Thread to Needle (Parsva Balasana)

by | Jun 13, 2020 | Yoga Poses


  • It stretches your upper chest muscles gently. 
  • It opens the upper and outer muscles of your shoulder. 
  • Increase the blood circulation to the upper extremities. 

How to do 

  • Start with a tabletop position with your hands and knees on the floor. 
  • Inhale to take your right arm out and up to prepare, then exhale to take your right arm under your left arm. 
  • Low Down your rights shoulder and ear to the floor. 
  • Hold for 30 seconds.  
  • Then repeat on the other side 


  • Keep a blanket or pillow below your knees for extra cushion. 
  • It’s good to do this pose in the morning with an empty stomach. 


  • Avoid if you have a back injury, neck injuries, hip problems, shoulder problems. 

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