Yogistic lifestyle to resolve Lower Blood Pressure issues in 2021

Reviewed by  Dr. Andrew Grover,  CPT


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A healthy Blood Pressure can be resulted as  120/80. The blood pressure for every person is measured in terms of  two terminologies- systolic and diastolic. Upper measurement is termed systolic and lower is termed as diastolic.

Systolic blood pressure(120) displays the pressure exerted on the arteries whenever the heart contracts.

Diastolic blood pressure (80) measures the pressure exerted in the arteries when heart relax. A systolic reading below 90 and diastolic below 60 is marked as low blood pressure. It is considered dangerous for health. But let’s understand how does the blood pressure go that low?

There are several reasons for lower blood rpessure such as- Low activity level, poor lifestyle, dehydration, unhealthy diet and weak heart are the major causes of low blood pressure. Moreover factors that may lead to low blood pressure are blood loss, being on medications, prolonged bed rest, the initial stage of pregnancy etc. Making sure to keep in tact withyour blood pressure healthy again, you have to get rid of all bad habits. Taking correct measures at the right time will save your body from any further damage or impending health condition.

Yoga can be highly beneficial for normalizing low blood pressure.Before understanding and digging into the  study of  yoga for maintaining a normal blood pressure resolve lower blood pressure issues using yoga, let’sunderstand Blood Pressure biologically.


What is Blood Pressure?

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Blood pressure or abbrievated as BP  is the pressure by which the blood is  circulating against the walls of blood vessels. Most of this pressure results from the heart pumping blood through the circulatory system. When used without qualification, the term “blood pressure”is stated as the pressure in the large arteries.



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The reasons for lower blood pressure can be a list of enumerous reasons, a few of them are:

1. Low blood pressure  for some people causes no problems. However, for many people, abnormally low blood pressure (hypotension) can cause dizziness and fainting.

2. In severe cases, low blood pressure can be life-threatening.

3. Lower BP can cause Dizziness or lightheadedness

4. Fainting

5. Blurred or fading vision

6. Nausea

7. Fatigue issues

8. Lack of concentration and anxiety issues

The list goes long. And it’s high time we understand importance of yoga and resolve our health related problems without any medications.

The causes of low blood pressure can range from dehydration to serious medical disorders. It’s important to find out what’s causing your low blood pressure so that it can be treated.




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 Regular practice of physical exercises, like yoga, can improve blood flow in the body, and thus, alleviate low blood pressure. Additionally, a balanced ayurvedic diet can ease and speed up the process of normalising the blood pressure level. Listed below are some asanas and pranayamas in yoga for low BP patients. 

Of course, this aspect of yoga takes time and a practice is what yoga is so you will forever be evolving and finding more about yourself than prior practices.


5 Effective Yoga Poses for curing Lower Blood Pressure and maintaining it to Normal Blood Pressure

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I’m sure if you have a good practice of these yoga poses you can resolve your high blood pressure issue in no time and help controlling it for long.

Spend a good amount of time like 30 minutes a  day on yoga exercises that will surely help you keep your stomach healthy and lead to a healthy body and mind.


1. Padahastasana

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1. Bend forward in Padahastasana to let the blood circulate well in the upper part of the body.

2. The heart gets strong by practicing this pose on a regular basis.

3. Your low blood pressure will not be able to harm your heart anymore. Just make sure you don’t strain yourself.

2.Adho Mukha Svasana 

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1. Adho mukha svanasana stimulates the circulation of blood, especially in the region of the upper spine.

2. It will help you strengthen your core making you healthy in general.

3. Practice just for a few seconds in the beginning, gradually increase the time.

3. Balasana

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1. Sit in Vajrasana and bend forward as far as you can and simply relax. 

2. Shashankasana is one of those poses that you would want to hold for longer duration.

3. Due to its simplicity and relaxing effects on the body and yes its ability to control low blood pressure.

4. Pawanmukhasana 

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1. Pawanmukhasana is another easy yet effective pose to bring the low blood pressure back to its normal flow.

2. Lifting the neck might be a bit challenging for you while you stay in wind relieving pose. But it will come easy after some time.

5. Shavasana

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1. Shavasana is the ultimate calming, relaxing, and stress-reducing pose in yoga.

2. Shavasana is a simple pose, but it can have a very holistic effect if practiced properly.

3. It can enhance your blood circulation, nervous functions, metabolism, and hormone secretion.

4. The corpse pose is something, that one might call a physical meditation.

Yoga is the way to a healthy life and longer life, start young, live young,Stay healthy!!”




Can Yoga cause lower blood pressure?

Lower blood pressure or hypertension is a serious condition that leads to heart attacks, strokes, and even death. Yoga can never be reason for someone’s death if practiced nder doctor’s consultation or advice from yogistic adviser.This ‘silent killer’ is all the more dangerous because it displays no symptoms. So, the only way you can find out is by getting yourself checked regularly.

What are the best practices for lower blood pressure people?

People with lower blood pressure should only practice certain asanas (postures), whilst acknowledging that there are other asanas that are not suitable for them. The yogic practices of meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises) are also particularly beneficial for people who suffer from low blood pressure.

How to cure low blood pressure naturally?

The only way to cure low blood pressure problem is by a good diet and lifestyle. Practice of yoga asana, pranayama and yogic living help reduce and cure low BP problems. Regular yoga practice induce a deep sense of body-mind calmness, lowers stress hormone cortisol, activates PNS response.

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