Yoga or Yog is the way one lives his or her life. Something unconventional that’s beyond the Yoga classes and sessions one takes. Having a Yogistic lifestyle is not only important for our health but also is a necessity for better survival in 2021. After the pandemic scenarios, everyone is very particular and conscious about their living lifestyle. Having a Yogistic lifestyle has several plus points for us and the people around us
Here is what you need to have a briefing about the Yogistic Lifestyle. 

To understand the basics of the Yogistic Lifestyle, one must try to live their life like the Yogis or adapt to the ways the ancient Indians lived in. You have to dedicate your health to yourself and succeed. It is a lifestyle that you have to adapt and put yourself into it forever. It is your healthy relationship that you need to make between your diet and exercise routine- Yog.

A drastic change never comes in seconds, it takes months. Sometimes it takes years too, but one must never lose hope and keep their dedication strong and high towards the Yoga and Yogistic Lifestyle. Not only your physical health would be improvised, but also the further risks of major diseases get minimized.

We completely understand the atmosphere, the surroundings, the air was completely different compared to the ancient times, but a small change in your lifestyle can show major strong outcomes in your outlooks.

The silver mantra to approach and get into the Yogistic Lifestyle is by reading. Reading about Yoga, the ways our ancestors used to follow Yoga, their immense love for Vedas, and their journey filled with hardships.

You can initiate with reading about several blogs that are related to the Yogistic Lifestyle and tell the benefits of Yoga. Several blogs are available in one search of Google. The contents are available in various languages which makes it easy to comprehend. Quite bloggers frame content in such a style that it’s a facile task for their readers as beginners to read and understand the concepts.

You can try your hands on studying the biographies or the journey of the modern yogis. Try and comprehend their diet, the lifestyle they used to incorporate a healthy body and sharp mind.

One of the best ways is to make a group circle or find a group circle on various applications who share the same interests or habits as you do. This is one of the best methods to understand in depth the need for Yoga and Yogistic Lifestyle in 2021. Not only making a group circle or reading would bring out the change, but it’s also the execution that would modify our life into something great.


Transform the “Live to Eat” into “Eat to Live”

One of the best ways is to transform the Live to Eat -> Eat to Live. We often get so busy with our cravings that we start consuming a lot of fats or processed foods which lead to major heart diseases and our gradually destroying our health. Foods that are full of sugar and refined oils are harmful to our bodies.

If we understand the foods (water from copper bottles, ghee, etc.) that people from ancient times used to eat, they were surely some great food items which not only made their muscles strong but kept their eyesight healthy too.

It’s somehow not completely possible for us to change our food likings completely, but at least we can try opting for a plant-based food diet. Adapting to some physical workout routines regularly is one way you can digest your food and build your immunity. Keeping a regular practice of Yoga would not only help you stay fit but would build your body stronger to fight all the germs surrounding you.

Try eating more home-baked or cooked food items than eating items cooked in restaurants or cafeterias. These are some small changes that can further build a strong foundation for a healthy Yogistic lifestyle.

Hear out the Biological Rhythm

Hear out the biological rhythm, simply understand your body needs and let your body tell you when to eat and when not to eat. Understand and follow the natural circadian rhythm of your body. Have you ever thought, that when you sleep at night and wake up early in the morning, you wake up all energetic and calm when your body is healthy.

It is observed and studies show that people who went to bed early are the ones who’re much healthier as compared to ones who start down their day in the afternoon instead of morning. Try the practice of sleeping early and waking up early. Prefer not to oversleep and breathe fresh air in the early hours. Start meditating early in the morning, you’d yourself gradually observe a strong change in your mind and body.


Transform the dressing style for your conscious

Yogistic Lifestyle doesn’t ask you to not wear certain type of clothes. Instead, it is about wearing the clothes that your body feels comfortable in. It is quite relevant to comprehend and accept your body. Confidence is one major thing that people lack these days in themselves because of the damaged bodies they’re carrying with a poor BMI(Body Mass Index).

Never be ashamed of wearing of any type of attire just because you feel you don’t have a certain type of body. Nothing is impossible if you have the dedication to achieve it. Achieve a healthier yogistic lifestyle over a show-off fashionable lifestyle. Build bodies by healthy diets and exercised and not supplements. Every body is beautiful in its way. Prefer clothes of your choice while practicing Yoga. Try buying good quality of clothes from clean manufacturers who ethically work on their raw materials.
Prefer natural fibers or cotton clothes while exercising.


In these times, almost every day several dangerous diseases are spreading around us, which lead to major lockdown in several countries in the past. Yoga is a revolution that one must adapt to for a better chance of survival in this world by changing our basic lifestyle to a Yogistic Lifestyle.