Yoga and Detoxification- A powerful duo in 2021

Yoga and Detoxification- A powerful duo in 2021

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Yoga or Yog is the way one lives his or her life. Something unconventional that’s beyond the Yoga classes and sessions one takes. Having a detoxed and healthy body is not only important for our health purposes but also is a necessity for better survival in 2021 and ahead.

After the pandemic scenarios, everyone is very particular and conscious about their living lifestyle. It is important for a person to keep their body healthy and balanced using detox diet and exercises for a better life.

Here is what you need to look at for a briefing about Yoga and Detox and 5 super useful poses  to detox and revitalize your body.


Table of Contents:

1. Yoga and Detoxification- The powerful duo

2. 5 Yoga poses for Detoxification and revitalization of your body


Yoga and Detoxification- The powerful duo

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We all know how stressful and tiring our life is. Out of the busy schedule that we’re going through, our life has become a competition or a race between our work and sleep, meals and diet, emotions, and mental strength.

Life is getting tough and hard these days. One must analyze the fact that one needs an adequate routine with a physical workout and balanced diet both.

Yoga is the golden way to fight the stress and anxiety that we often face in our daily life. One must work on the realignment of bodies providing an opportunity to ourselves to clear our minds.

Yoga is a combination of postures, breathing, the process of mindfulness which can be taken as a valuable tool to cleanse our body both physically and emotionally without any loss. Concluding the stated points, yoga is a fruitful way for cleansing our body and further, we’d be elaborating on some useful ways to relax our body.


5 Yoga poses for Detoxification and revitalization of your body

1. Side to Side pose or Revolved Chair pose

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  1. Beginning with a standing position, bend your hips and reach your arms to make a chair pose. Be sure you can see your toes. 
  2. Gradually, take your hands together at the center of your chest. 
  3. Now, take a big inhale to lengthen through spine, and use exhale to twist to the right, taking your left of your elbow outside of your right thigh.
  4.  Inhale back to center and use exhale to twist to the left. Repeat this sequence 5 times on each side.”

This is an advantageous cleansing pose since it stimulates the blood flow, works for a better liver, makes your digestive process better, and helps in strengthening your abdominal muscles. It has the added a great plus point for improving spine and vertebrae health.

2. Seated Twists

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Start with a seated position with your legs straight long in front of you. Now, bend your right knee and place your right foot outside of your left knee. Wrap your left arm around your right leg and place your hand on the ground behind your sacrum. Inhale for big five deep breaths, using each breath to lengthen your spine and expel negative energy.

Repeat the same procedure on the other side.

This massages and stretches key organs, including the kidney, liver, colon, and spleen, which is part of the lymph system — all of which assist in digestion and elimination.


3. Shoulder Stand yoga pose

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This is a change of the same pose. You can pick to do a shoulder stand or you can use the assistance of the wall in similar legs up the wall pose. 

  1. For a shoulder stand, initiate by lying on your back and bring your legs back over your head in a plow pose. Place your hands on your lower back on either side of your spine for support, bend your knees, and lift your feet into the air. Throughout the pose, press your feet to the air, lift your kneecaps and press your belly to your spine.
  2. One can also practice this pose against a wall for better support, or do a variation on it where your back remains flat to the ground with your hips sinking into the ground as a bolster. Your legs will rest against the wall.
  3. Whatever pose you choose, these are great postures to support your lymphatic system. This pose places the head below the heart and allows lymph to drain back to the heart with the assistance of gravity. It helps flush lymph from the legs and feet back to the heart, which is especially beneficial at the end of a workout. 
  4. This pose would work on the restoration and detox at the end of a tight workout by sending fluids back to the heart for oxygenation.

4. Supine Twist yoga pose

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The supine pose is considered as best pose for a lower impact stretch and with various advantages. Lie straight on the ground with your arms out making a “T” shape. Hold one knee into your chest and make it fall to the opposite side of your body. Now, slowly your opposite hand to your knee to help ground it and for a good stretch, turn your neck in the opposite direction. This stretch guides and allows your body to align your vertebrae and promote breathing.

