The word yoga plainly means ‘union’ or ‘connection’. A connection between the body, mind, and soul. This connection or union evolves with discipline, dedication, and practice.

We all know early to bed and early to rise, makes one healthy, wealthy, and wise. A regular early-morning- yoga-routine can be a fantastic booster for the entire day. It may sound rhetorical when we say that the inclusion of yoga in our daily life can appreciably improve the quality of our well-being. As abstract it may sound, the process is very scientific.

The innumerable benefits of yoga cannot be summed up in a one-pager. One such benefit is, how yoga enriches our immune system, the healing effect is almost magical.

Yoga is an amalgamation of various breathing exercises, physical postures, and meditation. Consistent practice of a certain combinations of these three aspects can improve our immune system by leaps and bounds.

How does it work?

Psychological stress can negatively impact the immune system of our body, thereby considerably deteriorating it. Yoga is known to be a stress buster. Some breathing exercises, postures, and meditation can reduce stress levels and boost the immune of the body. It has also been seen that yoga can reduce chronic inflammations in the body.

Yoga helps in digestion and effectively distributes the energy in all parts of our body, which in turn benefits the immune system.

It also helps regulate the blood circulation in our body, by strengthening the functioning of our heart and lungs, which also helps in creating natural anti-bodies and increasing our immune system.

Yoga works great on dry skin, stiff joints, and chill in our bones. It helps flex our joints with synovial fluid and stabilizes muscles through strengthening exercises.

Some yoga postures and breathing exercises that can increase our immune system are-

Uttanasana, forward bending while standing on your feet. This yoga pose helps with sinus, improves breathing and blood circulation throughout the body, and boosts the immune system of the body in general.

Matsyasana, the fish pose, helps boost energy and fight congestion of lungs. Another variation of this pose is the Ardha-Matsyasana, the semi-fish pose, this pose helps improve digestion and reduces the production of toxic substances in the body thereby refining the immune system.

Garudasana, the eagle pose, this helps in releasing immune-boosting fluid in the body. Also strengthens the arms and wrist.

Ananda Balaasan, the happy baby pose, helps relax the mind and detoxes the body. It also accelerates digestion and helps the kidneys function better.Pranayama, the breath-in breathe-out exercise, can help lessen stress hormones, heart rate, and nervous system distress. It also helps in building strong immunity.

These are just a few of the many yogas that one can include in their daily exercise routine along with a good diet to have a happy-healthy body and mind.