Keeping up with a regular routine to practice yoga is a vital part of managing all health-related issues and taking them off you. But let’s get into the harsh or bitter truth, it’s not always easy to stay healthy and active all the time.
It’s never facile to deal with health issues or maintain a perfect posture all time but it is not impossible too. Maintaining a perfect posture is a hell of a task in today’s generation where everyone sleeps in some strange postures or sits on a worktable without maintaining a correct posture. Many of us due to WORK FROM HOME origin, sit and work on our laptops for hours on bed leading to a bad posture gradually leading to backache issues.
If you’ve been asking yourself this very question that how you must get over bad posture or have a perfect posture, then yoga might be the right choice for you!
Want to know how to have a good posture and the importance of yoga asana to stay fit? Keep scrolling…

Whenever we speak about fitness, Yoga is never behind. Yoga asanas are inclusive of various body postures ranging from a sitting asana to positions where you are focused on reclining, standing, twisting, and balancing your body. The term Asana is a Sanskrit word that means “postures”. Various kinds of asanas have different purposes. They can be practiced to:
Get a healthy body and mind
For a healthy weight gain/loss
Yoga for strength
Yoga for sleeping
Healthy mind and body using Meditational Yoga, etc.


One must know that a correct body posture can make you look tall, slim, and, most importantly, confident? And yet, something as easy as a right posture is what most of us lack today.

 Today’s modern lifestyle has strained the spine by keeping it curved for a long time. Long working hours and excessive use of gadgets make our bodies more slouch and hunched.

Yoga asana postures do not need any specific equipment, you can in an easy manner do all types of yoga asana at home. Even beginners can do basic yoga asanas if they follow the instructions nicely.

Yoga asanas are a daily part of people’s routine. Surya Namaskar, breathing exercises like Anulom Vilom, and much more are some of the most famous and common asana yoga poses that one can do effectively at home. Just by taking proper guidance from a yoga teacher or watching online videos for all yoga asanas.

Some ways to avoid bad postures are:

-> Do not slouch- Slouching causes our lungs to bend which constricts the flow of oxygen to the body and causes headaches.

-> Sit in a correct posture- Most people complain of back pain because they tend to sit with their strange weird positions. Make sure that your legs are well supported and your feet evenly on the ground. The ankles should be in line with the knees while sitting. Also, while meditating, start the practice by sitting straight.

– > Keep reminders to keep your posture correct-  This will guide you particularly in the beginning. Using sticky notes on your work desk, or setting reminders of the right postures on your phone that tell you to sit, stand and walk straight.

Simple and easy daily routine yoga asanas are also very smooth to do such that even kids can do them. To have a better picture of the best yoga asanas for posture, let’s read more, But before that, let’s know some benefits of yoga for good posture.


When it certainly adds to the advantages of yoga asanas, one would be surprised to see the long list. Enlisted are some of the most commonly known advantages of different yoga asanas:

1. Performing yoga asanas reduces stress and anxiety. Easy yoga poses can boost mood and peace of mind. You can also get glowing and healthy skin with yoga.

2. Easy yoga asanas like meditation can improve sleep quality. Easy yoga poses like Balasana can offer relief from menstrual pain and discomfort. Detoxification of the body can be done by easy yoga poses.

3. Yoga asanas such as Ardha Matsyendrasana improve the digestive system. Performing yoga asanas regularly helps with weight loss and calorie burn.

4. Yoga asanas can also boost flexibility and good body posture. Yoga asanas increase self-awareness. Strengthen and tone muscles with easy yoga pose like Tadasana.

5. Performing yoga asanas helps in relieving pain in the back, neck, leg, and other body parts, and much more diseases.



 1. It is one of the best exercises for posture.

2.It doesn’t only strengthen your core. It also challenges your balancing abilities and hip flexors.

3. This contributes to an improved posture.

4. When attempting this pose, make sure to sit on your sit bones, not on your tailbone! If this doesn’t work yet, you can keep your knees bent.

5. Prioritize a straight spine and unrounded lower back over the looks of the asana.



1. It is another best option for strengthening your core while working the whole body.
2. To be able to hold this pose for a while without completing cooking your shoulders, you have to use body tension. Tensing your complete body.

3. Locust pose:

1. The Locust pose works those back muscles. Simply lay on your belly, with your arms alongside the body and the palms down.

2. Then, on an inhale, peel your upper body and your legs off the ground. Feel that tension in the back! That is those posture muscles working.

3. It’ll be good if you can gently drawing your shoulder blades towards each other while in locust pose.

4. Cobra pose:

1. It is one of the best posture exercises for your upper back. It counters the rounded shoulder posture by strengthening your upper back muscles.

2. To make it most effective put as little weight as possible in your hands when lifting your head and chest off the floor. Let your back muscles work nicely

3. When muscles get stronger over time, they’ll pull your shoulders back without you even noticing.

Not only this, Yoga helps in various ways enlisted below:

• Accurate BMI and Great flexibility + balance of body
• Less bad weight gain
• Shoot down in neck and back pain
• Excellent for people with asthma symptoms
• Cures or reduces blood pressure
•  Cures or reduces blood sugars
• Improved lipid (blood fat) profiles
• Cures or reduces cancer-related fatigue
•Confidence and fresh look with a better body image
• Sharper focus and concentration + general health awareness in 2021

After knowing such numerous benefits and ways to cure diseases, are you still thinking to opt for Yoga or not, then you’re doing wrong to yourself? YOGA IS THE BEST WAY TO CURE ALL HEALTH-RELATED PROBLEMS, LET IT SINK IN!


All people must give themselves a checklist that they’re suffering from a disease or having a bad posture will recover soon without any problems and observe good results. Stay strong at every stage of life. You need to take good care of yourself and especially YOUR HEALTH. Whatsoever stress you have to spare some time out and relax with the help of Yoga and meditation.