How to Naturally Increase Your Height After 18

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Reviewed by  Dr. Andrew Grover,  CPT

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It is quite possible naturally increase your height after 18.
But why?, How Possible ?

Your answer is here.

Ask a random girl to describe the preferred physical features she wants in her ideal man and you will almost certainly hear the good old “Tall, dark and handsome”. Okay. You may not hear dark (or any color for that matter) but she will most likely indicate interest in the tall man. I have not met anyone who would rather be short than tall. It’s not exclusively a female thing. Not by any chance. Most men want to be at least 6 feet tall and will seek any way to naturally increase in height if they feel they are not tall enough. There are programs and apps that can help you grow taller but we will return to this later.

If you are a teenager reading
this, it is safe to say you are pretty much lucky. This is because most people
attain their maximum height at about age 18.
This goes without saying that individuals that are still in the stage of
puberty have the highest chances and advantages when it comes to growing taller
as their epiphyseal plates (otherwise known as growth plates) are still
actively increasing in length.

“How does this happen?” You might
ask. Science shows that during your pre-adolescent years, the cells of your
growth plates multiply rapidly; forming cartilages in the process. Subsequently
these cartilages will thicken with calcium and become solid (a process called
calcification) and ultimately degenerate to form bone tissues. The process
repeats itself day after day until the individual begins to observe improved
length in their bones.

Of course you may not easily notice
these differences if you aren’t observing your height closely through periodic

Things You Should Know About Your Height To Increase It Naturally After 18

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Before moving further with how to
increase your height, you may want to have an idea of a couple related stuff
about human heights. It is possible that you are taller than you think or even
somewhat shorter than the global average without evening knowing it.


Your Genes Play the Most Role To Increase Height

The type of genes
you inherit from your parents will pretty much determine whether you will grow
tall or not. The GH1. GPC3, FGFR3 – among others – determine just how tall you
are going to be. If any of your immediate ancestors is adequately blessed in
this regard, you have a great chance of faring well in terms of height.  Beyond these genetic heredity,
your hormones largely determine when, how and to what degree you will grow. It
is important that your body starts growing early and optimally when you are in
your teenage as that is when you are likely going to attain the highest
possible growth.


Nutrition Plays a Role To Increase Height  

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But only before you turn 18. It’s
a no-brainer that your body grows best and most efficiently in your teenage
days. As a result, you need the best nutrition at that stage if you hope to
attain your maximum height. Of course you have to continue eating good food all
through your life whether or not you are interested in getting taller.

Exercise and Yoga Help A Lot: The benefits of exercise are unlimited. From increasing your
height naturally to burning excess fat and staying mentally alert. We’ll
elaborate more on how to increase your height through yoga and other activities
in the following subheadings.

This isn’t all there is to know
but it is pretty much the major things you need to know. Given that you now
have an idea of how your body gets to be tall or not so tall, we shall now
proceed with what you have to do to increase your height if you are not
satisfied with your current height.


What You
Can Do to Increase Your Height After 18

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After 18, as you may have already
known, you will not grow much taller. Yet there is room for improvement. Environmental
conditioning as well as proper nutrition remains relevant all through our
lives. No doubt. But then, your body will respond more to two things: yoga and

Yoga helps. So does exercise – particularly stretching exercises. Studies have shown that our bodies appear taller when we are at sleep. This is because the discs of the vertebral column relax during sleep especially at night times when the rest is prolonged. It is thereby sufficient to say that engaging in stretching exercises help the body get taller as they rid tension from the lower back of the body.

Different yoga postures help you grow taller







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postures help you grow taller
as they elicit the same effect. But
considering that you can somewhat increase your height by sleeping and resting
more frequently than usual, it makes perfect sense that you become less of a
night owl if you want to maximize whatever length abundant sleep has to offer

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine concluded that combined approach of yoga (Kriya, Suryanamaskara, Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation) significantly increases the basal level of GH and DHEAS in the blood, thus contributing in promoting healthy aging. Here are most powerful yoga video guide and application that increase HGH and help you increase Height without medicine.

