Wheel Pose (Chakrasana) Yoga Pose

by | Jun 13, 2020 | Yoga Poses


Reviewed by  Dr. Andrew Grover,  CPT


It stretches the hip, back, shoulder and leg muscles. It opens up chest and heart. It stimulates thyroid and pituitary gland to release growth hormone & happy hormones.  

How to do 

  • Lie down on the back with two hands on your side. 
  • Then, bend the knees and bring heels as near to your buttocks. Your heels should be bit apart. 
  • Now, raise your hands and bring them back to the side of your ears. You can place your palms on ground by using your fingers directing towards shoulders. 
  • Lift body up by using the proper support of your feet as well as palms. 
  • Stretch your shoulder and thighs.  
  • Maintain this pose, based on your capacity. 
advantage of wheel pose by white dress lady


Engage your lower back muscles. 


Avoid in case of slip disc, wrist injury, vertigo, high blood pressure, or neck injury. Consult your yoga teacher or doctor. 

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