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Reviewed by  Dr. Andrew Grover,  CPT

Yoga for student stress

Being a student is beyond doubt a rigorous chapter of your life. School students of all ages are under constant pressure to meet their academic demands daily. Student’s number one priority is to be able to perform well at school as per their parents and teacher expectations. 

This doesn’t end here, along with the academic challenges, many students encounter peer pressure as well. The need to keep up their social game is given greater importance. All these little worries create a hell of a lot of stress in the student’s minds. Is it fair to be this stressed at a young age? How can they cope up to deal with stress, if we adults only don’t handle it that well? 

According to Mayo clinic, if these problems are left acknowledged and unaddressed, school stress can lead to conditions such as anxiety, depression, headaches & muscle tensions. The reasons for stress might be petite but it can be more harmful than you think. Do you know why? Student stress leads to SUICIDE. To all the parents out there, if by any chance your child is under a lot of pressure during his academic period, is this scary enough for you to take immediate action. 

Do you know the student suicide rate? Every hour one student commits suicide in India. In 2016, the number of suicided cases was 9,478, in 2017 it increased to 9,905 and in 2018 it directly raised to 10,159. How disheartening is this to hear? I mean how and why does this happen? Shouldn’t this be taken care of with strict actions? The educational realm has created high competition in such a way that the students are forced to end their life. 

Let me tell you one of my personal experiences, my cousin’s brother ended his life just because he failed two subjects in his boards and was too scared to face his parents after his results? We have no idea what such kinds of people think or how are they so weak? So, what can we do for such people? 

I am not saying to leave education or stop sending your child to school, NO/ NEVER. That is not possible. Education is an important part of our lives, what students can do, however, is to manage how they respond to school stress or train them to be more focused and attentive during their classes or exam, if this works half their problems are solved. 

So, what might be the best solution for a student here? 

The best thing to incorporate in student life to deal with all these problems is Yoga. In a student’s life, yoga helps a lot to overcome a lot of problems since it just doesn’t deal with their health issues but also elevates their emotions with a touch of spirituality. 

During the exam, the students need to increase their focus and concentration, Yoga exercises and Pranayama is a great alternative to help them through this. Let’s have a look at some of the Pranayama exercises you can make your child follow especially during their examinations. 

Pranayama exercises for students

1. Surya Namaskar 

Surya Namaskar - Dr. Zio

Surya namaskar is one of the most energizing techniques in Yoga since it includes 12 different poses which aid to strengthen the working of several glands and organs in your body. This allows your blood to freely flow around the body and makes you feel energetic. It also helps the body and mind to develop strength, flexibility, and stability. It improves your lung’s capacity as well if the poses are done with controlled movements of the breath. 

2.  Kapalbhati 

Kapalbhati 1 - Dr. Zio

It is a part of “Hath yoga” and a process that helps to cleanse your system. The level of vitality in your body is enhanced with the help of this technique. This pose requires effort as it is an energizing form of pranayama. It results in rapid perceptible movements of your abdominal muscles as the focus is on rapid forceful exhalations and passive inhalations. 

3. Matsyasana 

Matsyasana - Dr. Zio

The stress in the back and neck area because of mental or physical tension can be cured with this yoga pose as it helps in blood circulation to the head. 

4. Padmasana 

Padmasana - Dr. Zio

This pose helps you to relax and improve your concentration. If you have been sitting for a long period to study this pose will help you get relief from muscle tension. It is an easy to do and quite helpful pose. 

With the help of other asanas, overcome mental and physical problems:

Students don’t have the time to join a yoga class to practice these poses because of their busy schedules. Let me escort you to an easier technique

These below mentioned yoga poses are essential as it not only helps the students it helps to sharpen their memory power and improve overall fitness. Also, if you take a step forward to practice these yoga poses daily there is no chance of you falling sick during the preparation for your examination. 

  1. Padahasthasana

Uttanasana - Dr. Zio

This asana helps to improve blood circulation in your brain and strengthens your spine and legs as well since it is an intense standing forward bend posture. 

  1. Vajrasana

Vajrasana - Dr. Zio

Students who have memory problems can give this pose a try since it is very powerful and helpful. If you aim to practice this pose regularly it helps to elevate concentration and calm your mind at the same time. Apart from this it also increases blood flow in your body and improves your digestion system. 

3. Salamba Sarvangasana 

This asana increases the blood flow to the brain and therefore is an effective pose when it comes to boosting memory power. If practiced regularly this pose guarantees the students to increase their intelligence and grasping power. Most significantly it is a great cure to all your student’s insomnia and headache problems. 

These yoga poses will not only improve your child’s focus and concentration on your studies but will keep them far away from any kind of health disease as well. If a child’s focus and concentration are improved the chances of him/her to perform at the academic career is way better. 

Every year if there is an increase in better performance, the confidence of a child is at a high level. Confidence is really important for a students’ academic life. Lack of confidence may lead to stress and anxiety. 

Student here might not take yoga seriously as it is a unique concept for them, therefore, I would like to give a little piece of advice to all you parents. Instead of pressuring your children, or comparing their scoreboard with other child’s results encourage them to incorporate Yoga as it may help them fight against such situations. It will help them control, relax and calm their mind as well, and the thought of SUICIDE will never run through their head. All the parents keep in mind to ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD FOR A BETTER LIVING, don’t do something that you might regret later forever. 


Why does student feel stressed?

Exams are the biggest reason for stress for students. Other than that, the need to maintain a social life might get them nervous.   

What should student do to manage stress?

There are many options to manage your stress. Some of them are: 

  • Eat healthy food  
  • Make sure to sleep on time. 
  • Be organized with your schoolwork. 
  • Include exercise in your daily routine 

Other than these points, keep in mind to BE POSITIVE and take deep breaths when you feel stressed before or during your exams.  

If a student, attends all classes and studies a lot during his exam and is still not able to score good marks. Is he weak?

Well, the student isn’t weak in studies. Even though he studies, he is not able to score just means the focus and concentration are low. When he studies the focus should totally be on the books. If not, then that might result in low scores at exams. 

What is the reason behind student's low concentration?

Psychological or medical problems such as medication or sleep disorders might cause difficulties in concentration. Apart from that, family trauma at home such as the recent separation of parents might lead to students’ lack of concentration.  

Why do students forget what they have studied?

In most cases, students just try to memorize or in other words try to byheart their books during exams. It is completely wrong and is always important to understand what you study, and that’s how you won’t forget it during your exams.  

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