“Period pain”- A girl cannot explain what to do they go through during this time. Did you know “Period pain can be as painful as having a heart attack or even worse? Sometimes I wonder why only girls have to undergo such dreadful situations in life. Any other girl who feels the same way? You know what? Let’s not complain about this. We are super blessed to be a girl.

Menstruation is a beautiful part of your life. It appears for the first time when you hit puberty. Your body starts to develop and set foot into adulthood. It is a sign that indicates your body is biologically prepared to give birth. Which by the way is a wonderful blessing? I agree it might be a little difficult to manage the pain every month.

Guess what? I have a solution to escape from this pain now and forever. I know you are intrigued to know what may be the cure. But before we move forward, it is important to know what causes period pain?

Dysmenorrhea is a medical term for period pain or menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramps are of two types:

  • Primary Dysmenorrhea- It is “normal” among most women. It is painful in the start and eases down in one or two days. The pain is manageable but not enjoyable at all. Women need to not worry much about this condition.
  • Secondary Dysmenorrhea- In this condition, a woman may not be able to deal with the pain since it is at an extreme level. Extreme pain during a period can occur because of a disorder in your reproductive organ and should not be taken lightly. Make sure you take professional medical help If you feel this way.

Few reasons for extreme period pain:  

  1. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease- PID is an infectious disease for the reproductive organs. Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are few types of bacteria that cause Pelvic inflammatory disease. Severe pain might not always be the symptom, the symptoms of PID includes High Fever, vomiting, irregular menstruation, painful urination, and unconsciousness. If you go through this during your period make sure you visit the doctor immediately as it is extremely dangerous and even life-threatening.   
  2. Polycystic Ovary or Ovarian Syndrome-  The growth of a cyst in your ovaries appears due to imbalances in estrogen and progesterone levels that result in PCOS. Symptoms include adult acne, excess body or facial hair, and irregular periods. Most women might not even notice they’re going through such a condition until they find difficulty in pregnancy or have severe period pain. One of the leading causes of female infertility is PCOS.    
  3. Endometriosis-In this condition the tissue that should be on your ovaries or lining your pelvis sometimes is found outside of it. The most common symptoms include gastrointestinal distress, heavy bleeding, fatigue, devasting pain after or before or during your period.   
  4. Fibroids– During your childbearing years, this harmless growth appears in the uterus. At some point in time, we all will have fibroid but there are no physical effects therefore we may not even know it. Symptoms include back pain, constipation, and frequent urination.

You must take care of your health needs and is important to educate yourself about severe period pains. Being a strong woman doesn’t mean not complaining about your discomfort. Don’t suffer in silence, stand up for yourself, and take control of your health. Go ahead and follow these simple tips to ease out your period pain.

Simple useful Tips to reduce period pain 

  1. Make it a point to always hydrate yourself- Drinking water is the best alternative for our overall health. So why not period pain? It helps to calm your pain during the period and ease bloating. Remind yourself to drink more and more water each day.
  2. Avoid caffeine, spicy, salty, and sugar food- These kinds of food increase menstrual cramps and lead to bloating and mood swings. If you want to reduce period pain it is best to avoid such foods.
  3. Massage the abdomen area- Massage encourages blood flow and helps to relieve period pain.
  4. Apply a heating pad- A heating pad is a women’s best friend because it works wonders and helps to calm her period pain.

Some women prefer medicines to reduce the pain but popping up pills every month is not good for your health. The following tips do help to reduce pain temporarily. And you are here to get a permanent solution. Am I right? So here is the permanent solution and finally, we are going to disclose the big secret to help reduce your menstrual agony.

So here it is, YOGA!

YES, you heard it right. Yoga is the solution to all your problems. It can make your period pain-free is a reliable and proven natural technique with no side effects. It helps to physically strengthen your body acts as a remedy for all period-related problems such as anxiety, headaches, and mainly menstrual cramps. Along with the physical benefits it helps with mental wellness as well.

5 Yoga poses to eliminate menstrual cramps 

1.Child pose

This pose helps to calm your mind and relax your body. During menstruation, if you feel pain in your joints and muscles, this pose is beneficial. It helps to massage your internal organs and release tension in your back, shoulder, and neck.

2.Fish pose

 This pose is known to especially relieve period cramps since it helps to stimulate and stretches the belly muscles.

3.Bow pose

This pose helps to stimulate the reproductive organs and strengthen the abdominal muscles. It helps to alleviate constipation and menstrual discomfort. 

4.Cobra pose 

 This pose helps to reduce fatigue and stress during the period. Stress might be one of the main reasons for irregular periods. Therefore, it is important to be stress-free.

5.Camel pose

This pose helps to reduce menstrual cramps and relieve the body from lower back pains. Most women go through severe back pain during their periods. Therefore, this pose is beneficial.


Practice these yoga poses before your period starts. Don’t go for any difficult poses during your period. It’s better to meditate at that time. It will be good if you make sure to include yoga in your daily routine and eat healthy to notice actual changes. Most of all it is really important to be positive throughout your journey. BE POSITIVE and stay far away from any kind of stress or mood swings automatically.