“Don’t worry, everything will work out when it’s the right time. I am sure most of you must be tired of listening to this. For long you guys must be waiting for the “right time”, and it has not come yet.

Have you lost all hopes? I will say, DONT. “Hope” is the only solution to all your problems. If you have hope, you know great things will happen to you super soon. It is a sense of positivity, which is important, especially in tough times like these. Many couples go through the torture of not able to conceive and face a lot of problems but that doesn’t mean you give up.

Let me tell you a secret? Do you know why I am asking to not lose hope? It’s because I have the best solution to this issue. I am going to reveal it soon. But before that let’s have a look at why you are not able to conceive? It is important to be aware of the problem, rather than just finding a solution, if you know the cause, it will be easier to find a perfect cure.  

Infertility in women is because of reasons such as: 

1. Ovulation disorder-  Ovulation disorder in simple terms means a problem in the ovary or if reproductive organs undergo drastic changes. This means you are not able to ovulate at all or the process of ovulation is rare in your case. 

  •  Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)- PCOS is the most common cause of female infertility. Ovulation disorder occurs since PCOS causes hormone imbalances. Symptoms of PCOS include abnormal hair growth on the face or body, acne, obesity, and insulin resistance. 
  • Hypothalamic dysfunction- Luteinizing hormone (LH) and Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) are the two hormones produced by the pituitary gland and are responsible for stimulating ovulation each month. If the production of these hormones is intermediated, the process of ovulation is affected as well. Some of the symptoms are sudden weight gain or weight loss or an overload of physical and emotional stress and the most common indication of this is inconsistent periods or no periods at all.

2.  Damage to fallopian tubes (tubal infertility) – If the fallopian tube is damaged it leads to infertility since the sperm is unable to get to the egg or the passage of fertilized egg is blocked to go into the uterus. The causes of the fallopian tube include: 

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)– Sexually transmitted disease, chlamydia or gonorrhea leads to an infection in the fallopian tube or the uterus.

3. Endometriosis- A tissue that normally grows in the uterus implants, tends to grow somewhere else which leads to Endometriosis. The growth of extra tissue is removed through a surgical procedure, which could result in injury or damage. Therefore, the damage doesn’t let the egg or sperm intersect with each other. The implantation of the fertilized egg is also disrupted since Endometriosis can also affect the lining of the uterus.

Women are not the only ones who might have a problem conceiving. Sometimes, men also might be the reason for infertility. But, that’s a separate topic altogether.

Whoever might have the problem, a couple suffers a lot if they aren’t able to have a baby through the normal process, usually, women endure depression and anxiety as well.

I have heard many stories about, who struggle to have a baby, and it’s just heartbreaking what they go through.

Now, there are a few treatments to work on this situation, but it may only work at a certain percentage. As in, there are chances it will work, and there are chances it won’t work. So, what can you do to increase the chance of your percentage to make it work?

That’s the reason I am here to share the information. I hope it helps in some way and makes things a lot easier for you. Remember about the big secret reveal regarding the best solution, yes that solution is going to help you to increase that percentage, so here we go, finally. 


Yoga plays a role of positivity in tough times. It helps couples to relax their minds and body during this period. Like I mentioned before if a woman is not able to conceive she undergoes depression. Depression leads to nothing, but more and more problems. It is really important to be tension-free and relaxed to be able to bring another life. Women especially should take complete care of both their bodies and mind. Yoga is a great alternative to do so, Let’s see why. Shall we?


  1. Yoga helps to strengthen your body
  2. Yoga helps to get relief from depression, anxiety, and stress
  3. Yoga helps to balance your hormones
  4. Yoga helps to stimulate the Endocrine system, uterus, and ovaries
  5. Yoga helps to increase blood flow circulation
  6. Yoga helps to maintain a healthy immune system

According to the International Journal of yoga, studies have proven how it helps a woman to deal with stress through infertility treatment. Infertility treatment can have a happy ending with the help of the above-mentioned points. Here is a list of a few yoga poses you can follow to finally listen to those three magical words “ WE ARE PREGNANT”.

Before we move forward, let me guide you with an interesting approach to practice this yoga poses at home itself, “in your comfort zone”. It makes it easier, especially for beginners. 


1.Surya namaskar 

This pose helps to encourage a healthy sexual appetite in a person. It helps to get rid of any internal flaws related to the malfunctioning of sexual glands. Therefore improves the sexual functions of the body. Surya namaskar makes it easy to conceive due to its empowering effects on the uterus of a woman. 


Child pose is mainly famous to increase blood flow and relieve stress 

 3.Baddha Konasana 

This pose helps to improve flexibility. Also, an interesting fact- This pose will help you provide pain-free and smooth delivery. 

4.Janu Shirasana

This pose helps to relax the muscles of your abdomen by stretching the calves and hamstrings of your body. This pose is also useful during pregnancy as well as conceiving.

5.Seated forward bend (Pachimottanasana)

Seated forward bend helps you to deal with mental stress and also strengthens important vital organs such as your stomach and ovaries. Therefore, it plays an important role to boost fertility in women. 


During the tough times remember Hope, Patience and Believe is the leading key to positivity. Yoga is a path to these three factors in life. The process of Yoga may be slow, but it is worth it. Keep in mind, to consult your doctor before you start any new exercise. To all the couples out there, who are struggling with this problem, hope you can hear the good news soon. Hope all your wishes come true. Sending all the love, positivity, and best wishes. 


 Does infertility mean I can never have children?
If women are under the age of 35 and are trying to get pregnant for over a year, it means infertility. In the case of women over 35, the timeline is 6 months. In some cases, women do get pregnant, but they are not able to stay pregnant and face many miscarriages. In conclusion, it does not mean it is not possible at all, you require the right treatment to deal with the particular issue.

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