may also be used. Yet, not everyone is ready to take medication which can have adverse side effects. Yoga is taken as well-tolerated, easily accessible, and has a number of health benefits. There is an important value for people with an anxiety disorder to give yoga a shot to see if it works for them.


A person suffering from any physical disease can somewhere fight and get out of it only if he or she is mentally strong enough. Keeping your mind focused on yourself, staying calm and at peace is the major achievement one can make in their life. Anxietyis just some big terminology used which somewhere indicated tiredness or frustrations in mind.

Never let anyone disturb your mental peace or harm your mind. If you’re strong from your mind, you’re strong from the outside. Fighting  anxiety is tough, but surely not impossible if you induce the mood and mantras of Yoga in 2021 and promise yourself to live a healthy life for yourself and enjoy your existence on earth. 


1. What is the best yoga for anxiety issues?

Ans. The asana that is the best for anxiety issues is Child Pose or Balasana. It not only calms your mind and body but also relieves stress. Being at peace is really important and yoga is best for it.

2. Can yoga make you feel low or cause anxiety attacks?

Ans. Yoga is a practice that can never have harmful effects on your mind and anxiety attacks is a disease of the mind. It’s like a virus that one must throw away of his or her mind away by calming down and being at peace.

3. Can Yoga help with anxiety?

Ans. Yoga is one of the finest therapies used by several people to relieve anxiety. Meditation and Psychotherapy are a few techniques used as stress and anxiety-relieving therapies. But one must make up their mind and accept the fact that they want to get out of it in the first place. Acceptance is the major thing in mental peace disturbance by stress or anxiety.