5. Shavasana

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Shavasana, or in simple words called the corpse pose, requires the body in lying position, completely flat against the floor. It comes from the end of yoga practice and is focusing on keeping your mind and body in a complete relaxation mode. We often hustle well to detox our body from numerous practical standpoints, yet the meditative criteria of Shavasana are the golden button for detoxing our minds.

Whether you’re a yoga professional or practicing yoga as a beginner, it’s vital to keep in your mind that all poses and practices are relevant for detoxification. Work on these poses, but don’t be scared anyway to try new things. No matter what pose you’re working on, you’re taking care of the natural processes of detox in a facile and affirmative manner.



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In these times, almost every day several dangerous diseases are spreading around you which lead to major lockdown in several countries in the past.

Yoga is a revolution that one must adapt to for a better chance of survival in this world by changing their basic lifestyle and eating habits and focus n detoxing your body and exercise yoga poses to revitalise and channalise your body.



1. Can you detox through yoga?

Ans. Detoxifying your body never means following up on a strict diet. Humans need to keep a better diet using good fruits, vegetables, and regular yogistic exercise. One can detox through yoga and keeping a diet with a high amount of water intake to cleanse your body and energize you from inside and outside.



2. How do you detox through yoga?

Ans. There are several ways one can help detoxify your body. One of the best ways to detoxify your body is practicing yoga and working on an excellent way of keeping your body energetic on the inside and outside using numerous ways like yoga poses and a balanced, healthy diet.

Yogistic Lifestyle and diversifying Yoga for W- 6 poses beneficial for women

Yogistic Lifestyle and diversifying Yoga for W- 6 poses beneficial for women

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Yoga has always been fruitful to women for several ways.

Here is what you need to know about the importance of Yoga for Women and how can Women make the most from it. Further, we’ll be elaborating for 6 yoga poses helpful for women at every stage.

Table of Contents:

1. Yoga Lifestyle for women – Live for yourself

2. Transform the “Live to Eat” into “Eat to Live” in women

3. Hear out the Biological Rhythm

4. Transform the dressing style for your conscious

5. 6 yoga poses helpful for women at every stage


Yoga Lifestyle for women -> Live for yourself


Women must inherit the yogistic lifestyle in their life for a healthy life. Fitness is necessary for a quality life. Bad health can surely reduce the smile and happiness from your life and multiply health and family issues. After all, if a woman is sick, the whole family collapses since anyhow the woman of the house is the one who’s the pillar of the house.

Woman’s health issues can surely be quite depressing when health issues gradually started troubling life. Problems like back pain, regular migraine issues, etc. are just an example of the home-makers or working women who work day and night to give themselves and their family a better life and a better lifestyle, and to make your pillars strong, a woman must adapt a yogistic lifestyle.

Transform the “Live to Eat” into “Eat to Live” in women

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People are often seen to live to eat instead of eating to live. That’s one thing that creates a disaster, especially in a woman’s life. Often ladies are observed to be much moodier as compared to the boys resulting in excessive eating and ending up eating junk food out of stress.

Food is important for one’s survival and one must take care of food requirements. Often women are found so busy in their daily work and job work that they forget to take care of their physical workout and end up losing their fitness. This, later on, creates problems like back pain, headaches, gluten-fat, etc.

Ending up with such a pack and hectic schedule, the only and the most preferred rescue to stay fit is maintaining a diet to eat for survival and not live to eat. Also, one must prefer a regular practice of yoga along with a properly balanced diet.

Hear out the Biological Rhythm

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Hearing out the biological rhythm of your body is a must to do the thing that one often ignores and neglects the most in their life. Hearing your biological rhythm to have food is important. Try to understand your body and its diet. Eat-in small proportions. Once you manage and balance your exercise routine.

After maintaining a good routine, you will surely experience the good factors and make sure to comprehend that it’s a slow process and it will take you time to maintain yourself and win back your health but you must stay in a routine with a good diet and yogistic lifestyle.

Transform the dressing style for your conscious


Slowly and steadily, you will realize the positives of yoga and the crucial importance of ‘breath’ that is life. When you’ve started being positive about your lifestyle and your health, now is the step that you transform the dressing style for your conscious.

You must have some improvements and changes in your dressing style. The first thing to do is to be body positive. It’s the acceptance of your shape, size, etc. Not everyone is perfect, perfection is just a myth and you must take care of the fact that you’re staying fit, healthy, and keeping a yogistic lifestyle focus to be fit not perfect.