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Talking about yoga
for growing taller
, a good number of postures prove to be more useful than
the others. The Tadasana, for
instance,is a great posture that
brings about elongation on literally all parts of the body. It is believed that
this elongation prompts the body’s growth hormones into action. To do the
Tadasana posture, you have to stand straight vertically on your toes with both
hands raised upwards on either side of your body. When you perform this yoga
move, do well to breathe in while you raise both hands up and make sure your
hips and hand and outspread legs are in perfect alignment.

Other relevant yoga postures
include Ustra asana, Paschimotan asana and the elbow stand. For the elbow
stand, you have to first lie on your back (on your yoga mat) with both of your
hands by your sides. Next, you start raising your legs vertically (with your
toes pointing towards the sky) while gradually using your elbow to support your
hips. In fact, there are at least 15 different types of yoga asanas for growing
taller but they are all beyond the scope of this article. We will go into
details in our next blog post so stay with us.



 If you are over the age of 18, it is important
to note that you naturally won’t experience a quantum leap in height. You’re
probably not going to add another foot in height. You have to generally accept
your height the way it is knowing it represents your physical appearance, not
the size of what you can do. Ask Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) of Game of
Thrones.  However, natural processes such
as exercise and yoga routines can help add an inch or more when done rightly.

You will learn
about these natural solutions that help increase your height. Until
then, feel free to ask questions if you have any or perhaps share with us in
the comments section. Also, have you successfully increased your height using a
natural procedure or substance? Let us know below.

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  1. Rishi Amoriya

    I am 25 year old ,Can i I increase my height?

    • Jackson

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    • Khushbu Makwana

      I’m 17 year old ,Can I increase my height?

  2. Moeez

    My father height is 6.3 ft and my height is 5.6 ft. I am trying hard to attain the height same as my father. I taking nutrition as in app. But still is no effect on my height

    • Si thu

      I’m 20 can i grow 2 inches

    • Ali

      I am 18 years and a few months
      I am doing exercise daily about 43 days . I found 3 inches gain in my height .
      Pervious height 5.3″ inches current is 5.6″ .
      So what is the reason of increasing my height ?


      • ziba

        What did you do to increase your height?

      • akhil

        bro can you just tell me what exercises did you do in those 43 days?


          Offcourse bruh even 5’7″ is considered short these days, I am myself 5’7″ and an ideal height for a man should definitely be atleast 5’10″hu

      • Ronit

        Can you please tell which exercises you have practiced as I’m also of your age

      • anika hans


      • Kiran

        Will u plzz say what exercises u did.

  3. Nitesh Yadab

    My height is 5.5. should I increased it 5.7 at the age of 18?

  4. Raveendra kumar Maurya

    Best way and very helpful

  5. Si thu

    I’m 20 can i grow 2 inches

    • JOY

      I will be 20 soon this November!! I want to increase my height Please tell me the remedies atleast 1 or 2 inches Can I Boost my height or not ??? Please do Reply.

  6. exercise

    Best way and very helpful

  7. Ashwin

    Im 18 yrs 10 months …. will my height increase? plz tell

  8. Jessy

    DOB-10/2004 girl
    My groth hormone lvl is 4.2ng/ml.
    Can i grow taller. (least 2-3 inches).
    Can you pls tell me how? (I’m doing hanging, skipping)

    • Aadhithiyan

      Sir my name is Aadhithiyan I’m 20 years old
      And my height is 167 cm , my aim is 183 cm
      My weight 83 kg I know I’m fat,my thighs are so big,I can’t able to yoga,even though I’m trying, what should I do ,how long it will take? Should I reduce fat? In thighs

  9. Julia

    Hi I’ ll be 18 in 3 months, and I’m 167cm, can I grow more been a girl?

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    sir my name is jyoti and i m 17 and half as of now , presently i’m 5’1 inches .
    can i be taller like 5’8 inches ???

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    Hey I’m 19 and also having pcod
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  12. Plassy

    Heyy! I’m 19 and also having pcod
    Can I increase my height from 5’3 to 5’8?

  13. Ajay

    Sir, thank you very much for your article on tips to increase height in 7 days. This article is very exellent and awesome. I am your regular visitor and I always like and share your articles to my friends and your website is awesome.

  14. Pre_t

    I’m going to turn 18 on coming few months. Can I grow taller few inches. At present I’m 5’2″ 😫.. Please reply



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