Yoga is not just a sport. Yoga is a lifestyle, an art, and a science. It affects one health and whole life physical, mental, and spiritual. It is a practical method for making one’s life purposeful, useful, and happy.

The secret of yoga is that it fits anyone with any circumstances. You don’t have to be a yogi or yogini to practice yoga and reap the benefits. Whether you are young or old, overweight, or fit, yoga has the power to penetrate your soul, purify your mind, and strengthen the body. Don’t be intimidated by yoga terminology, fancy yoga studios, and complicated poses. Yoga is for everyone. Also, yoga does not need certain equipment, clothes, or place to practice you can do it in a garden, and at home even inside your room so yoga is for everyone at any time and everywhere.

It incorporates breathing exercises, meditation and poses designed to encourage relaxation and reduce stress.

Practicing yoga comes with benefits for mental, physical and spiritual health, though not all of these benefits have been backed by science.

1. Yoga improves body flexibility

Daily yoga practice helps to stretch your body muscles and strengthen the arms, legs and shoulders, and also helps to improve the posture of the body, which makes you walk and sit more straightly, and relieves the pain and pains resulting from incorrect posture such as back pain.

2.Improve physical fitness.

Yoga gives you physical fitness with simple and easy exercises so you do not have topractice any other sport.

3.Weight loss

Practicing daily yoga improves the metabolic system or burning rate, “metabolism”, and burning fat, which leads to weight loss. It also helps to restore the hormonal balance in the body, as it reduces the stress hormones as “cortisol”, and also daily practice of yoga strengthens the relationship between the mind and your body and helps you to deal more effectively with unpleasant feelings rather than resort to food to get rid of these feelings.

4.Provides energy

A few minutes of yoga every day provides you with energy and vitality and awakens the main energy centers in the body.

5.Reduces stress

Studies have shown that people who practice yoga regularly are more able to regulate their heart rate fluctuations (HRV), which gives the body the ability to respond to stress and tension in a more flexible way.

Studies have shown that daily yoga can reduce or prevent insomnia.

6.Improves your breathing

Yoga helps you to breathe deeply and calmly from the stomach to the top of the lungs, and these ways of breathing will make you feel more comfortable and balanced and will help you face your day with confidence, as it increases the lung’s ability to breathe, and it can help you to remain calm in difficult situations.

7.Makes you happier

Adding some yoga to your daily routine can make you a happier person, as a recent study showed that practicing regular yoga and meditation leads to secretion of high levels of serotonin (the happiness hormone).

The same study showed that long-term yoga practitioners have a greater mass in satisfied areas of the brain.