6 yoga poses helpful for women at every stage

1. Chaturanga Dandasana Yoga

Begin with a plank, put your shoulders  in front of your hands and press the balls of your feet, pushing the soles of your feet back, as if there is a wall behind you.414776962

2. Jalandhara Bandha Yoga

Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position.Place your hands on the knees with your palms facing upwards.Inhale so your lungs are almost full, and then retain your breath.Drop your chin down and relax your shoulders away from your ears.Hold as long as you feel comfortable.

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3. Ardha Pincha Mayurasana Yoga

From Table position, lower the forearms to the floor, tuck the toes under and lift the hips up towards the ceiling.Press the forearms, fingers and the palms into the floor, and press the hips up and back.Bend the knees and lower the hips back to starting pose and release, or come all the way down to the child pose.

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4. Urdhva Mukha Svanasana Yoga

Lie flat on the ground with your belly towards the floor. Your feet must face downwards, and your arms must be placed beside your body.Hold the pose for a few seconds. Exhale and release.


5. Bharadvajasana Yoga

Begin in Staff Pose, seated with both legs extended and elongate through the spine.While  exhalation, start to twist the torso to the left.Hook the back of the right hand around the front of the left knee.Finally, if the bind is accessible, wrap the left arm around the back and grasp the right bicep with the left hand. Gaze to the left.

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6Ardha Matsyendrasana Yoga

Sit erect with your legs stretched out. Make sure that your feet are placed together and your spine is absolutely erect.Now, bend your left leg such that the heel of the left foot lies next to the right hip. You could also keep the left leg stretched out if you like.Then, place the right leg next to the left knee by taking it over the knee.

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Active woman practicing yoga at home

In these times, almost every day several dangerous diseases are spreading around us, which lead to major lockdown in several countries in the past. Yoga is a revolution for women that one must adapt to for a better chance of survival in this world by changing our basic lifestyle to a yogistic life for women.





Yogistic Lifestyle doesn’t ask you to not wear certain type of clothes. Instead, it is about wearing the clothes that your body feels comfortable in. It is quite relevant to comprehend and accept your body. Confidence is one major thing that people lack these days in themselves because of the damaged bodies they’re carrying with a poor BMI(Body Mass Index).


Never be ashamed of wearing of any type of attire just because you feel you don’t have a certain type of body. Nothing is impossible if you have the dedication to achieve it. Achieve a healthier yogistic lifestyle over a show-off fashionable lifestyle. Build bodies by healthy diets and exercised and not supplements.Every body is beautiful in its way. Prefer clothes of your choice while practicing Yoga. Try buying good quality of clothes from clean manufacturers who ethically work on their raw materials.
Prefer natural fibers or cotton clothes while exercising.




It is observed and studies show that people who went to bed early are the ones who’re much healthier as compared to ones who start down their day in the afternoon instead of morning. Try the practice of sleeping early and waking up early. Prefer not to oversleep and breathe fresh air in the early hours. Start meditating early in the morning, you’d yourself gradually observe a strong change in your mind and body.




You can initiate with reading about several blogs that are related to the Yogistic Lifestyle and tell the benefits of Yoga. Several blogs are available in one search of Google. You can try your hands on studying the biographies or the journey of the modern yogis.


One of the best ways is to make a group circle or find a group circle on various applications who share the same interests or habits as you do. This is one of the best methods to understand in depth the need for Yoga and Yogistic Lifestyle in 2021. Not only making a group circle or reading would bring out the change, but it’s also the execution that would modify our life into something great.

Yoga for treating Anxiety- A cure for all in 2021

Yoga for treating Anxiety- A cure for all in 2021

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In the current scenario, you must have surely heard from several people talking about having anxiety issues or anxiety. One must have heard several suicidal cases in the newspapers, news channels, etc. What is this anxiety? Why are people so tired of their life that they’re haunted by thoughts going on inside their mind that leads them to end their lives?

A person can get away with any disease until he or she has the spirit to fight it. Where does that happy feeling fade away and how can one get that smile back in themselves? There’s a simple answer to it, which is Yoga. Induce a happy mood in yourself. That feeling of happiness, acceptance, the fresh mood that you have you can get that all back in you by practicing Yoga.

