Detox your body: 5 Super useful detox yoga poses to revitalize your body

Detox your body: 5 Super useful detox yoga poses to revitalize your body

Hello folks! I guess Y’all are probably wondering what does the word detox means? How can detoxification be beneficial for your body? Should you detox yourself? Don’t worry I’ve answered all your questions in this article go on reading it I’m sure it will be productive for your body. As March 2021 is going to end in few days this is the perfect time to detox your body. Many of us love to start a year with a clean slate, but in the case of body detox, I would suggest Y’all start with a clean slate every month. If you’re looking to kick off April 2021 on a fresh, positive, and healthy note why not try out body detox. Come along, now let’s answer some of your questions that must’ve come up in your mind regarding body detoxification. I’m sure body detox will enhance and energize your body. We shall talk about one of the best methods for body detoxification later on in this article.

What is body detox? 

In simpler terms, body detoxification means following an alternative type of medical treatment or a detox diet that helps to alleviate toxins from your body. It’s a way of cleansing your body and start on a fresh note with a rejuvenated and toxin-free body.

What are the benefits of body detoxification? 

Here are some potential benefits of body detoxification.
  • Weight loss: Following a strict detoxification diet can result in weight loss. A detox diet involves fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, staying hydrated, and also involves fasting as well. Some people also have herbs in their detox diet. Food that is high in fat levels should strictly be avoided over a while which in turn leads to weight loss.
  • Helps you to stay hydrated: Following a strict detox diet involves drinking water at regular intervals. Water is very important for our body and helps to eliminate the toxins from our body in the form of bowel movement, sweating, and urination.
  • Antioxidants: Studies have revealed that following a detox diet can improve the health of your liver and consuming certain types of foods can increase the antioxidant glutathione, glutathione helps to eliminate the toxins from your body.
Along with these benefits, body detoxification also helps in energizing your body, improves sleeping patterns, less joint pain as well as fewer allergy and cold problems.

Is body detoxification suitable for you? 

Body detox is suitable for people who often have headaches, have skin and allergy problems, feel tired, and lack energy without any reason, and also for those facing back problems. A body detox can indeed help you to get rid of all these problems.

When should you avoid body Detox? 

Generally, detox is a healthy method for rejuvenating and cleansing your body. But doctors have advised avoiding body detoxification during pregnancy or if you have fever or cold.

How to detox your body? 

Perhaps, I have talked enough about the benefits of body detox but the crucial part is the method you should follow for body detoxification.  As I have mentioned previously body detoxification means following a detox diet for alleviating the toxins from your body. There are different types of detox diets that people follow to detoxify their bodies. It involves stopping the consumption of alcohol, as excessive drinking can cause serious concerns to your liver function, focus on quality sleep that is to ensure 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night on regular basis, drink more water which helps to stay hydrated, and eliminate the toxins in the form of sweat, urination, etc., some people avoid sugar and processed foods which is the root cause for obesity and chronic diseases. Perhaps, there are plenty of detox diets that you can choose from to detoxify your body. To make things easier for you, I have one of the best formulas to detoxify your body. Guess what? Have you heard about yoga? Oh well! I guess you surely must’ve. To your surprise, Yoga is the best formula to detoxify and eliminate the toxins from your body.  Before we move on here is an app to guide you throughout the body detoxification process. It will definitely prove to be effective for you.

Detox Yoga 

Detox yoga rejuvenates and energizes your body which in turn improves your general wellbeing. A yoga detox program uses yoga asanas to help the body in alleviating the toxins that build up in the body through the course of our everyday life. Yoga relaxes your body and energizes “Agni” the digestive fire for better digestion. The mutability of the gut is as important as eating the right food. The dynamic and static yoga poses break down the toxins faster, increases metabolism in the body, and supports the digestive process. Following the right detox diet and regularly practicing yoga will indeed speed up the cleansing process. Here are some yoga poses that you shall try out for body detoxification.

