We, humans, spend almost 1-3rd of our lives sleeping. There is a major difference between just sleeping and having a good, comfortable and healthy sleep.

Be it an ordinary man or a rich person, a healthy sleep often results in a day with increased productivity and efficiency. But, due to the increased pressure, stress, and anxiety, lack of sleep has become one of the most common problems among different age groups.

As per the records and statistics, almost 50 to 70 million people suffer from one or several sleep disorders.

There isn’t one reason for the lack of sleep. Anyone can experience sleep disturbances if they have any health problems in the respiratory system, or if they are suffering from diseases like Nocturia and chronic pain.
Sometimes, increased anxiety and stress may result in a lack of sleep. Whatever might be the cause, several; kinds of sleeping disorders like Insomnia, Parasomnia, etc. have adverse effects on human health.


There are several ways to solve the problems caused due to lack of sleep. Some mantras like cutting off on afternoon naps, sleeping usually at the same time, having an early dinner can solve the sleeping problems.

Sleeping problems like Insomnia might not always get better in a facile fashion. Yoga practice can heal Insomnia as several yoga poses are practiced to decrease the stress-causing hormones and calms the human body.

Sleep is associated with the nervous system and many yoga practices usually benefit the same. The benefits can be a great technique to solve sleeping disorders that occur due to mental stress and anxiety. The Yoga practice regulates mental peace and stability which is a primary reason for a sound sleep.

The yoga practice guide various age groups like children, adults, old humans, and even pregnant women to have a great sleep.


1. Balasana

To performs this pose sit on your heels, keeping your hips on the heels, bend forward and lower your forehead to the ground. Stretch your arms on the ground straight and then press your chest slightly to your thighs. Hold the asana and try to breathe. Gently release back to relieve from the pose.

2. Uttanasana

To do this pose you need to stand straight by placing your arms along the side of the body. Try to balance your weight on both feet. Now slowly bend downward by bringing your arms straight to your head. Stay in the posture for 20 seconds. Keeping your spine, hands, and legs straight touch your chest to your knees.On inhaling, stretch your arms straight and slowly lift the body.

3. Badhakonasana

To do this pose you need to sit with an erect spine. Now bend your knees so that your feet are towards the pelvis. The soles of your feet should touch each other. Now put your hands under the feet for the support. Taking a deep breath in and out, try flapping your legs up and down like the wings of butterflies. Try increasing the speed as per your comfort of breathing. Now, slowly stretch your legs and relax.

4. Marjariasana

To perform this pose, you need to sit in Vajrasana and stand on your knees. Now lean in the forward direction. Place the hands on the floor with palms down and finger facing forward. Slowly inhale a deep breath and raise along, stressing the spine in a downward direction, so that the back is in a concave shape. Now expand the abdomen as much as possible without forcing, fill the lungs with maximum air possible. Hold your breath for 3 seconds. Slowly exhale and lower the head while stretching the spine in an upward direction. Now contract the abdomen which is expanded. Repeat it for 3-5 rounds and relax slowly and get back to a normal position.

  • Not just this, Yoga helps in various ways enlisted below:• Great flexibility and balance of body

     • Accurate BMI
     • Less bad weight gain
     • Shoot down in neck and back pain
     • Excellent for people with asthma symptoms
     • Cures or reduces blood pressure
     • Cures or reduces blood sugars
     • Improved lipid (blood fat) profiles
     • Cures or reduces cancer-related fatigue
     •Confidence and fresh look with a better body image
     • Sharper focus and concentration + general health awareness in 2021

    After knowing such numerous benefits and ways to cure diseases, are you still thinking to opt for Yoga or not, then you’re doing wrong to yourself? YOGA IS THE BEST WAY TO CURE ALL DISEASES, LET IT SINK IN!


All the sleep-deprived people must give themselves a checklist that they’re suffering from a problem that will be fine soon without any problems. Stay strong at every stage of life. You need to take good care of yourself and especially your health. Whatsoever stress you have to spare some time out and relax with the help of Yoga and meditation.