Being taller is one of the most physically desired trait in all humanity. For most men and women, height has a lot to do with their confidence. As a result, it is no surprise that people begin to panic when they notice a discontinuation in growth especially at the end of teenage years.

More often than not, shortness leads to low self-esteem among other psychological complications. For people that are very much aware that they’d stop growing shortly after their teenage years, they can take advantage of special dieting protocols to maximize their growth in the peak years.

However, for some reason or another, many people stop growing between the ages of 18 and 20 without attaining their desired height. This is where this article helps! Many professional wrestlers are not as tall as they are portrayed on screen.

It is the same for models and many actors. You might want to know what it is that helps them look taller than they really are. Well, look no further. Generally, a person can look taller than they really are by simply creatively adjusting their posture or by adopting the right gait or by being more intentional about the things they put on.

As already stated above, only certain special exercises and processes can help you gain a few more centimeters of height if you have grown beyond the age of 18. This can be achieved through a height increase app, dieting and more. But we will come to that later in this article. For now, let us look at how you can brilliantly look taller by simply taking advantage of the materials at your disposal. Ready? This is it!

Learning the Right Body Postures

Hold your head up high. That’s the first rule. If you are not very tall, you will need to desist from hanging your head while walking. For all we know, you are better off sitting up most of the time than reclining; better off standing than squatting (when possible) and the list goes on.

A little tip here: maintain some distance when you’re with someone who is taller than you if you are both standing, and always keep your head up when sitting close to someone taller than you.  But an even more interesting way to look tallerby proper body coordination would be by adjusting your gait.

If you care enough to notice, you will realise that some people walk as though they are bouncing on a pogo stick. That extra effort they put to levitate each time they take a step goes a long way in making them look taller than they really are. To get best results, walking with bouncy steps and quickly so, will create the illusion of height to an onlooker. You can learn more about good postures and their benefits from the U.S National Library of Medicine.

Wearing the Right Stuff

Here’s where you can do the bulk of what’s needed to make you look taller. First, one-colour outfits will make you look taller than usual. A black long sleeved shirt over a black pair of trousers will definitely increase people’s perception of your height. Also, if you wear a shirt and/or trousers that are striped vertically, you will look taller. Think of Bruce Lee’s yellow jumpsuit with black stripes in the kungfu classic movie, Game of Death. 

Long top coats are also a great clothing item to have and use if you want to create the illusion of height. A long top coat which stops somewhere at the middle of your laps is the real deal. Ideally, you should wear them over tight pants with both feet tucked into some stilettoes (for women) or shoes with a pointy edge (for men). This goes without saying that short guys should avoid loafers as much as possible as they tend to sabotage the entire effort.

Talking about shoes, the ones that the same or similar colour as your clothes will bring the most illusion of height. The more your shoes contrast with the colour of your clothes, the shorter you would seem. But if you must wear loafers, you insert special pads into them as they will help increase overall height when worn. A quick point you may want to keep in mind.

Now, wearing the right stuff also has to do with the way a certain piece of clothing wraps around your body. You will look taller (and perhaps slim and fit) if you wear clothes that are well trimmed to fit your body. Baggy clothes would make you look somewhat wider – a huge blow to the height you are looking to gain.

The Right Haircut 

When choosing suitable haircut, you sure want to go with one that makes you look as handsome as you possibly can. It’s little use looking very tall but facially scruffy. So, once you have your desired haircut fixed, do well to keep it clean and well-shaved. However, you should try to get a haircut that lets your hair stand up high.

Mohican haircut style, Afro style and similar ones will add several centimeters to your height. Now some of these styles may look slightly outlandish or somewhat reserved for entertainers but you can always try any one of them. You can check out this elaborate explanation of various haircuts that make you look taller irrespective of your gender.

Other Things You Can Do

There are unlimited tricks anyone can employ to look taller as you may have observed by now. So let’s quickly look at some of the rest of them. You may have to wear long sleeves more than short sleeves as the former would cover your arms, making them look longer than they would be when exposed. But should you want to wear short sleeves or polo shirts, avoid patterned ones. Plain clothes are better but if you insist on patterned ones, stick to smaller shapes and designs.

Now you can look even taller with a tie. The trick here is that the tie makes people see you in a more “vertical” way from top to bottom; hence creating the illusion of height. To get the best of ties, wear jackets that are not padded heavily at the shoulders. All of these work together to make your body frame less bulky. Also, top hats, slim belts and a bunch of other accessories will help you appear taller.

In fact, here are more tricks you can use to look taller as well:

  1. Stay on Higher Ground – When speaking to someone or when in a group, try to stay on the more elevated surfaces at all times. It helps you look taller than you are
  2. Use Slim Ties – Adding a tie to your dressing will make you look tall. Buy you’ll look even way taller if that tie is long and slim.
  3. Hold Your Head Up – You cannot afford to keep your head hanging if you want to look tall because that would make you look even shorter. Walk straight and keep your eye’s vision parallel to the floor.
  4. Reduce the Length of your Pace – Don’t spread your legs too wide apart from each other when you walk. That would reduce your overall height. The greater the angle between both of your legs while walking, the shorter you’d seem. The smaller that angle gets, the taller you’d appear.
  5. Shed Some Weight – Whether you’re overweight or have a normal Body Mass Index, you’ll automatically look taller if you manage to shed some weight.

But You Can Do Better

The bulk of what you just read will help you look taller but not get taller. You are merely creating a temporary vertical illusion that fades away the moment you remove your clothes. Permanent improvement in your height will only happen when you are treated to the right diets and exercise.

Thankfully enough, you can perform these exercises from the comfort of your home with a height increase app that teaches you natural solutions that will help you gain the extra centimetres you have been yearning for. These solutions feature exercises, yoga and a general roadmap that guide you to increasing your height over time.

How Can We Look Taller Than We Really Are?