5 best detox yoga Poses

  • Downward facing Dog
In this pose your heart is above your head, this inversion forces the blood to circulate in a different direction. This pose helps to release sadness, stress, and depression, also helps in improving blood circulation.
  • Eagle pose
The eagle pose stimulates circulation and alleviates the toxins from the bloodstream. This pose also stretches and strengthens the elbow, ankle, hip joints, and knee. Start the posture by standing strong with your arms by your side and legs close together.
  • Seated twist
This pose is an essential exercise for your digestive system. This pose eases movement in the torso hence affects the digestive system. The twisting yoga poses are often equated with detoxing. More the movement of the digestive system the better our detoxing.
  • Boat pose
This pose helps to tone and strengthen your hip flexors, abdomen, and spine. It also energizes the thyroid, kidney, and intestine which in turn helps to relieve stress and improves your digestion.
  • Bound headstand
This pose is not ideal for beginners but is one of the best poses for body detoxification. Typically, this pose should be held for 7 breaths or longer. The vital factor about this pose is that it focuses on deep breathing which in turn clears out carbon dioxide from the lungs. Use a wall if you’re new to this pose it will help to improve balance. If you loved these yoga poses it’s time you head to the yoga mat to practice these wonderful yoga poses. Remember detox is not about starving yourself. Make sure to follow a healthy diet to avoid diseases. Detox is about giving your body rest from the toxins that build up in our bodies. I hope this article proves to be productive for your body detox process. CHEERS!


  1. Define Body Detoxification?
In simpler terms body detox implies following an alternative type of medical treatment or specific diet to alleviate the toxins and waste from your body, thereby improving your health. 2. Why is it important to detox your body? The process of detoxification helps to improve the overall health of the body. It helps to keep you away from disease, increase your immunity, improve your digestive system and reduce the risk of stress and anxiety. It maintains balance and keeps your body energized. 3. Which yoga poses are useful for body detoxification? Yoga poses such as downward-facing dog, eagle pose, seated twist, boat pose, and bound headstand are valuable for body detoxification.
Yoga for chest and shoulders- 7 incredibly useful chest and shoulder yoga stretches.

Yoga for chest and shoulders- 7 incredibly useful chest and shoulder yoga stretches.


chest and shoulders

Do you believe that a workout at the gym is the only way to develop a strong chest and shoulder? You might have to rethink after reading this article.  




 Trust me, you can build your chest and shoulders without weight lifting in the comfort of your home. Have you heard about yoga?  




 Come along, let’s explore more about yoga and its incredibly useful poses to cure all your life problems.  




YOGA- En route to a better quality of life  




 “Yoga makes you beautiful Inside-Out!” We all want to look beautiful, don’t we? All of us think that beauty is only about physical appearance, but what if I tell you that there is much more about beauty, it is actually about how you feel within, that indicates how healthy you are.  




 Well, we are all lost in our own chaotic life’s that we don’t bother to care about our health. Remember the greatest wealth is health. As the coerce to become better every day increases, so does the horde of illness to our body, which comes with carelessness and negligence. That’s the point at which you realize the significance of managing your health. What if I tell you that yoga can enhance your mind, body, and soul, you may not believe me. But the truth is out and crystal clear, yoga energizes your body, calms the mind, and relieves the feeling of stress and anxiety. It motivates and strengthens you to tackle your everyday problems and touch the finish line towards a healthier and happier life.  




 As I have always believed yoga is not just an hour’s exercise, it unifies our body and fill’s our soul with love and energy that lasts forever. Yoga manages to control and set right something as normal as breathing. Breathing in the right way helps to improve our brain functionality, which helps in making better decisions.    




 Regular practice of yoga helps in reducing stress, relieving anxiety, improves the health of your heart, help you fight depression, aids in good quality sleep, improves breathing, and makes your body flexible and balance is improved.  




 Here are some benefits of yoga for chest and shoulders.  




  •  Improves Posture: According to master Akshara a lifestyle coach and yoga instructor when we practice exercises like push-ups our shoulder and back muscles are contracted, both these muscles are correlated and help in improving your posture. The chest is one of the largest muscles in our upper body and plays a crucial role in correcting postural defects. Regularly practicing yoga poses like the supported fish or the cobra pose helps in preventing back pain and strengthens your shoulders.  




  • Boost power of your lungs: Breathing exercise like pranayama is one of the best ways to start off with your workout. Pranayama improves the blood flow and energizes the mind and nervous system. Yoga helps in correcting postural defects; hence your lungs are in a better position to receive more oxygen this, in turn, means you will be able to breathe easier and take deep breaths as well.  




