Do you face a lot of hair fall issues? Is your hair all over the place? Are you sick and tired of picking up your hair from the ground again and again? I’m sure all the women here with long or even short hair can relate to me. Am I right or not? Hair fall is a very common problem amongst everyone whether they are men or women. Once you undergo this problem it becomes really difficult to find a solution. There is always a solution but it takes a lot of time to recover if there is too much hair loss. Getting bald is embarrassing for each one of us. Right? So, do you want to know the best way to figure out this situation? Let’s get into it directly. But before that do you want to know what may be the reason behind your hair loss? If you can figure out the exact reason then it will be easier for you to identify what kind of treatment you need.

There is no specific category here. Most of them face hair loss. Women and men are equally affected in such cases. Losing your hair in more quantity gets embarrassing for anyone. Why? It’s obvious if you have more hair loss every day it will lead to baldness. And it is definitely to see yourself bald in the mirror. Let us have a look at the causes of hair loss and later know about the different kind of treatments which will help to cure the problem.  

Genetic reason- If you have anyone in your family history who is going through hair loss or complete baldness. There is a possibility that you might face it in the future as you grow older.  

Being stressful- If you are one of those people who keep taking stress for every little thing around you. It’s not good for your health as well as your hair. It is also one of the most common reasons for hair loss. Men face pressure at work and it’s not easy for women at home also. Both are under constant pressure in their specific routine.  

Hormonal change- Generally, Women are most affected in such circumstances. Why is that? Women are the ones who face hormonal changes during pregnancy, thyroid problems, or menopause which may lead to temporary or in some cases permanent hair loss. 

Supplements and medication- If you are going through harmful diseases like hypertension, cancer, heart problems, depression, etc. These kinds of conditions come with heavy medication which results in hair loss.  

Treatment- There are many treatments for your hair. These kinds of treatments include a lot of chemicals which is not good for your hair. If you do this a greater number of times it may do some serious hair damage. Thus, this can lead to a lot of hair fall. 

What is a different kind of treatment for your hair loss?

Medication- If your hair fall is crossing limits you can visit the doctors for help. They will prescribe suitable medication. They provide you with certain kinds of gel or creams to apply to your scalp. These gels and creams may have side effects such as irritational skin disease or infections.  

All these are the temporary cure for hair loss but what can be a long-term treatment? 

Yoga for hair loss. Sounds strange, right? I was shocked and didn’t believe it when I heard it for the first time. But “Yoga” is a long-term treatment and the best natural cure for hair loss. Now you may think about how is exercise even related here. It has no connection, right? That was my first thought too. But once I looked into different articles for more information myself, I realized how helpful this technique might be. Some of the major factors contributing to hair degeneration are stress, anxiety, and digestion. Yoga poses helps to improve these major factors. It provides you with such benefits which even high-end saloons cannot help you with. I always say not every exercise will benefit in one day itself. It takes time but it does end in a positive way for sure. So, you have to learn to be patient during this practice.  

According to STYLE CRAZE Given below are different yoga poses you can use to increase blood circulation in your head which will also help to keep your hair healthy and maintain growth. 

1.Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog Pose)

This pose enables fresh blood to flow into your head and improves blood circulation. It improves digestion by compressing the abdominal muscles. It releases stress as it helps to stretch your neck and spine. It helps to calms and relaxes the mind.  

2.Uttan asana (Standing Forward Bend Pose) 

The sleepless nights are at bay as it keeps splitting headaches and quietens your buzzing mind. It solves constipation issues as it massages the digestive organs. It also adds a rush of energy to the cells in your head. 

3.Ustrasana (Camel Pose) 

This pose helps to improve excretion and digestion. It relieves trapped stress by opening up your chest. It strengthens your body, heals and balances your chakras, and improves posture. It also helps to release tension in the ovaries by regulating the menstrual cycle. 

This pose helps to eliminate constipation with regular practice. It relieves stress in the back, brings stability to the mind, and reduces obesity. It also helps to strengthen muscles. Cure stomach disorders and improve blood circulation.

 You can follow up these poses at home itself with the help of an app called Dr. Zio. It is an app that makes learning yoga way easier for you. It has all these features which keep a check on you at every step and maintains updates throughout. I have been using it myself for quite some time and it has been beneficial. You can give it a try too because it is free! It doesn’t require you to go out of your house at all or pay for those expensive classes. Just one click to download and its guides you with all the detailed information you need. How fun will this be? Right? If learning to practice yoga was this easy. This is especially a great help for beginners who have no idea about Yoga and if you are planning to give yoga a try. So do give it a try and give me your recommendation. Would love to know about it. I have also given the link below for you to go and check out.

Yoga for Hair Loss- Regrow thick hair at home