This blog would give you an outline of what anixety is and how is Yoga useful to you to overcome anxiety using Yoga.

Table of Contents:

1. What is Anxiety?

2. Looking for the reason to Anxiety issues

3. Yoga Therapy for Anxiety

4.  Yoga shown to improvise anxiety scientifically


What is Anxiety?

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Anxiety can be elaborated as a trait that depicts a sad or unpleasant state of mind. One often has strange nervous behavior with somatic complaints, etc. An unpleasant feeling or degraded state of mind. An emotional physically depicted by biting teeth or shaking hands.

Several people are seen as all absurd and blur-around people and hardly share their state of mind with anyone. The symptoms can be observed as certain mental traits or maybe disorder observed by medications or substances.

Looking for the reason to Anxiety issues

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Look for the reasons you suffer anxiety. Is it due to some person,feeling,etc. Are you feeling low and disturbed due to some past experiences? Or some incident that haunted you in your childhood?

Anxiety can be an issue which can be dangerous upto a level to take away your life from you causing major diseases. If you see symptoms like losing control over your body,mind due to some emotional stress, immediately talk to someone you trust the most. It’s a virus that can gradually kill or destroy you.

Yoga Therapy for Anxiety

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Often, people think of anxiety as a type of stressful atmosphere. It can be experienced on an occasional scene based on the unpleasant aura or a person who affects your mental state a lot. Never let a person be important in your life above you, I repeat, never. One must see people with an anxiety issue are asked to describe anxiety attacks as a feeling that they might die or kill.

Yoga can be considered as one of the best therapies to make your way out of anxiety. Yoga provides you with tools to analyze your thought process, feelings, and actions in the right direction. It will not only help consciously but subconsciously through meditation to calm your mind and body.

Yoga shown to improvise anxiety scientifically 

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According to several doctors and researchers, anxiety disorders are common and are affecting several people all over the world. Anxiety is a disease that must be resolved until it starts killing you as a person. While most people feel awkward and strange from time to time, it can make you feel excessively disturbed and interferes with day-to-day life growth.

Medications, including antidepressants and sometimes benzodiazepines, may also be used. Yet, not everyone is ready to take medication which can have adverse side effects. Yoga is taken as well-tolerated, easily accessible, and has a number of health benefits. There is an important value for people with an anxiety disorder to give yoga a shot to see if it works for them.




A person suffering from any physical disease can somewhere fight and get out of it only if he or she is mentally strong enough. Keeping your mind focused on yourself, staying calm and at peace is the major achievement one can make in their life. Anxietyis just some big terminology used which somewhere indicated tiredness or frustrations in mind.

Never let anyone disturb your mental peace or harm your mind. If you’re strong from your mind, you’re strong from the outside. Fighting  anxiety is tough, but surely not impossible if you induce the mood and mantras of Yoga in 2021 and promise yourself to live a healthy life for yourself and enjoy your existence on earth.



1. What is the best yoga for anxiety issues?

Ans. The asana that is the best for anxiety issues is Child Pose or Balasana. It not only calms your mind and body but also relieves stress. Being at peace is really important and yoga is best for it.

2. Can yoga make you feel low or cause anxiety attacks?

Ans. Yoga is the practice which can never have harmful effects on your mind and anxiety attacks is a disease of mind. It’s like a virus that one must throw away of his or her mind away by calming themselves down and being at peace.

3. Can Yoga help with anxiety?

Ans. Yoga is one of the finest therapies used by several people to relieve anxiety. Meditation and Psychotherapy are few techniques used as stress and anxiety relieving therapies.But one must make up their mind and accept the fact that they want to get out of it at the first place. Acceptance is the major thing into mental peace disturbance by stress or anxiety.

Yoga for rescue-Relieve your chronic back pain, 5 Ideal Tips!

Yoga for rescue-Relieve your chronic back pain, 5 Ideal Tips!

Close up of man rubbing his painful back isolated on white background.

