Yoga- Rejuvenate your sleep- En-route to a better Yogistic approach in 2021

Reviewed by  Dr. Andrew Grover,  CPT


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Have you ever wondered why you cannot sleep lately especially when your diet is fine and so is your lifestyle? The major reason for not having a good sleep at night is ofcourse the diet you consuming and the lifestyle you have in 2021 which is really poor and is getting adverse day by day.

One of the major reasons for not having a nice sleep is the lack of immunity and confidence. Yes, you heard it right, confidence. Most of the people are facing alot of stress and anxiety lately in 2021 due to the bad news heard everyday on Television of  several deaths due to the Second and most dangerous wave of Corona virus which is not sparing rich or poor.

It is important to have a good sleep for a good morning and energetic morning to function well. Our bodies are designed in such a manner that one must have atleast a sleep of 8 to 10 hours a day at night which is been lacked ue to the excessive workload, stress or some bad news heard every now and then.

Let’s further discuss how can yoga help one rejuvenating their sleep and enroute to a better Yogistic approach in 2021.


List of Reasons you can’t get a great Good Night Sleep in 2021??


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STRESS is possibly the biggest  cause of insomnia, causing millions of us to lie awake every night worrying.Our state of mental health is intrinsically linked with sleep problems, whether it’s worry preventing us from nodding off, or depression causing us to wake up unduly early every morning.


Mostly a good and heavy dinner often makes us feel sleepy, it’s not always a good idea to pack in a big meal too close to bedtime. Apart from this your stomach is trying to digest your food, it can be uncomfortable lying down with a full stomach.


To opt for a better functioning of mind and body and work for a longer timespan and live life happily, it is important that you have a NICE SLEEP, but often one faces a lot of issues which leads to mind being exhausted and frustrated leading to no sleep.

Yoga is one of the most effective and time-tested natural way to make you rejuvenate your sleep and relax well. Yoga lowers stress hormones and strengthens the nervous system while also stimulating the lymphatic system, which relaxes your body from all toxins leading to a better sleep.

Yoga helps every person  to feel more at peace with the world and yourself which in turn gives one space to have a healthier lifestyle and not reach for unhealthy options or fall into old unhealthy habits. Yoga works as an emphasises on breath, focus and meditation.


Some good tips apart from yoga that will help you have a great Good Night sleep


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1. Consumption of caffeine prior 4 hours of sleeping must be avoided and minimized

2. Keep a good regular sleep and wake schedule

3. Say no to smoke, especially near bedtime or if you awake in the night

4. Avoid excessive alcohol and heavy meals before sleep

5. Have a  regular exercise and Yoga time

6. Reduce noise, light and excessive hot and cold temperatures where you sleep

7. Develop a regular bed time and go to bed at the same time each night

8. Focus on trying  and wake up without an alarm clock

9. Attempt to go to bed earlier every night for certain period

Some Exercises that will help you have a Good Night sleep and rejuvenate it! 

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If you have a good practice of these Yoga asanas exercises as a beginner or a person who wants to do it to stay fit, that’s a need of an hour for all of us then you can resolve sleeping problems in no time and help maintaining a good sleep for long.

Spend a good amount of time like 30 minutes a  day on yoga exercises that will surely help you  lead to a healthy body and mind.

1. Anjali Mudra

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1. Take the hands together in prayer and lightly touch the thumbs to the centre of the chest,

2. Taking a moment to acknowledge the space around the heart.

3. Consciously think of at least 3 things you are grateful for in this moment and be with those feelings for a minute or two, or more if that feels right.

2. Cat or Cow Pose

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1. Come on to hands and knees with the spine in neutral, shoulders over wrists and hips over knees.

2. Begin to move slowly by practicing the pose.

3. Feel the movement start from the tailbone and flow up through the spine and back again in a fluid, soothing way.

4. Breathe and guide the movement of the body, releasing any tension or tightness in the back and/or the mind.

3. Child Pose

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1. It is one of the yoga postures for quieting, calming and restoring when it comes to preparing the mind and body for sleep.

2. The knees can be together or separate, depending on what your body wants and I’d recommend placing the arms in variation  is going to increase feelings of relaxation.

3. Stay for at least 10-15 (or more) breaths, and get a sense that you’re letting go more and more with each exhalation, helping to rejuvenate and restore your whole being.

4. Butterfly Pose


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1. This pose really works to quiet the mind and introvert our awareness. From seated, bring the soles of the feet together and then slide them away from your body, further than you would have them in Baddha Konasana.

2. As you start to fold forward, allow your back to round and feel yourself slowly melting towards the floor.

3. Depending on your level of flexibility, the forehead may come to rest on the hands, or maybe it comes all the way to rest on the feet.

4. Allow yourself time to melt into the pose and use the exhalation to help you let go.

5. After a minute or three, or an amount of time that feels intuitively right, start to slowly peel yourself up (please don’t hurry).

6. It’s nice to counter this pose with a very quiet, gentle seated backbend or gentle seated twist.



Yoga can be the best ways to solve all your health issues with just a bit of time investment, DO IT!!”

“Stay healthy, Stay safe!!”










How to do Yoga for a good sleep?

Focus on your diet and lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle and good diet is really important for Yoga for a great good night sleep. 

What are the best practices for goodnight sleep?

One should only practice certain asanas (postures), whilst acknowledging that there are other asanas that are not suitable for them. The yogic practices of meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises) are also particularly beneficial for people to start yoga as starting easy exercises for nice sleep.

Which is the best yoga postures for having a nice good night sleep?

Plow Pose (Halasana) is the best pose for one to five minutes to fall asleep easier. Lie down on your back, lifting your legs over your head and then to the ground behind you, with your hands either on your back for support or on the floor.

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