Is migraine even that painful? Can yoga be effective in such cases?

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Reviewed by  Dr. Andrew Grover,  CPT

The turmoil and the trauma that this dreadful condition brings can only be really understood by the people who suffer from migraines? It’s really heartbreaking to see a loved one suffer when a migraine decides to attack as they have to undergo severe pain, become sensitive around sound, and hate being in the light. Migraine is increasing so much that it has become common around us. Every other person we meet is going through such kind of problem. It’s not even our fault, the lifestyle we have and because of certain circumstances, it has become so ordinary amongst us. Whatever the situation might be, we need to learn to overcome it because there is always hope. But before we get into all the in-depth detail, let me answer the major question related to what is a migraine?  

A Neurological disorder that brings with it repeated bouts of headaches, ranging from a high to moderate intensity is known as Migraine.  When the pain occurs, you might feel it on one-half of the head or either on one side of the head. The ones who go through this kind of disease hate being around noise and light and there is a possibility for it last for a week maybe if not then for just two hours or even two days.  Aggravated pain, vomiting, and nausea during physical activity are other symptoms included in Migraine. 

Who are the most affected ones?  

It has been estimated that women are more than twice as likely to have migraine than men, therefore, migraine occurs most often in women. Along with the women, the people with the lowest income groups are considered to be attacked by migraines as well, since they are under constant pressure from both sides whether it is their professional life or personal space. Therefore, you can also consider the people under 15-55 age group to be affected by migraines since they are the ones who are always under constant pressure with their day-to-day life activities.   

What can cause a migraine? 

Researchers have identified possible causes but they still don’t have an ultimate clarification and therefore people are not able to figure out why or how migraines cause and as a result has become a bit of mystery for most of them. The possible thesis may consist of:  

  • Migraine may occur because of irregularities in the brain’s blood vessels system or brain chemicals and nerve pathways.  
  • A Genetic tendency may also be a reason that may lead to migraine.  

Treatments for migraine headaches

If you’re suffering from such illness the only cure which your doctor will suggest is heavy medication. Medication can only be effective for a while. You can’t depend on medication for the rest of your life as it is it comes with risk. Don’t you agree? Drowsiness is one of the many side effects of Migraine medicines. Extreme use of medication lead to kidney failure. Is that even good? No, absolutely not. So, what do you think the better option can be here? Is there a natural way? Yes, of course, it is always better to go natural, there are many natural remedies out there to cure such issues, and that is where yoga comes to the rescue because it’s the best among all. Not only for this it has been beneficial in many other cases such as diabetes, thyroid, insomnia, and whatnot. 

Let us know more about why and how yoga can be helpful?  


Yoga is a combination of asanas and breathing techniques that helps to promotes a sense of holistic living. It is been practiced for years therefore it’s just not a form of exercise for the practitioners. It only helps to fight against any disorder while rectifying postures and helps to improve overall health without any side effects. Throughout the day if you take out a few minutes from your busy schedule it will be considered to be a great help for the future and keeps you away from problems like migraines. 

Given below are few different yoga poses that can help you out here:  

  • Padmasana 

Padm asana is a meditative posture because it helps to reduce headaches as it clears out the head and relaxes the mind. It is also known as the Lotus Pose. The pose looks simple but doesn’t go on its simplicity. It is equally difficult to master this pose.  

  • Uttanasana 

It is popularly known as the Pada Hast Asana. It is more of a forwarding bend while standing. It calms the mind as it enhances blood circulation and stimulates the nervous system as it works on the core of the body. This also helps with migraine relief.  

  • Marjariasana 

The combination of Cow Stretch or the Bitilasana helps to form the Marjariasana also called the Cat Stretch. Combining these two poses is really beneficial for the system altogether. The pose is a great muscle and mind relaxant. It helps to release stress by improving your breathing. The symptoms and pain of migraines can be reduced with the help of all these factors.  

  • Balasana

It is a great stress-buster pose and resting pose. It is also called the Child pose. It gives a good stretch to the thighs, hips, and ankles. Your nervous system calms down once your body is stretched. It helps to reduce fatigue and stress, therefore, vanishes migraines.  

If you are a beginner, to learn these yoga poses you need to join those expensive classes. I’m sure not all of us are that privileged to afford these classes, I’m saying this with confidence because I am one of you guys too. So, what do you think can be another option here? Let me help you out there too. The easiest way to practice yoga at home is through a simple smartphone. You can install this amazing app which provides the best features and guides you right from the starting till the end. I’ve been using it myself for quite a long-time and will definitely recommend going for it. Along with the amazing features that it includes this app is TOTALLY FREE! So, what are you waiting for? Go download and check it out and do let me know your reviews. I’ve mentioned the link below:

Migraine Relief Yoga-Sinus & Headache Relief Home

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