  • Increased Energy Levels: Heart-opening yoga poses improve the blood flow throughout the body this, in turn, awakens the nervous system. Increased blood flow and an energized nervous system led to a noticeable boost to a person’s energy levels and it makes you feel better, both physical and mental aspects of your body are improved by practicing yoga.   




Alright, now let’s move on to the most crucial part of the article, the yoga poses.  




 Yoga is the gateway to a blissful and healthier life. Come along let’s discuss some of the yoga poses that help to energize your upper body- The chest and shoulders. 




Heart-opening Yoga poses to relieve shoulder and chest pain   




  1. Cat-Cow Stretch (Chakravakasana) 







This pose is an effective exercise for your spinal cord and you will feel the difference between spinal extension and flexion. This pose improves balance and posture, energizes the organs in the belly, and also helps in relieving stress and calms the brain which in turn helps us in making better decisions. 




  1. Sphinx Pose 







This pose is ideal for beginners. It stretches the abdominal muscles and strengthens the spine. It also stretches and opens up the shoulders, chest, and lungs and helps in relieving fatigue ness from your body. Make sure to press strongly into your forearms and then extend your spine making a place for your chest to move in the forward direction.   




  1. Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana) 







This pose stretches the spine, chest, and neck. It calms the brain and helps to alleviate stress and depression. Menstrual uneasiness and the symptoms of menopause can be relieved by practicing this pose. Remember to tuck your shoulders below your body and then lift your hips which will your chest bloom.  




  1. Bow Pose (Dhanurasana) 







This pose is an effective exercise for weight loss, helps to cure digestion and constipation problems, improves blood circulation, and most importantly helps in preventing any sort of back problems or pains. Make sure to pull on the ankles and push the feet away from you at the same time. 




  1. Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana) 







Ensure that your legs and pelvis are firmly rooted on the ground as you lift your chest. This pose is an effective exercise for your buttocks and it opens up and stretches the lungs, heart, chest, and shoulders this, in turn, helps in improving blood flow in the body and soothes your mind as well. 




  1. Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II) 







This pose helps to relieve backaches, especially for women through their 2nd trimester. It energizes the abdominal organs and stimulates the tired limbs. It stretches and opens up your lungs, chest, shoulders, and hips. Although this pose does look like an obvious heart-opening exercise like some other poses but is an effective exercise for your upper body. 




  1. Triangle Pose (Utthita Trikonasana) 







The muscles which are stretched in this pose are the upper-side abdominal muscles and the back muscles. This pose helps in stimulating and energizing the groin muscles, calves, shoulders, chest, and spine. This pose can be a good early morning exercise to flex your muscles and straighten your thighs.  




Believe me, yoga is one of the best sought of medicine for all your health problems. Yoga is not just a healthy exercise, but it is a life-changer. It harmonizes the mind, body, and soul. So, from now on make sure that you practice yoga for at least 20 minutes every day and you will notice the difference by yourself. A little yoga can make your life blissful, healthier, and happier.  












  1. What are the benefits of yoga for chest and shoulders?




Yoga poses helps to improve posture , increase energy levels and boost power of our lungs.




2. Do you believe that workout at the gym is the only way to strengthen your upper body?




No, you can work on your upper body from the comfort of your home as well through yoga. By regularly practicing yoga, you can strengthen your chest and shoulders and yoga also helps to enhance your mind, body and soul.




3. Name some of the best yoga poses to strengthen chest and shoulders.




Best yoga poses to build strong chest and shoulders are cat-cow stretch, sphinx pose, bridge pose, bow pose, cobra pose, warrior 2, and triangle pose. Try out these yoga poses to experience the benefits by yourself.



Thinking about yoga for period pain? Go for these 5 yoga poses to ease your pain.

Thinking about yoga for period pain? Go for these 5 yoga poses to ease your pain.


Period pain


“Period pain”- A girl cannot explain what to do they go through during this time. Did you know “Period pain can be as painful as having a heart attack or even worse? Sometimes I wonder why only girls have to undergo such dreadful situations in life. Any other girl who feels the same way? You know what? Let’s not complain about this. We are super blessed to be a girl.  




