Normally, it’s easy to reduce your weight if you follow a strict diet and regular exercise routine. The difficult part is your cellulite. It’s not easy to reduce it because it’s said to be really stubborn.  Are one of those who is finding difficulty in reducing the cellulite?  Want a permanent and effective solution? You have come to the right place! Cellulite is not harmful for your health. It spoils the appearance of the body. It becomes a matter of concern especially for the women. When fat cell push through the second layer of skin, called the dermis it develops textural changes or dimples in the skin also given the term Cellulite. It generally appears in the upper arms, belly, buttocks and thighs.  

When compared to men and women. Women who are at the age of 21 or older tend to have it more whereas men rarely develop it. It is really embarrassing and uncomfortable for the women out there. This is the reason they are not able to wear their favorite dress because they feel it doesn’t look good on them. Even though, my whole article is about how to lose your cellulite? I would like to give a little piece of advice to all the young girls out there. Not just the young girl but every woman reading this, LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF AND YOUR BODY NO MATTER WHAT. The fat in your body doesn’t define who you are. So, the rest of you STOP BODY SHAMING. Women shouldn’t be embarrassed for being too skinny, or being too fat but the ones who has the audacity to judge them are considered to be flagrant.  

To me beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are”. – Ellen DeGeneres 

Cellulite causes- 

According to Medical News Today 

The development of cellulite may be because of several factors, some of which may be: 

  • Not having a proper diet. Intake of all junk food is considered to be really unhealthy.  
  • For a long period of time not doing any physical activity. Sitting idle on a constant basis.  
  • Being old, Genetic history and hormonal imbalance are also considered to the reasons to increase the risk of cellulite in your body.  

What is septae? They are thick bands of collagen which connects the skin to muscle and also holds the back subcutaneous fat in the dermis. When septae tightens, Cellulite tends to occur. 

The underlying fat cells rise upward when the bands tighten and pulls the skin. A dimpling of the skin is created which is similar to a cottage cheese or orange peel. 

Why cellulite is common in female and rare in males? This is because in females, the shape of collagen bands tends to be honey comb while males tend to have horizontal patterns.

Now, let’s have a look at what all treatments can be used to reduce that stubborn cellulite.

Cellulite treatments– 

Energy -based devices and topical agents are few of the different treatments used to reduce your cellulite.

Extreme cellulite improves with the help of topical agents such as creams made up of retinol or caffeine. You can either massage it or directly apply on the area of cellulite. These kinds of creams are not very useful since it works only for a short period of time.

Laser and Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) are two energy- based devices which are used to treat cellulite. If you go for this method of treatment it will stay for quite some time (up to 2 years). It helps to promote tissue changes and hence shows better improvement.

I’m sure by now you must be thinking how expensive these treatment or creams might be. Right? And on top of that it doesn’t even guarantee you with a long-term result. So, it’s obvious you wouldn’t want to spend so much if there is no permanent solution.

Do you wish for a natural or less expensive cure to reduce your cellulite? Is that possible? I’m going to say YES, WHY NOT?

Ever heard about “YOGA” and how beneficial it is for your body and mind both? Is it a permanent solution? Yes, definitely. But you do have to keep in mind to practice yoga on a regular basis to see its positive results. Whatever exercise you try, you need to invest your time and have patience to see its results. You need to think practical. It is YOGA not MAGIC, that it will help to vanish your cellulite in one go.

The main areas where your cellulite most often appears is your thighs and butt. So, here are a few yoga steps you can easily practice at home to get rid of your cellulite especially for the butt and thigh area:


This asana stimulates the muscles in your legs, especially the butt and thighs. Sitting on a chair is easy, but when you sit on an imaginary chair, your muscles are exerted as they hold the fort for your body. Your body weight rests upon your legs, especially on the muscles of the butt and thighs. It not only tones them but also helps to strengthen. 


This asana works on the legs for sure, but specifically on the inner thighs. At the outset, this pose might look simple, but it works on the muscles that do not get attention when we run our daily chores. The best part is that both the legs get a different workout at the same time, so more muscle groups are targeted with this asana. 


When you practice this asana regularly, it moves beyond your body, i.e., the organs, nerves, bones, and muscles, and penetrates into the very core of your being. As you balance your body weight on your buttocks, your being trembles initially. But, a whole lot of strength and determination is built within the few seconds of suspension. There is a great improvement in blood circulation, and your legs get a good stretch. 


This is an effective yoga exercise that addresses the posterior spine while adding ‘lifting’ capabilities in the legs and to tone or shape up the glutes. It also works on many other parts of your body. It strengthens your legs and enhances the flow of blood. Your hips and thighs (legs, in general) remain strong, flexible, and in good health.

5.Setu Bandhasana

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