Yogistic lifestyle- Solution to all problems- 7 Warm up exercises to stay fit

Reviewed by  Dr. Andrew Grover,  CPT

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Have you ever seen some people practicing some easy exercises on their Yoga Mats, prior their advanced yoga sessions? No? Let’s talk about it. Or Have you ever arrived early for a yoga session and you’ve probably noticed your fellow yoga mates working on  some simple stretches on their Yoga mats.

Though most yoga classes start with a warm-up exercise series, it’s a good perception or start for you to go through a few basic poses or stretches on your own that will help you prepare for the session ahead.Adding on  to preparing your physical body, you’ll get into your yoga mindset, providing a relevant separation from the rest of your day.

Let’s further discuss how can yoga help one keeping a healthy lifestyle and further elaborating some great warm-up exercises to stay fit or start yog as beginner.



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Warm up exercies prior yoga asanas can help in:- 

1. It is the best option to opt for a better functioning of mind and body.

2.  For bring stability to your body system which helps in enhancing and upgrading your body to a better healthy system. 

3. Yoga and warm up exercises does very effective stress management.

3. And finally, warm-up exercises prior yoga can also help you maintain a regular BMI that helps you stay fit and rock solid.

Yoga helps everyone  to feel more at peace with the world and yourself which in turn gives one space to have a healthier lifestyle and not reach for unhealthy options or fall into old unhealthy habits.Yoga works as an emphasises on breath, focus and meditation. Apart from building awareness of your mind and body, it helps you understanding your own body.

Thus, Yoga is also a highly recommended activity for all the beginners to improvise their lifestyle and adapting the way that one lives their life smoothly.

Of course, the advanced aspect of yoga takes time and a practice is what yoga is so you will forever be evolving and finding more about yourself than prior practices.


Fabulous Warm up Exercises for a Healthy Mind and Body

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If you have a good practice of these warm-up exercises as a beginner you can resolve all your health related issues in no time and help controlling it for long. Your body stamina would increase and would help you stretch better for a better flexibility in your body.

Spend a good amount of time like 30 minutes a  day on yoga exercises that will surely help you keep your stomach healthy and lead to a healthy body and mind.


1. Anulom Vilom Pranayma

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1. Start by sitting in the meditation pose.

2. Breathe in and out first.

3. Start by closing one of the nostrils and then breathing in through the other.

4. While exhaling, close the other nostril and breathe out through the nostril that was close before.

5. Do this repeatedly with either one for a minute.

2. Neck Rolls

See the source image1. Start by standing erect with your spine elongated or by sitting in the meditation pose. 

2. Starting from the center, exhale and roll to the left.

3. Inhale whilst being up and exhale roll to the right.

4. Once you have done five of these half circles you can move into the full range – but be careful when you roll your head back.

3. Anjali Mudra

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1.Begin by sitting in the meditation pose without your hands relaxed.

2.Bring your hands in front of your chest and do the “Namaste” position with the hand.

3.This is what aligns the heart chakra. Close your eyes, relax and just take deep breaths.

4. Hole your breath and then exhale gradually for the maximum benefits.

5. Do this persistently for a few minutes at a stretch.

4. Tadasana

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1. Start by standing shoulder width apart, keeping your arms loosely by the side of your body.

2. Keeping your thigh muscles firm, strengthen the inner arches of your inner ankles while simultaneously lifting them.

3. Stretch your hands from either side of your body and take them up to the top of your head and place them there.

4. Join your feet so your heels are touching in the back and then gently lift yourself up while pressure on the toes.

5. Hold this posture for a few seconds and return to the original pose again. Repeat this 10 times in a time frame.

5. Urdhva Hastasana

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1. Begin in a Mountain Pose, feet together and grounded.

2. Spread your toes to grab the mat and activate your legs by pulling kneecaps up. Tailbone tucked in, shoulders rolled back and spine straight.

3. Inhale, lift your arms up. Interlace your fingers. Release index fingers, and feel as if someone is pulling you up from your head.

4. Exhale, tilt your upper body to the right side from you hips. Keeping hips straight and deepening the stretch with every exhale.

5. Stay for five breaths. Remember to keep pelvis tucked in, feet strong on the ground, chest open, and shoulders away from the ears. Inhale, raise back up and exhale.

6. Repeat the same to the left side.

6. Sukhasana

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1. Start by sitting in an erect position with your feet stretched out.

2. Gradually bring in your feet and fold them at the knees and sit in the meditative pose.

3. Make sure that your body is in a relaxed state and your knees and the shins are forming a triangle.

4. Place the backside of your palm over the knees with your hands stretched out.

5. Close your eyes, relax your body and just meditate to calm yourself down.

6. Do this for 10 minutes straight.

7. Utkata Konasana

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1. Inhale step your right foot back, facing the longer side of your mat.

2. Turn both toes into a 45 degree angle. Exhale, bend knees, coming into a goddess squat.

3. You want to have your knees above your ankles and thighs parallel to the ground.

4. Next creating cactus hands: Lift arms parallel to the floor, bend from elbows into 90 degrees and spread your fingers wide.

5. Draw shoulder blades back, engage abs and tuck your tailbone. Stay for five breaths.

6. Exhale, straighten legs and lower arms, returning to Mountain Pose.

“True yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life. Yoga is not to be performed; yoga is to be lived.

Stay healthy, Stay safe!!”




How to do Yoga for a healthy body?

Focus on your exercises, and lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle and good diet is really important for Yoga for a healthy body and mind. The yoga for a healthy body and lifestyle  begins with simple asanas, further leading to postures that needed more stamina. 

What are the best practices for to warm up body?

One should only practice certain asanas (postures), whilst acknowledging that there are other asanas that are not suitable for them. The yogic practices of meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises) are also particularly beneficial for people to start yoga as warm up-exercises or begin with a better lifestyle.

Which is the best yoga postures for maintaining a healthy body?

Trikonasana is considered as an easy asana for beginners, standing yoga posture which is also designed to promote cardiovascular exercise.This pose helps one in increasing stamina.

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