Kapalbhati Pranayama

by | Jun 12, 2020 | Yoga Poses


Reviewed by  Dr. Andrew Grover,  CPT


  • Increases the metabolic rate and helps in weight loss
  • Improves digestive tract functioning, absorption, and assimilation of nutrients
  • Energizes the nervous system and rejuvenates brain cells
  • Improves blood circulation and adds glow to the face
  • It stimulates abdominal organs and thus is extremely useful to those with diabetes
  • Improves memory and concentration power.

How to do

  • Sit comfortably with your spine erect. Place your hands on the knees with palms open to the sky.
  • Your palms should face up, and each of your thumbs should touch the index finger making a circle.
  • Now close your eyes, and inhale deeply by filling your lungs with the serene environment to rest within you, and a better life that awaits you.
  • Focus on the light coming in from the central point of your forehead.
  • Exhale the negativity, self-harming elements, confusion, toxic personalities from your life, and mind.
  • Do repetitions for at least 15 minutes at the minimum to gain incredible results, and practice this more often if you feel stuck in life’s situations.
kapalbhati Pranayama


  • The exhalation in the Skull Shining Breathing technique is active and forceful. So, just throw out your breath.
  • Practice this technique at home on an empty stomach.



  • Heart patients should go slowly with their exhaling.
  • If you have ulcers, be careful while practicing Kapalbhati.
  • Keep in mind your limitations during the practice and work through the process accordingly.
  • Those with high blood pressure should reduce their rate of Kapalbhati.

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