I bet your knees are bent right now! My guess was surely right, but very skillfully you just changed the position of your legs and you probably have a subtle smile on your face and that’s how I wanted you to start reading this article with a smile on your face. I feel the pain you’re going through; you’re exhausted and drained because of the persistent pain in your knees and you’re desperate to get rid of this agony and relieve yourself from this pain.

Don’t worry mate we have got your back! Go on reading this article you will surely find a solution to all your problems.

Do you remember your childhood days? On a Sunday afternoon you would probably be playing soccer on a muddy ground which got your knees swollen and bruised, or do you remember the time when your professor made you kneel for hours because of your mischievous?

Oh well! If I compare your childhood struggles to the agony people with chronic knee pain go through it seems like a joke. Trust me knee pain might seem like a minor obstacle but it can get you, it affects you both physically and mentally.

Come along let’s find out more about chronic Knee pain.

For many people, knee pain seems like a minor problem, which is not the case it can lead to serious implications for your health if left untreated. It is vital that we take adequate measures or else these minor knee pain problems may haunt you in the future.
Here are some physical conditions and diseases which has led to chronic knee pain.

  • Tendinitis: It is a situation in which you experience pain in the front part of your knee, this gets worse when you carry out physical activities.
  • Dislocation: Dislocation of your knee cap may lead to unbearable pain in your knees you can’t even imagine the agony and pain one has to go through due to dislocation of one knee cap.
  • Torn ligament: There are four ligaments in the knee, a tear in one of those can cause major problems to your knee. Even a minor tear in your ligament can cause severe pain and swelling.
  • Carrying out various types of exercises without proper guidance from a fitness trainer can lead to knee injuries. It is important to warm up before any physical activity, take adequate measures while carrying out stretching exercises, and make sure to take a break and regular intervals to relax your body.
  • While playing sports we tend to get hit on our knees on some occasions, if you feel some pain in your knees it is crucial to visit a doctor and take the necessary medication to relieve the pain as soon as possible. These minor injuries can cause serious problems in the future.

How can knee pain be prevented?

Well, there are some lifestyle changes that you can make to prevent knee pain problems. Here are some lifestyle changes that you should make to avoid knee pain problems.

  • Lose weight: Being overweight and obese can lead to serious problems for your knees. It’s important to carry out a physical activity that will help you to stay fit and healthy, also it is important to keep a check on your diet.
  • Get support: If you’re planning to carry out any physical activity it is important to wear good quality shoes. It provides you with proper cushioning and support.
  • Warm-up: Before starting any type of exercise it is vital to ensure your muscles are flexed and warmed up. Stretch your legs and hamstrings before starting any exercise.
  • Mix low impact and high impact exercises: Instead of opting for the same type of exercises every day it is important to relax some parts of your body. Try out swimming or cycling on a day and the next day opt for exercises that do not strain your knees.

Now it’s time we move on to the most crucial part of this article. I’ve talked enough about the agony that people go through because of knee pain. But what about the treatment?
Come on now pack all your worries about knee pain in a box and throw it away! Here is the solution to get rid of all your knee pain problems.

Treatment for Knee Pain

If you visit the doctor with a knee ailment, he would probably prescribe you medication or recommend you to practice physical therapies or in the worst scenario, he would advise you for surgery.
Well, physical therapies and medication are effective to an extent but they will not mitigate the pain completely.
For chronic knee pain, doctors have often advised surgery. But, is surgery the best treatment for knee pain relief? Imagine you’re going through chronic knee pain would you go for surgery?
Well, calm down you need not worry here is the easiest way to get rid of all your damn problems.
Here we go!


YES, the first gateway to a healthy and happy life is indeed yoga. Yoga is the best sought of exercise to keep your body healthy and fit. According to an article, yoga not only helps to relieve knee pain but also provides stability and balance.

Yoga poses when practiced in the right manner it will help you develop three essential elements- It strengthens knee surrounding muscles, brings flexibility in your knee joints, and provides balance to the muscles around the knee. It helps in stress management as well.
Here are 5 yoga poses that will help you get rid of chronic knee pain.

And because I care, here is a guide to ensure you practice the yoga poses in the manner. Go check it out!

5 best yoga poses for knee pain relief

1. Bridge pose (Setu bandhasana)

This pose is highly recommended for knee pain relief and also helps in strengthening your joints. This pose has to be practiced under the guidance of a tutor or else it might lead to neck or knee injuries. This pose also helps in reducing stress, improving digestion, and deals with fatigue and backache.

2. Tree pose (Vrikshasana)

This pose is more about balancing your body and less stretching is involved in this pose. It brings balance to the muscles of your body and trains your leg for better control. For beginners, it might seem difficult to balance your body but once you practice this pose regularly you will enjoy this pose. For people who are suffering from knee pain, this pose will bring stability and control to the knee joint.

3. Downward facing dog (Adho mukha svanasana)

This pose works on multiple muscles, bones, and ligaments of your body. This pose works on the ankle, knee, leg muscles, lower and upper back muscles, and chest muscles as well.

4. Hero pose (Virasana)

Virasana is the best way to relax your body and at the same time exercise as well. This is highly recommended for people with knee pain. Hero pose works mostly on your legs, knee, ankle, hip, and lower abdomen.

5. Mountain pose (Tadasana)

This pose helps maintain the alignment of your knees. Mountain pose will affect your thighs, knees, feet, ankles, buttocks, and abdomen. This pose is effective for beginners, and it is easy to perform this pose.
“The pain of recovery is often greater than the pain of injury but healing is worth it. DON’T GIVE UP”