Whether you believe it or not in today’s world a teenager goes through a massive amount of tension and stress. According to an article between the age of 10 and 34, the leading cause of death is Suicide, teens living in rural areas are at the highest risk. This stat just sums up the life of a teenager in today’s world. We all have gone through this stage of life but what on earth is wrong with the teenagers in today’s world? What is the damn reason that gets them so stressed out? Why would you think about committing suicide?

Come on man you’re not so weak. Come along read this article I’m sure it will help you overcome all your challenges in life. Just remember nothing in this world is impossible, we all have to face challenges and obstacles in life, what matters most is the way we face those hard times.

When we go through pain, we tend to think that this phase will last forever, no mate it is all temporary. The pain, the struggle, the challenge will indeed take you to the place where you’ve always wished to go, a state of bliss and relief. You just have to trust the journey even though it will have its ups and downs. Remember there is learning behind every damn challenge you face in your life and you’re a step closer to achieve your goal.

The life of a teenager has many obstacles and these obstacles will shape them for the adulthood journey and will indeed have an impact on the rest of their lives. During this phase of life, teenagers develop physically, mentally, and emotionally.

If you’re a parent, who is reading this article mind you this stage of your child’s life will define his/her career. It’s important you take care of your son or daughter, by this I don’t mean you keep pressurizing them to get good grades or forcing them to do things which they have been reluctant about. This phase of your child’s life is a very tricky one you need to be strict but at times you need to be patient and calm as well.

At this stage of life teenagers are more concerned about the way they look; about the way they dress up, who their friends are, what other people think of them, and whatnot. Teenagers are supposed to go to school and make sure they achieve their academic goals, build a bonding with their peers, make important decisions regarding their future, communicate effectively, and lasting relationships which are indeed some of the major reasons for stress among teenagers. The life of a teenager can indeed be complicated, isn’t it?

Slowly and steadily, we move on to teenage life, we start with high school a long journey of 12 years, after graduation from school we move on to college life, this is the time when teenagers tend to build up bad habits of smoking, they start experimenting with drugs and alcohol, and because of hormonal changes, you build up a desire for sex.

Oh well, I’ve talked enough about teenagers being stressed out and how it is a very challenging phase of life. But trust me these are the days you will miss the most once you’re an adult. This stage of your life might be challenging but is the most memorable time of your life.

Your teenage years are implanted in your mind forever. You will never forget the fun you had with your classmates, the relationship you build with your teachers, things that made you happy or sad, memories of special occasions in school, sharing your snacks with your friends and most importantly you remember your first crush in school or college, the first date with your crush and what else do you remember about your teenage life?

Oh well, I just relived my teenage life; believe me, these are indeed the best days of our lives if you’re going to enter the teenage phase of your life make sure to enjoy this stage of your life After all your teen years set the tone for everything we do in life.

4 Challenges Teenagers face in today’s world

Peer Pressure: During High school, many teens feel frustrated and stressed out because they get influenced by their peers. I’m sure you remember your own high school days and it must’ve happened with you as well it’s nothing new. Teenagers due to peer pressure behave in a way that might surprise them as a parent.

School performance and grades: Teens are under a massive amount of pressure to academically excel and perform well. The pressure to succeed and the compression with other students leads to stress, depression, and other mental issues. Sometimes as a parent we don’t realize how we may be a part of this problem. Don’t force your child to achieve something, be patient with your child, and never make the mistake of comparing other students’ success with your child’s performance.

Family issues: Being a teenager you’re already going through a lot of tension related to your academics and social life on top of that familial challenges like divorce, illness of your family member, merging of families, and most importantly financial struggle can make things worse for you as a teenager.  All these stresses can make a teenager physically and mentally ill.

Physical and hormonal changes: At the teenage stage of your life, you face hormonal changes and drastic mood swings. This phase of your life is characterized by rapid emotional and physical changes. At this stage of your life, you’re more concerned about the way you look, dress up and also are concerned about acceptance by your peers which leads to stress.

Oh, Man! A teenager has to go through a whole lot of tension and emotions. Someday, you might be very joyful and happy but on the next day you might find yourself depressed and stressed out.

Don’t worry I have got your back, here is a solution to all your problems.

The gateway to an amazing and happy teenage life is YOGA!


YES, yoga is fast becoming the most complementary health practice with over 1.7 million children and teens practicing yoga. Yoga makes you feel relaxed and helps you relieve stress. Regularly practicing yoga will make you physically and mentally stronger.

5 benefits of yoga for teens

1. Enhances and builds physical health

If children work on different yoga poses, it helps them to improve flexibility, strength, coordination, and balance. Teens are able to build a secure connection with body awareness and movement if they make an effort to practice these poses on a daily basis. It also keeps you disease-free as certain yoga poses helps in improving the immune system and detoxifying the body.

2. Stress and anxiety are reduced

Personal challenges and exam pressure can make it very stressful for high school children. Instead of panicking in a stressful situation, Yoga helps them to calm down and deal with stressful situations in a thoughtful and peaceful manner.

3. Avoids insomnia 

Nowadays, teens face a lot of stress and therefore insomnia is common among them. The practice of yoga does not only help to reduce stress but can improve your quality of sleep as well. These yoga poses prepared your body for quality sleep if you practice them before bedtime.

4. Promotes attentiveness towards its academics

Apart from all other health privileges, the biggest benefit of Yoga is it helps to shape our internal brain functioning in the right way. Various yoga poses include breathing exercises that help to improve your focus and concentration to an extreme level.

5. Makes you emotionally strong 

Whether it is other life situations or academics, teenagers have to go through a lot of challenges. It is important for teens to deal with their emotions in a peaceful way to create a better understanding and to avoid any damage to their bodies and mind. To combat teen challenges emotional intelligence is a powerful thing that needs to be learned at an early age. Yoga also helps teenagers to develop self-acceptance and self-love apart from connecting with their emotions.

Further, let’s discuss the best yoga poses for teens.

4 best Yoga Asanas for Teenager

1. Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend)

This pose is a powerful stretching pose. It stimulates and activates the body. It helps in calming the mind and relieves anxiety. This pose also helps to get rid of headaches and insomnia.

2. Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog Pose)

This pose rejuvenates and energizes the body. It helps to cure back pain and fatigue and most importantly relieves depression.

3. Virabhadrasana (Warrior Pose)

This pose is ideal in the morning. It works on the lower back, arms, and legs, it also increases the body’s stamina and restores the spine.

4. Navasana (Boat Pose)

This pose activates the intestines and thyroid and strengthens the digestive system. This pose is ideal in the morning and gives the body stability and helps to focus better.

Although I have talked a lot about teenage life being stressful, but remember with challenges, teenage life brings you an opportunity as well. The way you grind through these hard times, in turn, shows your character as a person. So, keep yourself motivated and remember these tough times are not going to last forever, and you will soon live a life that you always wished for.