Due to the increased work hours and hectic schedules, one faces a lot of issues and somehow falls into an unhealthy lifestyle. After the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing that strikes the minds of people was to maintain a healthy diet. To maintain a balanced diet, build a strong immune system to fight such a dangerous virus that affected the lives of many. We all have cravings to have some delicious dishes like pizza, pasta, burgers, etc. Cravings are normal, but excessively storing your body with foods filled with trans-fats can result in increasing levels of cholesterol in our body.

Now the question that arises is why do we need to cut-off cholesterol in our body? According to the studies, more than 12% of adults of age 20 and above die every year because of coronary heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure levels, peripheral arterial diseases, etc. Now, what is the major cause of such dangerous diseases? the answer is high levels of cholesterol. By the statistics of Times of India, 53% of deaths have been caused by high levels of cholesterol within 5 years.

So, to resolve and provide a healthy solution, we’ll enlist some great techniques to cut-off cholesterol from your body.

Here are provided some of the Golden Mantras to cut-off cholesterol naturally.

Whenever you feel low or tired, the first thing that pops up your mood is spicy foods like peri-peri momos or desserts like cakes or brownies. We somewhere forget and don’t ponder upon the fact that foods like these might spice-up our mood, but can destroy our body like a slow poison. Processed foods especially play a major role in the destruction of our heart and waist curves. Fried junk foods can cause blockages in veins and arteries resulting in major damages and leading to the disease, atherosclerosis.

It’s a relevant thing to check-in a healthy diet menu in our daily routine. Prefer to have foods like green leafy vegetables, fruits, oats, multigrain, etc. instead of fried potatoes, cheese, and plain maida slices of bread. Eating foods rich in fiber and proteins can be a plus point in your healthy diet menu.

Be watchful of your exercise schedule

The major issue that one faces today is having no-time for exercise. There can be several reasons for the same. But it’s quite important to take out time for yourself. Exercising for even one hour can help you lower your LDL levels of cholesterol. One of the big reasons for cholesterol is excessive weight. Prefer to calculate your BMI( Body Mass Index) and maintain it to normal.

Including exercises to boost your body, a better digestion can be one of the golden mantras to cut-off cholesterol of your body. Activities like playing badminton, gardening, mopping your house, walking for a minimum of 5 km are some ways to cut-down cholesterol.

The Golden Mantra of Yoga-> cut-off cholesterol like a beast

Yoga is one of the easiest and most powerful considered methods that can be a savior for all people suffering from major cholesterol levels. Yoga provides numerous techniques of stretching and massages that can do wonders and be a great method to overcome high levels of cholesterol. Practice Yoga and cut-off cholesterol like a beast.

It’s quite necessary to keep a check on yourself daily and then work on yourself accordingly. Keeping a cross-check on what postures you can do and what you cannot do would not only help you in reaching your goal of staying fit using yoga but also would help you to overcome health issues within a less period.

Say Big NO to smoking and alcoholic beverages

Consumptions of harmful beverages such as alcohol or smoking are the strongest reason to weaken your body not only physically but also psychologically. People prone to regular consumption of such harmful things tend to lose their health quite fast as compared to the people who maintain a healthy balanced diet and exercise daily.

Staying fit is not to be done for anyone else, but one’s self.
The best way to quit smoking and alcohol is nothing but acceptance. Accept the fact it’s dangerous. Accept the fact that it’s acting as a slow poison for you and can kill you with a voracious death. Quitting the consumption of alcohol and smoking can help improve the HDL cholesterol level in your body and make you feel fresh and healthy.

Increase the water intake and Vitamin C intake in your body

One of the golden mantras to cut-off cholesterol is to shoot-up the intake of water. The consumption of water every morning empty stomach can be really beneficial to cut-down all the bad nutrients off your body.

Keeping an intake of 3 glasses of  freshly extracted orange juice with pulp is one of the best ways to reduce cholesterol and provide Vitamin C to your body. Lemon water without any sugar can also be beneficial to reduce the high cholesterol-fat naturally.


The golden mantras discussed above to cut-off the cholesterol levels from your body naturally are a few great ways if you have some major risk of increased lipid values that can result in harmful diseases later. These are the techniques that for sure work as a charm for several people, still if you don’t observe any changes then you can have a word with your doctor to guide you for good medications. Make sure to keep a record of your cholesterol levels. Also, try inculcating some good diet changes in your lifestyle for faster results. And never forget to practice yoga and pranayama for a healthy life.


1. How to reduce cholesterol naturally?

Ans. There are various ways and techniques to cut-off cholesterol naturally.

a. Skip consuming trans fats- They are quite dangerous for your body and cause major diseases like heart attack.

b. Consume goods that are filled with fiber- This would help you stay full-stomach and healthy.

c. Try reducing weight using Yoga or Pranayama and follow a balanced diet.

2. Is it possible to lower cholesterol quickly?

Ans. Lowering the levels of cholesterol from your body is not an easy task. It depends on body to body as to what methods you can utilize and your hardwork to reduce trans fats off your body. Though, yoga is one of the best and quickest way to reduce cholesterol levels from your body.

3. What foods raise your body cholesterol level?

Ans. The foods that consists of trans fats or the processed foods are most dangerous for your body. Being a fat-like substance cholesterol sticks to your body like a glue. If the level of it increases in a wrong manner, it can cause major diseases like stroke, heart attack, diabetes, etc.