Supine Spinal Twist (Supta Matsyendrasana)

by | Jun 12, 2020 | Yoga Poses


Reviewed by  Dr. Andrew Grover,  CPT video to gif 16 min - Dr. Zio


  • Knee down twist stretches the back realigns, muscles, and lengthens the spine, and hydrates the backbone disks.
  • It gives your shoulders, chest, middle spine, hips, lower back, and upper back a good stretch.
  • Encourages fresh blood flow to the internal organs and offers a complete detox to your internal organs.


Make sure you stretch your top knee only as much as you can. Don’t push too much. You could use a bolster or a pillow to rest your top knee. This will help decrease the range of motion.


How to do

  • Lying on your back, bring your arms out to the sides with the palms facing down in a T position. Bend the right knee and place the right foot on the left knee.
  • Exhale out drop the right knee over to the left side of your body, twisting the backbone and low back. Look at the right finger tips.
  • Keep the shoulders flat to the ground, close the eyes, and relax into the posture. Let gravity pull the knee down, so you do not have to use any effort in this posture.
  • Breathe and hold several minutes. To release: breathe in and roll the hips back to the floor, and exhale the leg back down to the floor.
  • Repeat the pose on your left side. 


  • Refrain of doing this, if you’ve recent chronic injury to the knees, hips or back.
  • If during this asana you have any kind of leg cramps or you have pain in your knees, then you should immediately leave that posture, do not forcefully try to do this asana. 

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