 Menstruation is a beautiful part of your life. It appears for the first time when you hit puberty. Your body starts to develop and set foot into adulthood. It is a sign that indicates your body is biologically prepared to give birth. Which by the way is a wonderful blessing? I agree it might be a little difficult to manage the pain every month.   




Guess what? I have a solution to escape from this pain now and forever. I know you are intrigued to know what may be the cure. But before we move forward, it is important to know what causes period pain?   




4 significant factors that lead to extreme period pain  




Dysmenorrhea is a medical term for period pain or menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramps are of two types:  




  • Primary Dysmenorrhea- It is “normal” among most women. It is painful in the start and eases down in one or two days. The pain is manageable but not enjoyable at all. Women need to not worry much about this condition.  
  • Secondary Dysmenorrhea- In this condition, a woman may not be able to deal with the pain since it is at an extreme level. Extreme pain during a period can occur because of a disorder in your reproductive organ and should not be taken lightly. Make sure you take professional medical help If you feel this way.   




Here are a few reasons for extreme period pain:  




  1. Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)– PID is an infectious disease for the reproductive organs. Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are few types of bacteria that cause Pelvic inflammatory disease. Severe pain might not always be the symptom, the symptoms of PID includes High Fever, vomiting, irregular menstruation, painful urination, and unconsciousness. If you go through this during your period make sure you visit the doctor immediately as it is extremely dangerous and even life-threatening.   




  1. Polycystic ovary or ovarian syndrome, PCOS– The growth of a cyst in your ovaries appears due to imbalances in estrogen and progesterone levels that result in PCOS. Symptoms include adult acne, excess body or facial hair, and irregular periods. Most women might not even notice they’re going through such a condition until they find difficulty in pregnancy or have severe period pain. One of the leading causes of female infertility is PCOS.    




  1. Endometriosis-In this condition the tissue that should be on your ovaries or lining your pelvis sometimes is found outside of it. The most common symptoms include gastrointestinal distress, heavy bleeding, fatigue, devasting pain after or before or during your period.   




  1. Fibroids– During your childbearing years, this harmless growth appears in the uterus. At some point in time, we all will have fibroid but there are no physical effects therefore we may not even know it. Symptoms include back pain, constipation, and frequent urination.   




You must take care of your health needs and is important to educate yourself about severe period pains. Being a strong woman doesn’t mean not complaining about your discomfort. Don’t suffer in silence, stand up for yourself, and take control of your health. Go ahead and follow these simple tips to ease out your period pain.  




Simple useful Tips to reduce period pain  




  1. Make it a point to always hydrate yourself- Drinking water is the best alternative for our overall health. So why not period pain? It helps to calm your pain during the period and ease bloating. Remind yourself to drink more and more water each day.   




  1. Avoid caffeine, spicy, salty, and sugar food- These kinds of food increase menstrual cramps and lead to bloating and mood swings. If you want to reduce period pain it is best to avoid such foods.   




  1. Massage the abdomen area- Massage encourages blood flow and helps to relieve period pain.   




  1. Apply a heating pad- A heating pad is a women’s best friend because it works wonders and helps to calm her period pain.  




Some women prefer medicines to reduce the pain but popping up pills every month is not good for your health. The following tips do help to reduce pain temporarily. And you are here to get a permanent solution. Am I right? So here is the permanent solution and finally, we are going to disclose the big secret to help reduce your menstrual agony.  




So here it is, YOGA!   




YES, you heard it right. Yoga is the solution to all your problems. It can make your period pain-free is a reliable and proven natural technique with no side effects. It helps to physically strengthen your body acts as a remedy for all period-related problems such as anxiety, headaches, and mainly menstrual cramps. Along with the physical benefits it helps with mental wellness as well.   




5 Yoga poses to eliminate menstrual cramps  




  1. Child pose  







This pose helps to calm your mind and relax your body. During menstruation, if you feel pain in your joints and muscles, this pose is beneficial. It helps to massage your internal organs and release tension in your back, shoulder, and neck.   




  1. Fish pose  







This pose is known to especially relieve period cramps since it helps to stimulate and stretches the belly muscles.  




  1. Bow pose







This pose helps to stimulate the reproductive organs and strengthen the abdominal muscles. It helps to alleviate constipation and menstrual discomfort.  




  1. Cobra pose  







This pose helps to reduce fatigue and stress during the period. Stress might be one of the main reasons for irregular periods. Therefore, it is important to be stress-free.  




