We live in a fast-paced materialistic world where a lot can be achieved from looking a certain way. According to the recent poll, people above the height range of 5 foot 7 apparently have better chances of cracking a job interview or a government job than people whose height growth has been abridged in yester years. Normally your potential to grow diminishes slightly specifically after puberty because your pituitary gland becomes inactive and stops producing growth hormone.

Some people employ the use of growth stimulating hormones specially HGH (Human growth Hormone) to increase their growth rate clinically. Though they might help you obtain a temporary goal, there are several reasons why utilizing these methods or medicines are not only harmful but potentially life risking for an average human.

Side Effects of Human Growth Hormone

According to a recent study, only less than most people who are healthy mentally and physically go through these synthetic procedures without developing serious life-threatening issues.

The not-so-serious side effects are

  • Headaches
  • Stomach pain
  • Swollen body parts
  • Pain in joints

On one hand where symptoms such as headache, sharp pain in joints, aching of muscles and swollen feet and hands are common with people who undergo such procedures, there are a lot of other side effects that may result in permanent damaging of the body.

Utilizing growth hormones in increased and frequent doses has known to cause

Breathing issues

Irregular insulin level leading to premature or unwarranted diabetes

Shooting pain in body due to thickening of bones

Several Heart conditions.

In order to use human growth hormone several conditions must be met, and a lot of precautions must be taken. For example, it is not advisable to employ HGH if you are diabetic as it can affect the insulin level in your body.

Also, people with high blood pressure should refrain from taking such measures. Not only that, human growth hormone can also increase your blood pressure, thus leading to heart complications and even in some cases, cardiac arrest.


Apart from this, prolonged and frequent use of Human growth hormone can lead to acromegaly. Acromegaly is a syndrome that is caused by the excessive growth hormone being utilized by the body after the growth plates have shut down. In the very initial cases it might result in enlargement of face, feet and hands.  In some cases, it also results in the enlargement of nose, forehead and jaw muscles. Additional indicators may include deepening of voice, thicker and heavier muscles, irregular or blurred vision, constant headaches which might later turn to migraine, and in some complicated cases, sleep apnea and potential heart failures.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Apart from Acromegaly, excessive use if HGH can also lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful, progressive disorder that transpires when the median nerve in the hand is flattened. If not treated, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can lead to bad quality of life. Sooner or later, the median nerve can be rendered completely damaged which can lead to permanent numbness in palms and fingers and all the muscles which are internally connected to the median nerve.

So it s advisable to only utilize such measures at a time when it is necessary to sustain life and hence has been recommended by the doctor.