Yoga the magic mantra for Migraine issues

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Reviewed by  Dr. Andrew Grover,  CPT

Migraine Headache Symptoms, Medications, Treatment & Definition

Several people have been lifetime sufferers of migraines and I can surely tell you they are the worst.

The worst part about migraines is that they don’t have an instant 5 seconds cure or medication or any one particular solution to take away the intense, troublesome pain.

 Yoga- the magic mantra for Migraine issues

Medical science has focused on the two major leading theories for the onset of migraines.

1. Vascular Theory- It states that migraines are caused by a tightening or squeezing of the veins, which is also known or called Vasco-constriction.

As per the yoga mantra perspective, migraines are caused due to

1. Insomnia,

2. Overwork,

3. Extreme stress or pressure,

4. Poor/Abnormal digestion,

5. Muscular tensions,

6. Unhealthy diet plan,

7. Excessive mental torture, etc.

Also, it is connected with liver disorders or toxic bloodstream conditions. One of the major Migraines causes issues in head, throat, and shoulder muscle groups to continuous extreme physical and mental tension.

The accumulation of tension qualified prospects to a tightening. Also, squeezing of the arteries and for that matter is a restriction in blood circulation through the head.

Noting the fact that yoga therapy, when practiced with conventional care, showed a great improvement in patients with migraines. Moreover, studies noted an improvement in vagal tone and a reduction in sympathetic activity in the patients who got yoga therapy. The prevalence of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) among those with headache and migraine disorders as the magic alternative to ineffective medical treatment.

While the studies of the specific yoga postures and practices were not publicly put forward by any of the studies, it’s safe to state that any yoga pose that relieves tension in the neck, or your spine can be a great place to start, for example, a seated neck stretches, Bridge Pose is considered as best pose to work on getting away from migraine.

Focusing on Yoga for Migraine relief

    1. Sit in a comfortable position.
    2. Now tilt your head back just as much as that you can do it comfortably, make sure not to push. Once it is tilted in the past clench your tooth and now look at your forehead or in the middle of your eyebrows. Stay in the position there for 5-6 seconds and breathe normally.
    3. Bring your head ahead till it touches your throat. Clinch your tooth while keeping the looking straight or at 1 / 3 attention.
    4. Bring your head track position and from right here tilt it to correct side over the proper shoulder, clinching tooth and environment the looking to the intense right. Try to appear as farther as possible on your right side.
    5. Repeat the same procedure on the left part after bringing the top on-track position from the right part. Make sure you breathe normally.

Not only this, Yoga helps in various ways enlisted below:

• Great flexibility and balance of body
• Accurate BMI
• Less bad weight gain
• Shoot down in neck and back pain
• Excellent for people with asthma symptoms
• Cures or reduces blood pressure
•  Cures or reduces blood sugars
• Improved lipid (blood fat) profiles
• Cures or reduces cancer-related fatigue
•Confidence and fresh look with a better body image
• Sharper focus and concentration + general health awareness in 2021

After knowing such numerous benefits and ways to resolve migraine issues, are you still thinking to opt for Yoga or not, then you’re doing wrong to yourself? YOGA IS THE BEST WAY TO CURE ALL DISEASES AND PROBLEMS IN 2021, LET THIS SINK IN!!

Conclusion : 

Yoga helps beat the fear of coronavirus- The New Indian Express

All the people who’re suffering from Migraine issues must give themselves a crosscheck that they’re suffering from an issue that will recover soon without any problems. Stay strong and happy at every stage of life. You must take good care of yourself and especially FOR GOOD HEALTH. Whatsoever stress you have due to which your migraine can gradually increase spare some time out and relax with the help of the magic mantra of Yoga and Meditation.

Is yoga safe for Migraine issue people?

Yoga is a safe practice for everyone. If you are a beginner, keep in mind to start slow. It will take time, but once you are a pro. It will feel great. Still you can always from a doctors before they start any form of exercise. 

Which is the best pose for migraine or headaches?

Child pose is considered the best pose to relieve migraine or headaches. Yet, it depends on body to body as to what methods you can utilize and your hard-work to stay fit. Though, yoga is one of the best and quickest way to reduce harmful effects of any health related issues.

What is a migraine headache?

Migraine is considered as  neurological condition in simple words called as the headache that sometimes is very excruciating and debilitating . it often leads to trouble in  accomplishing anything and make it tough just to get through the day. 

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