We all are aware of the health issues and the increasing problems caused by them. The major reason for any disease is the unhealthy lifestyle we have adapted from past years. It is observed that the majority of people are suffering from diabetes and haven’t recovered yet and are on high medications as well. But quite a few people have got over such a disease and have saved their lives by adapting to the daily practice of Yoga in their life.

Yoga has acted as a miracle for several diabetic patients to keep them intact and under control. Their overall quality of life has resulted in major improvements.

Here, this blog would address what diabetes is and how a few changes in your lifestyle and adopting yoga can help rescue your life.

Diabetes, the killer in simple words can be defined as a disease that can stop making insulin in your body. The body’s cells are no longer strong enough to make better utilization of insulin which leads to a massive shoot-up in blood sugars.

When one’s suffering from diabetes, the diabetic patient’s body becomes so weak that its ability to function or respond to the hormone insulin is poor. The output to this is abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and increased levels of glucose in the blood.

Danger Killer- Diabetes!!

Nowadays, the way people live, the eating habits have a drastic change as compared to the past times. People have become more prone to eating junk foods that further result in high cholesterol levels, high sugar levels in the body, and resulting in diabetes. Diabetes can cause several diseases and can be dangerous up to the level to take your life away. The diseases caused by diabetes are:

  1. Diabetic Kidney Disease
  2. Losing of Eyesight
  3. Cardiovascular of Heart Diseases
  4. Nervous Damage
  5. Amputations
  6. Strokes
  7. Damage of arteries and veins

To recognize whether you are diabetic or not, you can follow up and see if you can observe these symptoms in you.

  1. Feeling thirsty extensively
  2. Frequent urination
  3. Major hunger
  4. Sudden weight loss
  5. Presence of ketones in the urine 

If you observe such symptoms in you, contact and book an appointment with a doctor immediately.

According to the researches, it’s found that 90% of people are suffering from Type-2 diabetes. The only way to keep this disease away from us having a daily schedule for exercise and making changes to our eating habits. Reducing your weight can be a major way to control diabetes and the effects of Type-2 diabetes.

How can Yoga act as a rescuer?

Yoga can act as a magic lamp in your diabetic life. Whether you’re suffering from Type-1 or Type-2 diabetes, there are exercises and solutions to both. There are plenty of benefits of practicing Yoga, a few of them are:

  • It reduces stress which makes it facile to manage blood glucose levels in diabetes of both types.
  • Degrades the risk of injury from daily ongoing activities
  • Helps one relax and generates a feeling of wellness
  • Improvises balance and coordination
  • Upgrades a range of motion
  • Keeps your joints flexible, strong, and healthy.

The best way to treat diabetes through Yoga is including practices such as:

  1. Meditation: It is the best way to calm down your body and understand its needs and requirements and staying at peace from the mind. Include a meditation of 10 minutes daily.
  2. Including Asanas and Pranayama: Including asanas and Pranayama or breathing exercises can help cure both types of diabetes easily
  3. Hot Yoga- One of the best ways to exercise. It leads to a shoot-up in your insulin sensitivity and guides your body to stabilize blood levels. 

Adapt changes in your Lifestyle

The best way to treat diabetes is by improvising your lifestyle. The lifestyle you have today and had in the past years was an unhealthy lifestyle which has resulted in becoming the diabetes the killer and a big danger in your beautiful life.

Life’s beautiful. To enjoy your life smoothly it is necessary that you adapt some strong changes in your lifestyle, such as:

1. Adopt the practice of Yoga and Meditation.

2. Keep a Balanced Diet.

3. Prefer to use staircase wherever possible instead of lift.

4. Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.

5. Calculate and keep a track of your calorie Intake.

6. Follow up with the consultations of doctor.

7. Avoid eating processed foods. 


Undoubtedly, as elaborated and discussed in the above contexts that diabetes is a strong killer and can lead to major destruction. There are a lot of ways to manage diabetes. To keep type-2 diabetes in control, hot yoga is the best way to follow up. It not only helps in stabilizing sugar levels in your body but also increases the insulin sensitivity in your body.

Make sure to comprehend and listen to your body. Stay updated and follow up with your health professionals or doctors. They are the ones who can assist you best in managing your health conditions. 



1. Is Yoga good for diabetes?

Ans. According to studies, Yoga is a rescuer for many diabetic patients. It helps many people in improvising their health in numerous ways. Yoga is the most effective therapy for diabetic patients as there is an observed improvement in the lives of diabetic patients.

2. Is it possible to lower diabetes quickly?

Ans. Lowering the levels of diabetes from your body is not an easy task. It depends on body to body as to what methods you can utilize and your hard-work to reduce intake of sugar in your body. Though, yoga is one of the best and quickest way to reduce harmful effects of diabetes  from your body.

3. What can you do to keep diabetes in control?

Ans. The foods that consists of trans fats or the processed foods are most dangerous for your body as they contain maximum amount of sugars. If the level of junk food or sugar food increases in a wrong manner, it can cause major diseases like stroke, heart attack, high level cholesterol, etc.