  1. Camel pose







This pose helps to reduce menstrual cramps and relieve the body from lower back pains. Most women go through severe back pain during their periods. Therefore, this pose is beneficial. 




PAY ATTENTION – Practice these yoga poses before your period starts. Don’t go for any difficult poses during your period. It’s better to meditate at that time. It will be good if you make sure to include yoga in your daily routine and eat healthy to notice actual changes. Most of all it is really important to be positive throughout your journey. BE POSITIVE and stay far away from any kind of stress or mood swings automatically.  








  1. What should girls do during period pain?
    Girls should rest during period pain. Simple tips such as a heating pad or even taking a hot water bath are a great source of relief for menstrual cramps. Few medicines such as Ibuprofen, Naproxen, or acetaminophen are really helpful for period pain. Exercise or practice yoga regularly before periods helps to keep you healthy and pain-free during periods.




  1. What food or drinks to avoid if you undergo menstrual cramps?




If you suffer from menstrual cramps make sure you avoid these foods:




  • Sugar
  • Fries and saturated foods
  • Carbonated drinks and diary
  • Processed foods




  1. What food helps to ease period pain?




Food that is rich in manganese such as walnuts, almonds, and pumpkin seeds helps to ease menstrual cramps. Flax seeds reduce swelling and inflammation since it contains omega-3s with antioxidants properties.




  1. Does chocolate helps to ease period pain?




During period pain many girls crave chocolate and ice-cream. You might be surprised to know that dark chocolate is good for period pain as it contains magnesium that helps to relax muscles and ease aches.




  1. How long does period pain last?




It depends since it varies from girl to girl. Different girls feel pain on different days. There are some girls who don’t undergo such pain. If the bleeding is heaviest, the pain might stay a bit longer and you feel the worst during this time.









Proof That Yoga for women really Works- 6 yoga poses helpful for women at every stage

Proof That Yoga for women really Works- 6 yoga poses helpful for women at every stage

Yoga for women


Hey ladies!  

It is not at all easy being a woman. I’m sure all the girls and ladies out there agree with me on this one. At every stage of a women’s life weather, it is being a daughter, a wife, or when she finally becomes a mother, all hell lot of obstacles is always one step ahead. I mean leave the difficulties of women at every stage aside for a moment, before a girl is even born it is a matter of issue in some states of India. I didn’t mean to get off topic here but it hurts to hear such a thing being a woman. This doesn’t mean we women are weak. The more challenges she faces, the stronger she gets.  

Along with the societal tension, physical changes are really common for them. When you become a teenage girl, you hit puberty and enter periods with added troubles such as hormonal changes, mood swings, stress and the worst is the Pain they go through. Did you know period pain is proven to be severe than a heart attack?  

Once you are an adult career pressure, marriage pressure, family pressure all at once are dumped on her. Then comes marriage where girls have to leave their house, get out of their comfort zone and stay with a bunch of strangers. While some women adjust sooner and learn to manage, there are still some women who feel anxious and worried even after staying for years with in-laws.   

Last but not the least, the pregnancy stage for women. There is no argument that this stage of a women’s life is the most beautiful part but along with the out-of-the-world feeling comes body changes, body pains, stress, anxiety, tiredness, health issues, and what not?  

Amongst all the chaos, it is the right of a woman to be able to spend some quality time. Women need to have time to relax whether it’s a teenage girl, a housewife, a working woman, or a mother. It is important to take care of yourself right from the start.   


Let me tell you a secret. I know you might be thinking the best “me time” for a woman is shopping. It’s the best therapy. NO! NO! NO! I mean I am not completely against shopping. I love it myself. Shopping’s just a temporary relaxation technique. It helps to mentally reduce your stress but what about your health worries? How can shopping be useful here? You require a permanent solution for all this.   

Want to know what can it be? Keep reading…  


Yes, you guys! If you have been already practicing Yoga, WELL DONE and encourage yourself to practice it more and more. And if you are new to this concept or this form of exercise. Let me tell you, you are missing out a lot. But don’t worry about it. There is still time. Whatever point of life you are at, go for it because you can practice yoga at any age. I know it takes a little time to trust such things at the initial stage. But till you don’t try it how will you acquire knowledge and recognize its value. Let me guide you through a few advantages’ yoga provides you with especially in the case of women:   

Benefits of yoga for women  

  1. Yoga keeps your body fit and in good shape   

Apart from all the health benefits, Yoga is a great way to keep your body fit and in good shape. It helps you to achieve the perfect bikini body figure you wish for Everday. What else does a woman need in life? Every woman dreams of a good-looking body.   

