Can you define a sexy or a perfect booty? Oh well! All of us have booties of different size and shape isn’t? This might sound creepy to you but, have you ever stared at someone else’s booty and it has got you wondering what a perfect and sculpted booty the Man or the Lady has. Come on! Be honest with yourself you definitely can relate to this.

“The thicker, larger, most perfectly round ass is the biggest turn on, on a woman’s body”

Have you dreamt about having a bigger and stunningly perfect butt? Are you aware of the fact that many leading actresses use bum-bags to portray a perfect booty on screen? An intimately shaped bun of a man with wide shoulders and a narrow hip girdle throws a spotlight on him and makes him look fit and different from others. In a woman, the booty accentuates the flare of her waist and gives her the perfect hour-glass figure.

You would’ve probably spent thousands of bucks on gym memberships, or spend hours on exercises and workouts, or would’ve tried avoiding your favorite foods that you wanted so badly, or created the most perfect diet plan but, absolutely nothing has worked for you, you’re frustrated and gutted with no apparent results. You’re still overweight and obese

Don’t worry! I have got the most efficient way that will definitely help you to edifice the perfect body shape and a sculpted booty that shall make you look fitter than ever before. Go on reading the article the secret shall soon be revealed.

But before that, you are aware of the importance of strengthening the glute muscles? (Glute muscles are basically located in your buttocks, hence strengthening your glute muscles, in turn, gives your booty the perfect shape)

  1. Protects your lower back: Having strong glute muscles helps to build a great booty. If your glute muscles are weak, other smaller muscles are forced to kick in and help your legs to walk. This has an effect on your back as well. Strong glutes help in avoiding the strain on your back and other muscles.  
  2. Weight loss: Exercises for strengthening glute muscles not only shape your butt also contribute to your overall fitness. Exercises like squats, jumping jacks, twisting, bending help in improving the body movements and nourishes the muscles for an effective workout session.
  3. Easier to handle daily activitiesThe more physical activities you carry out the better it is for your body. A Strong set of glute muscles means you can easily handle all your daily activities. Walking, running, squatting, climbing, standing all becomes much easier.
  4. Improves your posture: Well-built glute muscles improve the posture of your body. You must’ve seen people with weak glute muscles tend to curve their spine and bend their hips forward. Healthy glute muscles will help you avoid back pain and gives you a slimmer and fitter look.
  5. Improves Athletic performance: Are you into athletics? If you probably have the desire to run faster or cycle faster the secret to achieve your goals is a well-built set of glute muscles. Exercises related to your glute muscles have an effect on your thigh hence helps in increasing your speed and acceleration.
  6. Has a positive impact on overall health: Your butt and glute muscle exercises have great benefits for your overall health. These exercises help in keeping your body engaged and the muscles are always awake. Regularly practicing these exercises keeps your body healthy and fit, it improves your stamina and has an impact on your respiratory system as well.

If you’re still reading this article, you must’ve imagined yourself with the perfect booty a number of times. Am I right ?

Now that is exactly how your dream board should look like!

Here is a question for all you women out there. Have you ever wished for an attractive Bikini body? If your goal is to get the perfect-shaped bikini body then the step towards achieving your goal shall be to work on your glute muscles. Glute muscles help to build the perfect booty shape.

Well, don’t worry we have got you covered!

The first doorway to an attractive beach bikini body and a perfectly sculpted booty is to shed the excess weight from your body. Don’t bother about it.


Yes, you read that right yoga indeed is the enzyme to all your problems. Trust me it does make a difference. By Regularly practicing yoga in no time, you will find yourself wearing a bikini and relaxing at the beach on a Sunday afternoon.

In today’s world, we spend most of the time sitting on our butts with our hips constantly bent which is not an ideal thing to do. This in turn leads to weakening our glute muscles. The glute muscles are napping most of the time and need to strengthen and stretched which will help our body to move freely and not be rigid.

Does Yoga build your glutes?

Yes, it definitely does. Yoga has proven to be the best exercise for the body. Practicing yoga for at least 20 mins will help you to stay healthy and fit. Strengthening your glute muscles will help in improving your body movements, stronger hips and back, and most importantly built the perfect shape for your booty. It also lessens the chances of injury.

Here are some yoga asanas to strengthen your glute muscles and built the perfect shaped butt.

5 Effective Yoga Position For A Bigger And Stronger Buttocks

1.Salabhasana (Locust Pose)

It looks easy but can be quite tough to do it in the right manner. It improves blood circulation and strengthens your hips, thighs, and legs.

2.Purvottanasana (Upward Plank Pose)

Extensive stretching is involved in this pose. It strengthens your back and legs. Also helps in improving your core strength and stamina

3.Anjaneyasana (Crescent Pose)

This Pose is also known as the Crescent Moon. It improves your body balance, gives your hips a good stretch, and energizes your body.

4.Virabhadrasana 2 (Warrior 2 Pose)

This is a beginner-level pose. It relieves backache and stretches the legs and ankles. This pose also helps in improving respiration.

5.Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

This is also a beginner-level pose. Hold the position for at least 30 seconds to gain its benefit. It gives physical stability, improves digestion, and helps in keeping the blood pressure under control.