Shanmukhi mudra

by | Jun 12, 2020 | Yoga Poses


  • Great for facial muscles and appearance as the heat and prana of the hands and fingers stimulates and relaxes facial muscles.
  • Useful for managing anxiety and removing negative intellectual patterns.
  • It stimulates sensory organs and later stages sense withdrawal.
  • Brings about focus, introversion and calmness,


  • Place the fingers gently on the face.

How to do

  • Be seated straight but relaxed.
  • Place the little fingers below lips, ring fingers above lips, middle fingers at the nostrils, index fingers on the eyes, and thumbs at the openings of the ears.
  • With middle fingers softly resting on the nostrils (without closing them partially), breathe deeply and with each breath take the awareness more and more inward with this feeling that you are not interested in anything outer.
  • After each inhalation you may hold the breath in, and gently close both nostrils with middle fingers. Hold it for few seconds but without any scuffle, and then exhale smoothly.
  • On exhalations you can also make a long high-pitch sound like a bee.
  • In the beginning, practice this for 8-10 breaths, and gradually increase it to 5-8 minutes



  • Avoid this pose if you felt any discomfort performing this exercise.
  • For some people it can bring up strong emotions very fast and sometimes fear.

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