We all are aware of the health issues and the increasing problems caused by them. The major reason for any disease is the unhealthy lifestyle we have adapted from past years. It is observed that the majority of people are suffering from back pain and haven’t recovered yet and are on high medications as well. But quite a few people have got over such back pain and have saved their lives by adapting to the daily practice of Yoga in their life.

Yoga has acted as a miracle for several  patients with back problems to keep them intact and under control. Their overall quality of life has resulted in major improvements.

Here, this blog would address and resolving technques of backpain is and how a few changes in your lifestyle and adopting yoga can help rescue your life.


Table of Contents:

1. What is lower back pain?

2. Yoga to recue for lower back pain!!

3. Yoga practices for back pain

4. Yoga for backpain – Myth or Facts?

5. Conclusion


What is lower back pain?

Diagnosis and treatment spine diseases

Talking about chronic back pain, it is experienced by several people. It is considered as one of the most disturbing factors in life that doesn’t display to have a better medical cause.

The reasons for back pain are quite complicated and can be taken out from many factors like:

  • postural patterns and problems,
  • muscular tension,
  • mental pressures,
  • lack of exercising,
  • job requirements, and
  • old back injuries

Majorly back pain starts with postural distortions, can result in an imbalance in the fascia and muscle tissues.

Most people today are sitting most of the day. This will lead to a disaster by a decrease in the lumbar curve and can eventually contribute to (for example) herniated discs.

Yoga to recue for lower back pain!!

Portrait of young beautiful sportive girl over white background.


Yoga exercises help to make your back muscles strong and the abdominal muscles. Muscle groups are necessary for maintaining a proper and straight body posture and for movement of the body. By strengthening your muscles and shooting up their control and awareness, back pain can be clearly avoided.

Yoga practices act as a rescuer and allow them to relax. People who suffer from lower back pain can take advantage of a lot from stretching not only the back muscles but the entire body.
Finally, yoga practices help stimulate blood flow throughout the body, allowing nutrients to be carried through the body and toxins to be removed from the body. To conclude, overall nourishment of the muscles and tissues is improved.


Yoga for backpain- Myth or Facts?

Playful man sitting on back of his wife while doing yoga at home

Yoga for back pain- Myths or facts. Talking about yoga in general, it provides a rise in body awareness and improves postures. According to studies of several yoga teachers, yoga is considered as quite beneficial especially for lower back pain as compared to physical therapy, conventionally.

Yoga practices for back pain

Back view of young woman with back pain standing against purple wall in studio

Understanding the scenarios and consequences to a person suffering from lower back pain, I’d prefer and suggest to request your doctor or a physical therapist for major pieces of advice and contraindications. Once you understand the positions or exercises you must not practice. Talking about yoga practices to relieve back pain, take care of these pointers:


  • Lengthens the hip flexors
  • Re-establishing a healthy lumbar curve
  • Update and rescue the mobility in the front of the body, with chest openers and backbends
  • Strengthen the muscles of the lower back
  • Slowly activating the core
  • Yoga practice for mental relaxation and concentration


Back view of woman doing yoga outdoors

Undoubtedly, as elaborated and discussed in the above contexts that lower-back pain is a strong killer and can lead to major destruction. There are a lot of ways to rescue back pain. To keep chnronic pain in control, yoga is the best way to follow up. It helps in stabilizing pain in your body.

Make sure to comprehend and listen to your body. Stay updated and follow up with your health professionals or doctors. They are the ones who can assist you best in managing your chnronic lower-back pain  health conditions.

This bed is not comfortable as i thought




1. Is Yoga good for back pain?

Ans. According to studies, Yoga is a rescuer for many back pain patients. It helps many people in improvising their health in numerous ways. Yoga is the most effective therapy for back pain patients as there is an observed improvement in the lives of Yoga practioners.

2. Is it possible to lower back pain quickly?

Ans. Lowering the levels of  back ache from your body is not an easy task. It depends on body to body as to what methods you can utilize and your hard-work to reduce back ache in your body. Though, yoga is one of the best and quickest way to reduce harmful effects of back ache from your body.

3. What can you do to keep your back ache situation under control?

Ans. The foods that consists of less trans fats or the processed foods are most dangerous for your body as they contain maximum amount of sugars. If the level of junk food or sugar intake increases in a wrong manner, it can cause major chronic pain in lower back.