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I guess Y’all are probably wondering what does the word detox means? How can detoxification be beneficial for your body? Should you detox yourself? Don’t worry I’ve answered all your questions in this article go on reading it I’m sure it will be productive for your body.

As March 2021 is going to end in few days this is the perfect time to detox your body. Many of us love to start a year with a clean slate, but in the case of body detox, I would suggest Y’all start with a clean slate every month. If you’re looking to kick off April 2021 on a fresh, positive, and healthy note why not try out body detox.

Come along, now let’s answer some of your questions that must’ve come up in your mind regarding body detoxification. I’m sure body detox will enhance and energize your body. We shall talk about one of the best methods for body detoxification later on in this article.

In simpler terms, body detoxification means following an alternative type of medical treatment or a detox diet that helps to alleviate toxins from your body. It’s a way of cleansing your body and start on a fresh note with a rejuvenated and toxin-free body.

What are the benefits of body detoxification? 

Here are some potential benefits of body detoxification.

  • Weight loss: Following a strict detoxification diet can result in weight loss. A detox diet involves fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, staying hydrated, and also involves fasting as well. Some people also have herbs in their detox diet. Food that is high in fat levels should strictly be avoided over a while which in turn leads to weight loss.
  • Helps you to stay hydrated: Following a strict detox diet involves drinking water at regular intervals. Water is very important for our body and helps to eliminate the toxins from our body in the form of bowel movement, sweating, and urination.
  • Antioxidants: Studies have revealed that following a detox diet can improve the health of your liver and consuming certain types of foods can increase the antioxidant glutathione, glutathione helps to eliminate the toxins from your body.

Along with these benefits, body detoxification also helps in energizing your body, improves sleeping patterns, less joint pain as well as fewer allergy and cold problems.

Is body detoxification suitable for you? 

Body detox is suitable for people who often have headaches, have skin and allergy problems, feel tired, and lack energy without any reason, and also for those facing back problems. A body detox can indeed help you to get rid of all these problems.

When should you avoid body Detox? 

Generally, detox is a healthy method for rejuvenating and cleansing your body. But doctors have advised avoiding body detoxification during pregnancy or if you have fever or cold.

How to detox your body? 

Perhaps, I have talked enough about the benefits of body detox but the crucial part is the method you should follow for body detoxification. 

As I have mentioned previously body detoxification means following a detox diet for alleviating the toxins from your body.

There are different types of detox diets that people follow to detoxify their bodies. It involves stopping the consumption of alcohol, as excessive drinking can cause serious concerns to your liver function, focus on quality sleep that is to ensure 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night on regular basis, drink more water which helps to stay hydrated, and eliminate the toxins in the form of sweat, urination, etc., some people avoid sugar and processed foods which is the root cause for obesity and chronic diseases.

Perhaps, there are plenty of detox diets that you can choose from to detoxify your body. To make things easier for you, I have one of the best formulas to detoxify your body. Guess what?

Have you heard about yoga? Oh well! I guess you surely must’ve. To your surprise, Yoga is the best formula to detoxify and eliminate the toxins from your body. 

Before we move on here is an app to guide you throughout the body detoxification process. It will definitely prove to be effective for you.

Detox Yoga 

Detox yoga rejuvenates and energizes your body which in turn improves your general wellbeing. A yoga detox program uses yoga asanas to help the body in alleviating the toxins that build up in the body through the course of our everyday life. Yoga relaxes your body and energizes “Agni” the digestive fire for better digestion.

The mutability of the gut is as important as eating the right food. The dynamic and static yoga poses break down the toxins faster, increases metabolism in the body, and supports the digestive process.

Following the right detox diet and regularly practicing yoga will indeed speed up the cleansing process. Here are some yoga poses that you shall try out for body detoxification.

5 best detox yoga Poses

1.Downward facing Dog

In this pose your heart is above your head, this inversion forces the blood to circulate in a different direction. This pose helps to release sadness, stress, and depression, also helps in improving blood circulation.

2.Eagle pose

The eagle pose stimulates circulation and alleviates the toxins from the bloodstream. This pose also stretches and strengthens the elbow, ankle, hip joints, and knee. Start the posture by standing strong with your arms by your side and legs close together.

3.Seated twist

This pose is an essential exercise for your digestive system. This pose eases movement in the torso hence affects the digestive system. The twisting yoga poses are often equated with detoxing. More the movement of the digestive system the better our detoxing.

4.Boat pose

This pose helps to tone and strengthen your hip flexors, abdomen, and spine. It also energizes the thyroid, kidney, and intestine which in turn helps to relieve stress and improves your digestion.

5.Bound headstand

This pose is not ideal for beginners but is one of the best poses for body detoxification. Typically, this pose should be held for 7 breaths or longer. The vital factor about this pose is that it focuses on deep breathing which in turn clears out carbon dioxide from the lungs. Use a wall if you’re new to this pose it will help to improve balance.

If you loved these yoga poses it’s time you head to the yoga mat to practice these wonderful yoga poses. Remember detox is not about starving yourself. Make sure to follow a healthy diet to avoid diseases. Detox is about giving your body rest from the toxins that build up in our bodies. I hope this article proves to be productive for your body detox process.



Define Body detoxification?

In simpler terms body detox implies an alternative type of medical treatment or specific diet to alleviate the toxins and waste from your body, thereby improving your health.

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