  1. Yoga helps to Improves Metabolism  

Yoga is a great way to weight loss. It helps to burn more calories in the fastest way possible. Thus, leading to increased metabolism. Always remember if you are a beginner take it slow in the starting.  

  1. Yoga is a treatment for several Health Diseases  

Yoga is a remedy to help cure your diseases. You must be thinking how? Certain yoga poses and meditation help to keep your blood pressure, cholesterol level, and diabetes under control. It makes sure you are as far as possible from such a disease. Along with the health disease, it also helps to keep you away from the smallest problem such as neck pain, back pain, or knee pain.   

  1. Yoga eradicates mental issues  

The power of meditation and Yoga is high. It helps in eradicating mental issue such as depression since it aids weakness in your body, relieve fatigue and improve your sleeping quality as well. Along with this, it helps a woman to stay happy since it creates a sense of positive energy in her. Thus, leading to a stress-free and better life. Real victims recover from their trauma sooner with the help of yoga.   

These benefits apply to both men and women. In short, it is appropriate for everyone whether it’s a teenage, adult, senior, men or woman. Now let’s have a look at how yoga is beneficial for women at every stage of their lives in particular along with a few yoga poses.   

Yoga for women at every stage (Yoga poses)  

  1. Menstrual cramps and Premenstrual syndrome  

Women undergo severe pain every month during their menstrual period. It’s just not the cramps, their back hurts as well, if I say honestly through personal experience the entire body feels uncomfortable during this time. You can ease this pain with the help of yoga if practiced regularly. Yoga’s gentle stretching can ease tension in stiffness in your lower back and some postures reduce pressure on the uterus, relieving cramps. During periods it is common for women to feel depressed, irritable, and moody, Yoga and meditation can be a great help to keep you away from such problems. 

Yoga poses for menstrual cramps 

  • Inverted leg pose – Viparita Karani 

Inverted leg pose is useful to you in three ways- Physical, mental, and emotional. Even during angsty mood swings, it helps to keep you relaxed and chill. 

  • Child’s Pose – Balasana 

 This pose helps to overcome menstrual cramps and back pain as well. It helps to helps to relax your mind as well.

2. Pregnancy

Every women’s priority during pregnancy is to take good care of her health. Yoga is one of the best practices for pregnant women since it not only helps their body to relax but keeps the right state of mind as well. Both these factors are essential for pregnant women. Yoga poses help with a smooth delivery and keeps you fit after delivery as well.

Yoga poses for pregnancy

  • Marjariasana (Cat stretch)

Cat stretch helps to keep the spine flexible. This factor is essential since the back holds all the weight once you start growing during your pregnancy. This pose also helps to improve blood circulation and ensures all the reproductive organs are well-nourished.  

  • Trikonasana (Triangle pose)

The triangle pose is great for the pregnant woman during delivery since it helps to open up the hips. This pose also helps to maintain both mental and physical balance.   

3. Menopause  

“Menopause is a metamorphosis, not a medical condition Menopause is not a medical condition it is a metamorphosis. The average age of menopause is 51, but she officially reaches menopause when she is gone one year without menstruating. The symptoms of menopause are tiredness and weakness. By now it is clear how much yoga is helpful in such matters. Yoga poses provide you the energy you require during this time. Further, it also helps to balance body chemistry and stimulate the glandular and reproductive systems.   

Yoga poses for Menopause   

  • Warrior II 

Warrior II pose helps to cure one of the main symptoms of menopause. It helps to fight against tiredness and weakness and increases energy in your body. This pose helps to build strength and increase circulation.  

  •  Downward-Facing Dog 

Downward facing dog helps to boost muscle strength and increase bone density. This pose also helps to increase blood circulation in the brain and enhances alertness.   


