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Dr. Zio is an international virtual yoga teacher who spreads awareness about benefits of yoga, pranayama and other vedic ancient exercises through multiple platforms like android application, iOS application, YouTube, Web and any social media tools.

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Height Increase

21 Day Plan

Immunity boosting 3 - Dr. Zio

Immunity Boosting

21 Day Plan

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Weight Loss Workout

21 Day Plan

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ABS Workout

21 Day Plan


What People Say

quote - Dr. Zio

This yoga is really awesome. Everytime in the morning,when i do this i feel so fresh and it helps me stay in shape which is so like grewt. I apperciate every level and and every challenge they give us its awesome. I love this course.I really really love it­čĄę­ččĺ×

juan - Dr. Zio

Mehdi Abedi

September 30, 2020

quote - Dr. Zio

I love this course I’m very heavy so I do the below 18 exercises and only do 5 minutes a day but I have been getting stronger. If an exercise seems like it has too much impact I just do it from the ground up and it has the same. Just know your limits.┬á

juan - Dr. Zio

Courtney Gardner

September 16, 2020

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