In the current scenario, you must have surely heard from several people talking about being in depression. One must have heard several suicidal cases in the newspapers, news channels, etc. What is this depression? Why are people so tired of their life that they’re haunted by thoughts going on inside their mind that leads them to end their lives?

A person can get away with any disease until he or she has the spirit to fight it. Where does that spirit fade away and how can one get that spirit back in themselves? There’s a simple answer to it, which is Yoga. Induce a happy mood in yourself. That feeling of happiness, acceptance, the fresh mood that you have you can get that all back in you by practicing Yoga.

This blog would give you an outline of what depression is and how is Yoga useful to you to get over this depression or anxiety using Yoga.

Depression in simple words is something that one must not face at any age. Depression is a type of disorder that can create a feeling of loneliness in you. When you start feeling that you have friends but still when you need someone in your weakest point, you look around and you have no one sitting by your side? The after-effects of having no one for you in your lowest point with a persistent feeling of sadness is depression.

When you have work to do and still you’re all lost into overthinking and started crying suddenly, that is depression. Depression is not a disease anymore, it’s a virus that’s spreading day-by-day, something you just can’t get over. When your loved ones are no more, when your pillows are wet with tears whole nights, but then you wake up in the morning with no emotions in you? That is depression.

Comprehend the reason to your Anxiety and Depression

Are you feeling to lose interest in the things you do?
Are you feeling like locking yourself in the room alone for hours thinking about someone or something that’s cracking you up?
Are you feeling to cry for hours but you cannot?
Are you feeling to destroy everything around you or yourself?
It is a virus that’s grown inside you. A dangerous virus you have to kill and throw away from you.

To remove this virus from your mind, you need to comprehend the reason for your anxiety and depression. Know why are you sad? What makes you wake up lost and unhappy in the morning? What is making you skip meals? What is the reason that you’re overthinking and pondering about someone or something again and again?
It’s depression, the stress that’s killing the human inside you, the happiness creating hormones inside you. Stop doing that to yourself. The first step to stop this harmful virus to spread like a viral fever is to comprehend the reason behind it and get away from it. Take a break, get yourself at peace and condemned.

Add-on the touch of acceptance and Look at yourself in the mirror

Remember all the good memories you had? Times when you went on vacations with your family or loved ones. Those were the days when you were immensely thankful to God and happy. You felt complete and satisfied. Step two to get over this virus is to accept. Accept you’re beautiful. Accept you’re just fine. Accept you’re not doing good. Accept the facts that you need to talk about it to someone. You might feel happy being alone, but that’s not how you can get over depression.

Look yourself in the mirror. Ask if you’re happy? If not remember the days you dressed for yourself. Remember the times you looked happy seeing yourself in the front of the mirror. Start the journey of peace and calmness from within. Accept you’re not doing fine and you have to be just fine, firstly for yourself. Secondly, for your loved ones and people you’re close to.

Inducing Yoga as a mood to relieve mental pressures

One of the most beneficial and trusted ways to get over depression, anxiety attacks or stressful atmosphere is meditation and yoga. No doubt our traditional cultures have given us some strong mantras to fight and get back stronger. Follow a set of some good Yoga asanas and practice them daily.

Yoga asanas such as adho mukha svasana, paschimottanasana,etc. are some useful postures you can practice every day in the Yoga sessions. Start scheduling one hour to Yoga every day and meditate for half an hour. Meditation is the art of studying your mind and soul and keeping them on track with yourself. Trust the process of healing through yoga, and everything will be just fine.

Build yourself and get back stronger!

After every scary and haunted night, there is a beautiful lighted morning. Life is too short to waste thinking about something that is harming your body and especially your mind. Keeping your mind strong and focused is important. Your life is precious, not for someone else, but firstly for yourself. Build yourself and get back stronger.

Do it for yourself. Focus on your diet. Start practicing yoga, workout, go to places alone. Observe nature, enjoy the beauty of nature every morning. Go for a walk with your close ones. No one or no thing can be as important as your life is. Make yourself your priority. Embrace yourself, you’re beautiful the way you are. Let no man or woman overcome your strengths. It’s you who can help yourself.


A person suffering from any physical disease can somewhere fight and get out of it only if he or she is mentally strong enough. Keeping your mind focused on yourself, staying calm and at peace is the major achievement one can make in their life. Depression and anxiety are some big terminologies used which somewhere indicated tiredness or frustrations in mind.

Never let anyone disturb your mental peace or harm your mind. If you’re strong from your mind, you’re strong from the outside. Fighting depression and anxiety is tough, but surely not impossible if you induce the mood and mantras of Yoga in 2021 and promise yourself to live a healthy life for yourself and enjoy your existence on earth.


1. What is the best yoga for depression?

Ans. The asana that is the best for depression is Child Pose or Balasana. It not only calms your mind and body but also relieves stress. Being at peace is really important and yoga is best for it.

2. Can yoga make you depressed?

Ans. Yoga is the practice which can never have harmful effects on your mind and depression is a disease of mind. It’s like a virus that one must throw away of his or her mind away by calming themselves down and being at peace.

3. Can Yoga help with anxiety?

Ans. Yoga is one of the finest therapies used by several people to relieve anxiety. Meditation and Psychotherapy are few techniques used as stress and anxiety relieving therapies. But one must make up their mind and accept the fact that they want to get out of it at the first place. Acceptance is the major thing into mental peace disturbance by stress or anxiety.