All the women out there, give yourself a self-note today- You are a blessing to the world. You are the strongest at every stage of life. It is equally essential to take good care of yourself. A woman is the one who keeps the family well-balanced. Therefore, it is even more essential to keep yourself healthy. Whatever pressure or tension you have make sure to take some time out and relax with the help of Yoga and meditation. 


  1. Why is yoga for women important?  

Yoga is essentially for all women since it takes care of their overall health at every stage in their life. When a girl hits puberty and gets menstrual cramps, Yoga helps to calm them down. Yoga makes sure you and your baby are healthy during your pregnancy and also after the delivery. Finally, Yoga keeps you relaxed during your menopause as well. Apart from these, Yoga is a wonderful remedy to keep your distance from any kind of disease.  

  1. Is yoga safe for women?  

Yoga is a safe practice for everyone. If you are a beginner, keep in mind to start slow. It will take time, but once you are a pro. It will feel great. Pregnant women should take advice from their doctors before they start any form of exercise. Specific yoga poses are preapproved during pregnancy.   

  1. What Yoga poses are useful for menstrual cramps?  

Yoga poses such as Matsyasana, Dhanurasana, and Ustrasana are beneficial to all girls who undergo menstrual cramps. It helps to overcome menstrual discomfort and keeps your mind at peace.  

  1. What Yoga poses are useful for pregnant women?  

Yoga poses such as Viparita Karani, Shavasana, and Badhakonasana are help women to improve flexibility, alleviate fatigue, be stress-free, and helps to facilitate a smooth delivery.   

  1. What yoga poses are useful for menopause?  

Pawanmuktasana, Vrikshasana, and Kona-asana are great and are some of the basic yoga steps for women during menopause. It helps to bear all the changes your body goes through and makes you strong.   

Neck Pain? Here is a quick solution to solve your problem with Neck pain in 2 days!

Neck Pain? Here is a quick solution to solve your problem with Neck pain in 2 days!

Yoga for neck pain

Table of contents

  1. What is neck pain?
  2. Neck pain treatment
  3. 5 best yoga poses for neck pain relief
  4. FAQ

Are you aware of the fact that neck pain can be a symptom of a heart attack?  

 Well. In today’s fast pace life, we all are so engrossed to earn money that we don’t even bother to care about these minor health problems like neck pain. Why man? Why are we all so engaged in making money at cost of our health? We often put other important things like our families, hobbies, and passion in the back seat. Remember money can’t buy you happiness and it’s more important to be happy than to be rich.   

 We all were so preoccupied with the routine activities that it took a pandemic to make us realize that there is much more to life, and it’s not only about going to the office, school and college. This pandemic made us isolate at our homes and spend some quality time with our loved ones, explore our passion and hobbies which we never managed to do before covid-19 came into existence last year.

But we humans being very clever found a way to earn money during a pandemic as well. And that’s when the idea of “Work from home” came into existence and became very popular because of the lockdowns and social distancing orders in place worldwide. The privileged once amongst us have been allowed to ditch the office for the home office.  

 The difficulty that most WFH-ers’ had felt was a lack of a conventional office set up for an optimal body posture this, in turn, affected our neck and back health.  

According to Donna Noble a yoga instructor, collapsing over our computers while sitting on our sofas and bed isn’t doing our necks and backs any favor. “If you’re glancing down at your device your head angles towards the device, and when that happens your neck is pulled down” explains Donna Noble.  

 What is Neck Pain?  

 Perhaps I think you probably know what neck pain is, but just brief information on neck pain for those lucky once who have never suffered from neck pain.   

 According to Karen Wu a physical therapist, “The neck and upper back of our body hold a lot of stress. The amount of time you spent with forwarding head and shoulder in turn, increases the strain on the soft tissue and joints in the area”  

 Many of us face neck pain’s occasionally because of inappropriate body postures or by an injury. Basically, in the middle of this pandemic where most of us are working from home, neck pain is to be expected.   

 What causes neck pain?  

 Well, as I had previously mentioned in this article the major reason for neck pain is inappropriate and poor posture. Working at a desk for long hours without changing your neck and back posture, or sleeping with your neck in an uncomfortable position causes muscle tension and strain, this, in turn, leads to chronic neck pain.   

 Other causes of neck pain are meningitis, osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, etc. To your surprise neck pain can also be a symptom of a heart attack.  

