Lord of the Dance Pose (Natarajasana)

by | Jun 11, 2020 | Yoga Poses

Lord of the Dance Pose (Natarajasana)


  • The pose symbolizes Cosmic Energy, and when you do you are dancing in the flow of the Universe.
  • Stretches & strengthens the chest, shoulders, quadriceps, front body, including the abdomen.
  • Stretches the upper back, quadriceps, ankles, feet, thighs, groins, and stomach
  • Improves balance

How to do?

  • Stand upright with your feet slightly apart.
  • Stretch out your hands to the front with palms facing down. Do not bend your elbows.
  • Send your hips back rather than your knees forward, as if you are sitting in an imaginary chair. 
  • Raise your arms up around your ears and soften your shoulders.
  • After 15 -20 seconds. Release and relax.


  • Many learners, when elevating the leg, tend to spasm in the back of the thigh. Be sure to keep the ankle of the raised foot flexed; that is, draw the top of the foot toward the shin. 



  • Avoid if you have injuries to any part of the back, knee, ankle, instability in the hip joint.
  • Always work within your own range of limits and abilities. If you have any medical concerns, consult with your doctor before practicing

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