 Neck Pain Treatment  

 Our neck is the most edible part of the body. Our lifestyle and occupation revolve around technology; hence it forces us to sit for long hours in front of the laptop or desktop, causing strain to the neck muscles and this leads to cervicalgia, as neck pain is known in medical terms. If the cause of neck pain is so simple, then why isn’t the cure so easy?  

 That’s the point! To get rid of this pain and agony we bring you the easiest and most practicable way to cure neck pain. Guess what am I talking about?  

 But before I reveal the secret to cure neck pain, here are Few Tips to Ease Neck Pain   

 Don’t stay in one position for long hours: The major reason for our neck pain is inappropriate posture, it’s important to keep moving and not restrict yourself in the same position for long hours, this might help you avoid getting your neck stuck in a bad position.   

Ergonomic Adjustments can help to ease neck pain: Minor ergonomic changes can help you avoid neck pain. Position your desktop at eye level so you don’t need to bent your neck and it is easily visible to you. Wear a headset or use the hands-free function on your phone.  

 Keep your prescription up to date if you wear glasses: “When your eyewear prescription is not up to date, you tend to lean your head back to see better”, Dr.Isaac says.   

 Know your limits: For example, if you’re weight lifting at the gym you have to be sure whether you will be able to lift a particular weight or you will need the help of a trainer, consider what it might do to your neck and back.  

 Come along, it’s time to reveal the secret to curing neck pain!  


 YES, you read that right yoga is indeed the easiest and most practicable solution to cure neck pain. The need to live a healthier and happier life is very essential. In today’s fast-paced world, the pressure to become better increases every day, and so does the horde of illness that comes with carelessness. That’s when you realize the importance of being healthy. If I tell you yoga can help enrich your life, you may not believe me. But the fact is out and plain, yoga not only helps your body but also enhances your mind and soul, it makes you confident and helps to tackle your everyday woes and touch the finish line to live a healthier and happier life!   

 Are you eager to relieve yourself from neck pain? Here are the 5 best yoga poses for tackling neck pain that you can practice every day.  

5 Best Yoga Poses for neck pain relief 

  1. Cat/Cow pose 
Cat-cow pose

We often have our heads slumping over mobile phones or our computers for long hours, these inappropriate postures cause neck pain. The muscles and ligaments in the back are constantly strained, stretching the front and back of the neck in cat and cow pose can help with relief from neck pain. 

  1. Thread the needle  

This yoga pose stretches and opens up the shoulders, neck, and spine. This yoga pose is great for relieving chronic shoulder, back, and neck pain. 

  1. Melting heart Posture 

This pose delivers a remarkable stretch to your entire neck, shoulder, and upper back and it is simply the best exercise at releasing soreness and tightness. 

  1. Sasangasana (Rabbit Pose) 

This pose is great for neck pain relief, because it stretches the back of the neck. It also helps to release tension from the shoulders and upper back This pose also helps to increase blood flow. Remember to place a blanket or pillow to protect your knee and head while practicing rabbit pose. 

  1. Bridge Pose

If done correctly, the bridge pose can help to alleviate neck and shoulder pain. This pose also helps in increasing flexibility as well. However, make sure that your knees are aligned with each other if not it may cause strain to your knees, and bridge pose might not be effective.  

I’m Sure if you consistently practice this yoga poses you can bid your neck pain goodbye. Make sure to spend at least 20 minutes a day for yoga exercises that will surely help you to live a healthier and happier life. Let’s end the article with a positive quote. 



  1. What is neck stiffness?

Neck stiffness is a situation in which there is a sensation of discomfort and soreness in the neck when trying to move it.

2. What is the root cause of neck pain or neck stiffness?

The root cause for neck pain or neck stiffness is due to inappropriate and poor posture. Working at the desk for long hours without moving your neck causes strain to the neck muscles.

3. How can you avoid neck pain?

Although, neck pain is a common problem which most of us face if left untreated it can cause serious implications. Here are some tips to avoid neck pain:

  • Don’t stay in one position for long hours
  • Minor ergonomic adjustments can help to ease neck pain
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects which may cause tension to the muscles

4. Which yoga poses are ideal for quick neck pain relief?

Cat/cow pose, thread the needle, melting heart posture, rabbit pose, and bridge pose. These 5 yoga poses are highly recommended to ease neck pain.